Feedback November/December 2022: Events feedback

Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by Melethainiel, Nov 1, 2022.

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    FAALHAAS Forum Commissioner

    Exactly, like I said during Halloween event; if players keep finishing such events and buy attires...why should BP change the events.
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  2. Selene-Rip

    Selene-Rip Regular

    runherorun (the bonus codename) Is this to tell players to flee the connection because the installation is not complete?
    windows scripts codes (LF....) everywhere - this problem appeared on the test server - what is this test server used for today?

    this screen is a thousand times better than the previous one where we saw the faces of the old dso team -

    another event with bars that make fun of the players, nothing on the way only at the end of the way and it's random..
    it's not more difficult, just long, looooong, so boring.
    But there are some rushing heads down who put money to do it, the Dso team wins on this side so it will continue

    :eek:when I'm in the Maze of Blaze and find all 3 doors when I go through them = error 21 (ticket sent)

    :eek:When i was in altera nova Q1 , flamecult worshipper are no longer visible, only their attacks
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  3. Асото

    Асото Someday Author

    Last time i played this event i finish it with 300 keys, now i need 5000-6000 keys ?
    Are u crazy guys?
    To go farm and spend this amount of keys u need to put in the progress bar not drakens but bitcoins or real money!
    Or u gonna give us bonus code for 120 000 progress? like halloween event ?
    This game just keeps getting worse and worse, just let it die already!
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  4. kev36200

    kev36200 Forum Greenhorn

    why some people have 6 bosses and the chest, while others (me) only have 1 boss without chest of course ..................
    and I can go on for a long time what a game of ...
  5. NicuuChu

    NicuuChu Someday Author

    So i farmed the books, crafted the inferno teleport, wasted time doing that stupid armor reduction immune arena, and i dont even get mythics? Bruh pls
    I get it, the team is unexperienced with the game but this has nothing to do with it, just very poor choices all around

    Btw 1 entrance its almost 5\6 of farming considering ag \ bones \ books, and + u already had to have the ip's and the mortis key

    Idk u guys have something going very wrong upthere
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  6. Chaos2908

    Chaos2908 Forum Apprentice

    Happy thanksgiving to you all toxic comunity but cant blame why is kephe boss from great dessert not droping event progress is this bug if not the event will be verry hard
  7. ldso

    ldso Advanced

    Hello, sentinels do not give progress in this year's version of the event. :) Feel free to check out the event guide to see how to get progress this year ^^
  8. G3dd

    G3dd Someday Author

    Hello to everyone! It has come to this, me righting shit coz these EDIT from the DSO team CANT balance anything or fix or give us something new! Ive been playin on and off since 2010 i think (40lvl). What the EDIT is this EDIT dudes?!?! If u have a dwarf u can kill eveyrthing in a second , but if u play with ranger u need 10times the time even way more than that. Where is the BALANCE ?!?! So u give the option on mages to play with sphere with dragan set but what bout rangers ? Even DK's kills bosses faster than rangers! Bruh we are rangers. I dont wanna play with a set that i have to be close to the boss so i can kill it ! And now u give us explosive arrow back but oh wait where is the set dudes ? So we farm all day so we can enter on the map kill 6 bosses waste our time and than what oops try again no items for you! I regret putting so much time and money on this game! You guys absolutely ruin the RANGER class and the game as well!
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  9. Chaos2908

    Chaos2908 Forum Apprentice

    I feel your pain im also ranger main now that ranger is the most weak class right now and this big hunt event no armor break in boss it feels like you want to quit playing and i just got back from stop playing
  10. cigarbennett

    cigarbennett Board Analyst

    BGH unplayable. To much progress. Error 37 every third run after the patch. Just waste of time and resources.
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  11. DocWhisky

    DocWhisky Forum Mogul

    Was playing Event with a few friends and after several runs we began to get plagued with MAP CREATION FAILED (ERROR 37)
    I know you devs and CM's want to try to put your stamp on the game.. but instead of trying to impress the community with your creative ideas... why not fix the crap that you know have been a problem for a long time.
    Your trying to put racing tires and wheels on a Pinto with bad lifters and a slipping transmission!!!!

    Im not even going to get into how terrible the changes to the last two events have been. Basically a slap in the face to the entire player community.

  12. Chaos2908

    Chaos2908 Forum Apprentice

    Any news about error 37 fix update game is not playable right now
  13. laro1

    laro1 Forum Greenhorn

    Again this is the second time I cannot finish the event holloween event and BIG game hunt. too much grinding. EDIT
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    FAALHAAS Forum Commissioner

    Out of curiosity I tried the first Blazing Inferno (heredur).....but my god. It's beyond annoying to do this. PW boss normaly not a problem, but this version has 100x more HP it seems, can't be stunned/lured and no armor break.
    This results in running around and being able to put out minimal DMG. My turrets constantly frozen and I had to jump around and shoot quickshots and every now and then was able to get some turret dmg out aswell.

    Drops: 4x polished gem, 1x blue item, 1x skin and 1x Empowered book.

    For me thats once and never again. Zero fun to do so and no rewards.
    Making something annoying doesnt equal making it harder!

    Was waiting longtime for this event, since i always loved it. skipping it.

    Another event completly ruined. Goodjob.....
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  15. gintarszb

    gintarszb Junior Expert

    Yeah u killed only one boss (me too ,spend 10min on that one). And imagine if u wanna get reward (that mythical set) u need go and kill 6 bosses from crafted portal. Ring drops from chest after all bosses killed and cloak if u lucky? from bosses... :cool::eek:
    And on top of that, from discord that i find - basic stats of mythical uniques items not 100% as crafted Dragan set have.
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  16. NicuuChu

    NicuuChu Someday Author

    Little update 3 runs in:
    150x books: 6k ipass and almost 14k realms and some hours
    300x mortis bones
    3x elixr : 45k ags

    Mythic ring no where to be seen

    FAALHAAS Forum Commissioner

    Exactly. But it would be allot less bad, if the ''normal'' drops wouldnt be so crap. After the kill I did not expect to only see a couple polished gems.
    +The fact they had the nerves to ask 50books+100bones+15k ander per entry/chance to get ring is just insane aswell....
  18. cigarbennett

    cigarbennett Board Analyst

    Really this is Bigpoints Idea of a reward. You want players to to spend five hours a day doing BGH. And the reward is 50 travel rations to a boss that sells for 2 gold 49 silver.
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  19. NicuuChu

    NicuuChu Someday Author

    Run number 4:
    no drops, time wasted, boring arena to the point of fallin asleep.
    Resources getting burned like any other event before, average book drop rate 1 x 5
  20. _serdar_34

    _serdar_34 Forum Greenhorn

    Hello, I don't know where to start to talk. I left the game before, you sent a lot of e-mails and I came back.
    so what happened? I was angry, I hated it. Maybe it's best to leave it completely.
    I spent a day trying to take a book. I killed 6 bosses in 10 hours. and the result is frustration.
    I would like to say very different things. EDIT
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