Feedback November/December 2022: Events feedback

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  1. Mazikeen

    Mazikeen User

    Hello @LyLyh, moderators for sure are not guilty for your anger. Our job is to moderate the forum, and our good will is to answer to players and trying to help them, instead of just sending them to support which is their sphere. None of the moderators were ever rude to anyone, so i suppose we can ask for the same in return since we are just messengers and monitors (this goes for every mod of DSO team, not me personally ;)).
    Furthermore, it's not up to you to question team's work, but i can assure you that everyone is doing their best to make your experience with game as best as possible.
    If you have any complaints you can always contact the support.

    I would kindly ask you all to keep your discussions on the topic, since every comments not related to "EVENTS FEEDBACK" will be deleted!

    Enjoy your playing time! :)

    Kind regards.
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  2. NicuuChu

    NicuuChu Someday Author

    last update about buig
    the support never answered me tho, im still waiting for a ticket i sent in September..
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  3. ~Providence~

    ~Providence~ Junior Expert

    I am personally okay with the current Winter event. Just by playing a few hours today, I got over 20k event progress. Well sure there was the 3H free attire, that helped too, and there's also the 10k progress for 50 coins which I haven't collected yet. But if I can do that on the very first day of the event, surely 150k is not impossible on a whole entire month.
    The challenge event seems daunting at first but with the days given I think it's doable, especially since for the upcoming challenges, the progress drop will also increase as the progress bar increases. Well, the ultimate reward is a mythical jewel after all, it's definitely not as hard as whatever the Big game hunt event was, but I'm glad it's not super easy either, you have to work for it. The 70k final progress bar is definitely a huge improvement over the hundreds of thousands on the Halloween event.
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  4. G3dd

    G3dd Someday Author

    What happened with fullmoon event ? Currently i can see attire for the event (fullmoon) in the shop but theres no event. Do you guys have it (see it) or is something wrong with my game?

    FAALHAAS Forum Commissioner

    The big grind for this event is getting 2500 coins to open big present , so youre be able to craft new jewel.
  6. gintarszb

    gintarszb Junior Expert

    Grinding all that time for jewel witch looks bad for ranger? :eek:
    Dear developers from China and their advisors do u know that "scatter shot " skill mostly nobody using now? no? That main skill before skill changes , but not now.
    I'm using "precise shot" as main skill now as many other rangers do... Dragan set users using "deadly blow" . If effect can be triggered by one of two skills, that be much better.
  7. ~Providence~

    ~Providence~ Junior Expert

    I also think that is doable. Don't know how others will struggle, but I already have 400 today, starting from 0. 20 days till the last challenge event comes, I think I'm good.
    If you ignore the skill buff from the jewel and focus on the 15% crit value, I think that alone makes the jewel worth it. 15% crit is very good, it's more than 2 Legendary Crit runes. Don't know if others agree or not but I believe so.
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    FAALHAAS Forum Commissioner

    You most likely got most of it from quest. The one thats repeatable are quite the'll see.
  9. ~Providence~

    ~Providence~ Junior Expert

    That quest just needs you to deliver presents right? The first one really needs a lot, but the repeatable one lowers it to very few presents. That's why I think it's wiser to focus on event progress than the quest itself, it's just a side thing. The event as well as all challenge events will still need a really big about of runs to complete, you can imagine how many presents will have dropped by the time all progress bars are completed. That's the grind that's already making me tired by thinking about it pfff.
  10. Hutao

    Hutao Forum Greenhorn

    New jewel looks good? Mehhhh..... im max crit already +%15 crit is nothing its verry useless to rangers i suggest dont waste your time who tf use scatter shot no need to waste time farming coins crafting this trash if you use other class its very usrful but ranger scattershot lol
  11. RantNRave

    RantNRave Someday Author

    Decent event.. not the greatest (so far) but a much better improvement over ween and BGH. Time invested during a holiday month is annoying, anywhere from 40-80 hours+, mostly dedicated to a few hundred big paws + urns, and 250+ kramparus lairs if you decide on the jewel craft. Overall the main quest has enough duration I think most can complete it within reason.. but the timed week on the lairs is annoying and should be longer, it gets progressivly worse, and its downright dumb if you're busy.

    Not sure why theres so much flak towards the jewel, even at cap, you could alternatively shed some crit gems for something else if you're already at 30 brilliant imperial onyx's. Id say a lot of players are in between where its still helpful to shed off the crit pet / cake meanie, or they're not at current 80%/500% which requires 30 refined/brilliant imperial + rage jewel to get there.
    I dont think owning this and its 15% will allow the possibly of freeing up 10 gem spots, at best maybe opals, so I can understand why some would choose to skip 30-50 hours of kramp lairs and stuff for something they wont use or benefit from, either crit or its secondary skill. Id say advocate for a change of skill for RNG, but if they did, well that would just be a second kick in the nuts if you passed on it already, right lol.

    Coin drops should be 100% on bosses, while i feel its somewhat balanced if you farm the mobs for presents, its just excess time wasted.
    overall between 1400 in the bars, the 200-600 bosses, the presents quests exchange, anniverisary/past leftovers?, and possible extras from codes / solstice cave, its obtainable. lets not forget aside from 4 events with rewards, this also has
    "The Present contains: • 3x legendary equipment (random) • Rune of Fortitude (magic) • Rune of Acceleration (magic) • Reindeer (mount) • Rune of Enhancement • Gem of Enhancement • Scroll of Ice Resistance (jewel ingredient) • 5x Trapezoid Gem Bag • 3x Imperial Gem Bag • Jewel Chest • 50.000x Andermant • 10.000x Drakens (NOTE:auto-picked up)"

    yes most of this is useless to me, but its still a decent prize for those that want it, theres been worse events, that required 2-4x the time, with event rewards much worse. (not to justify 80 hours is okay over 160 hours, id prefer balance that is shorter overall). still 50k ander and 40k dust value (using rune correctly) is pretty good, jewel rng for those that need.. it kind of makes some sense though it requires so much more investment.

    Terrifying shadows alteration was posted earlier on discord a few days ago, and the pdf for event was today (lol main forum, crickets) - the changes to this event seem to be fairly good imho. Progress drops from boss are the same, progress bar increased from 18.941 to 50,000. If you ignore the last progress bar, this event has effectively double, while im not a fan of farming 8-15 extra entries and spheres for basic light essences, i think the alteration to the rewards are justified for its mark up for a monthly recurring event. 15k 300% light essence in the bars is plenty for group play since they're only used on soul catchers and boss. I just wish they would remove the paywall from community coins vendor, its makes zero sense to need premium, to buy premium from this shop! (dont know gem bag type, but dbones, broken picks, msg, cc, among other things are a nice change!)

    overall I'm more impressed with TS changes despite getting hit with an extra 2-5 hours doing it.
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  12. Lambrusco

    Lambrusco Exceptional Talent

    by i can see what @Mazikeen has just posted about the "new" Sargon event if i though it was terrible now i think it's worse. before i could obtain mortis coins if i played the event eventhough i was lvl between 69 and 77. now i need to be like lvl 85 to begin to obtain them... and the shop doesn't sell them neighter grimma... nice changes... go on like this
  13. G-Rico

    G-Rico Someday Author

    They took away the wisdom. It was the only event where you could win it. Putting light essences instead is completely ridiculous. It's so easy to get essences
  14. motorola11

    motorola11 Forum Apprentice

    please give me an honest answer, why did you promise us the Defeat the Undefeatable event by the end of 2022. And the same event won't happen until the end of 2022. why did you lie to us???
  15. RantNRave

    RantNRave Someday Author

    Ill agree with this in hindsight it is bad to not seperate the coins, not because i find it comical that a 80 runs merciless+ terrifying shadows, or the more comical notion of an 80 running infernal+ mortis, but that this bones over players trying to unlock final form til late game.
    The game content hasn't been updated to reflect any shop changes, if they sold coin before, they probably still do.

    If your waiting around to do this event for solely wisdom (even the level 100 bars was 5500), it would be easier to go kill 10-20 painful bosses instead, you would earn more in fraction of that time at any level at any time. In fact im sure its easier to do this than it was to farm telepolos light spheres for an hour or two.

    I'll agree that the lower tiers for lower levels should have kept wisdom rewards, and the experience books, those are probably more helpful early in the game to what its been changed to now. still this event is not very progress friendly until you clear in merciless+, most people never bothered with it.
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  16. Lambrusco

    Lambrusco Exceptional Talent

    That's the porblem... they never put those coins in sell before so if you want to finish the main quest you had to play Sargon event to get at least 1 coin with a progress of 1100 aprox. now it's gonna be impossible for people with lvl lower than 85 i think and you still can't buy them in shop and now with the update Grimma is gonna be mean not selling them and shops same as always...
  17. danielcarol3

    danielcarol3 Someday Author

    Why shouldn't it be better to segment the bars by the FC of the character per month in this way the event reward variables are adjusted, not by level that some who have just arrived do not have the resources to finish the first bar or be able to collect some rewards and even worse if They are going to modify the bars, see the farming mechanics to make the event more bearable.

    Who do these events for?
  18. Enaggelion

    Enaggelion Forum Apprentice

    The fact is, like all games, DSO has an end. Can someone design a game that lasts forever? Most of the rewards for the OP players (there are lots now with the dusting buying shop and PTW Anniversary Event) are simply just adding a number to their storage. Over the years, many have left the game from what I observed and those who remained are 'institutionalized' and as such don't know how to leave. The review on Steam is mixed, which is not a good start for a game that was launched in November on Steam. DSO is an old game and has an old engine where one player can easily lag another player, making it very bad for MP. The developers can only do so much, trying to please the crowd and making money for the CEO of BP. These issues and conflicts go on and go...

    I have 2 requests, one, can you reduce about one third of progress bars of all the current 'new or modified' events? The length is stressful and quite impossible to play for most workers. Essentially, these players just give up and hence more players will be leaving, which is a lose-lose situation for you. Players shouldn't need to pay $15 to $50 for an attire to make DSO more feasible for each event. The price is overly charged, just like items in the shop paying with andermant. Premium has no incentives at the moment due to the nature that it doesn't give much to the players. There are 2 things people want from Premium, one, respawning, but this is hardly needed since that can be catered with stones and spirits; and two, cubes, but amount of gems from them is so small that people rather just farm them from PW Grimmage or do Bloodchest runs. My opinion is, if a player likes a game, they will pay to play or support the game.

    Two, can you give us a Premium Day to end the year?
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  19. Soulshade2

    Soulshade2 Someday Author

    A very good and fast party this time for everyone. Even if someone is unable to beat the bear, there are many people who wish help. Mission, giving gifts instead of Phentos coins very good in a very short time is the ability to collect 2,500,000. coins, so this quest is op. A player who plays from 0 is able to farm these coins in a few days, not to mention the option to buy coins with frozen coins, community coins, etc., also a very big plus for new and old players. And a very op gem that allows you to drop one Cryta element to life so the old ones will get stronger again. Regards
  20. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Where do you get those panty coins?
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