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  1. silverseas

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    Ah yes, it's December. I guess I should provide a summary of my impression of the November events: underwhelming in the level of interest it sparked. I get it, the devs were busy with the CE stuff, but every single event was a re-run.

    Also, that last minute premium day... who exactly were you hoping would buy gems? The uninformed, I guess? Because those gems are hella cheaper to buy after the CE.
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  2. Phyrix

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    hold up
    I want to show you something
    I have shown this to jesse twice lready
    I have spoken about this openly
    I really think the way forward for dso is this
    and not only this but
    I have even discussed them uploading their twitch streams afterwards to youtube
    and facebook
    the thing is the people on discord say the forum is dying
    They are kind of right, but this does not have to be the case for anything at all
    I have shared this on the dso discord and not much has happened with it
    @trakilaki did you know the wiki can have discord integration too?
    did you know the forum can have discord and facebook integration?
    Why do I keep on telling people but no one does nothing?
    Not saying you do nothing, but the people that I tell, why do they not do this? <- wiki discord integrator <- xenforo fcebook integration <- xenforo discord integration
    There is so many apps and tools to do this with

    Now people on discord say the forum is nothing
    well the discord is nothing compared to the facebook audience
    etc etc
    What I am saying is the integration of discord the forum the wiki and facebook, and youtube and twitch would give dso the most possible reach
    The most possible control, the most possible information spread across multiple platforms
    500k people from facebook being able to interact with the wiki the forum and the discord all at once.
    My point is all this together will make the dso community bigger and stronger than ever before
    This also means a huuuge profit margin for dso itself so why not do this?

    Personally I think the servers would fry :D
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