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Discussion in 'Creative Corner' started by rance_1983, Sep 7, 2018.

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  1. rance_1983

    rance_1983 Someday Author

    PW Dragan Knight Ring
    Base: Damage, resistance, block rate and 10% unique value block rate.

    PW Sargon Powerful Shadow Ring
    Enchantments: 10% slower attack speed, 20% increase damage, 10% slower travel speed, 30% increase health and armor points, 2000 critical hit rate.

    Leader of the Black Knights 2 hand Unique
    Unique Value: 20% attack speed on 3rd skill, 20% all resistance and armor on jumping skill 3 seconds. Increase distance of ground breaker, thicket of thorns, automated turret fire, destruction.

    NW Sigrismarr's Icy Cape 1 of 2
    Base: damage, health, resistance, Enchantments: 6% damage and armor, Unique value: Reduces attack speed of nearby enemies by 15%.

    NW Sigrismarr's 2 hand Unique 2 of 2
    Unique bonus for 2 parts: Increases distance of ice nova with 10% more damage. Turns banner of war into a blue icy field that reduces enemy attack and travel speed by 25%. Wolf pack becomes ice wolfs that slow targets travel and attack speed down by 15% when attacking. A icy heavy shot slows targets attack and travel speed by 15% and when it explodes it will slow down nearby target and deal ice damage.
  2. Haniball

    Haniball Forum Apprentice

    So y'all get icy blue stuff and us, dwarfs get an explosion? hahhha. Cool idea. Let's hope somebody will pay attention
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