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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by teddy.bear, Oct 4, 2020.

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  1. teddy.bear

    teddy.bear Forum Ambassador

    Dear Heroes of Dracania,

    You can find here the October 2020 events schedule.

    You can use this thread to share your feedback regarding the current in game events. Positive or negative, constructive criticism and ideas for improvements are, as always, welcomed. Please keep discussions on topic.

    If you are unsure what sort of feedback is being asked for, please read this thread.
    Any off-topic posts/pointless rants will be deleted.

    Best regards,
    Your Drakensang Online Team
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  2. SillySword

    SillySword Regular

    My DK found a Suspicious Barrel in Creepy Castle. All remain monsters became immune to my DK's attack after killing a group of gnomes from barrel.

  3. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Did you run out of light essences? Or maybe you changed the essence type without noticing?
  4. AK47TestPlayer

    AK47TestPlayer Forum Baron

    To do this, you will need Essence of Darkness. I already asked about this, before - there was a mistake. When you could destroy them without essence.
  5. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    what essence of darkness?
    All monsters in creepy castle are immune to attacks if light essences are not used.
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  6. Dzungla

    Dzungla Forum Expert

    If 3h attire maybe expired light ess must be selected, which is needed far Creepy Castle .

  7. AK47TestPlayer

    AK47TestPlayer Forum Baron

    the essence of light that destroys darkness, that's right.
  8. SillySword

    SillySword Regular

    It looks like the free attire from progress bar is turned-off by my mistake or unknown reason. Thanks all.
  9. EmilyRose

    EmilyRose Forum Duke

    about ghost festival
    I like the changes a lot
    collect sophia's remedy is easier
    now we can clear the map and kill the sentinel Morven without other monsters appear
    not time dependent is good.
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  10. gbit

    gbit Forum General

    For Oldfield map we need a quest guidance, so we don't have to search around for the last mob.
    And as Morwen is a sentinel, it would be the same mechanic for the summoning of sentinels in scaling dungeons.
  11. dkarl

    dkarl Forum Duke

    You probably know this, but I have to ask: Do you realize that the count-down timer for the event attire, similar to how free 7-day Premium or Deluxe teaser packages have been working the last year or so, is activated as soon as you receive it, but doesn't have any effect on your game-play until you intentionally "wear" it? So, if you weren't aware of this mechanism, received the 3-hour trial event attire from progress but didn't turn it on ... it still expired 3 hours after you earned it.


    Yes and no: If you're a bit slow on the map like I am, and kill that champion in the cove in the middle of the left edge of the map early in your run, it will respawn. I often need to go back and kill it a second time in order to draw Morven out of hiding.

    (And can I interject a personal gripe: The DK sentinels in both this and the Dragan event are way over-powered. I can run smaller scaling natural dungeons on INF3 without an HP buff, but even on INF1 Morven one-shots me when I have both an HP tonic buff and an HP pet buff active at the same time.)
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  12. Nostalgiac

    Nostalgiac Advanced

    Ghost festival first impressions & early feedback:

    Progress bars
    First 2 progress bars are easily filled with the 3h attire, rewards are quite nice, although the legendary equipment is kinda useless... I guess it can help sub-max levels or fresh 55's who didn't get carried for T6 stuff yet. Although T6 legs are so far in the 4th progress bar that I doubt fresh 55's will be able to get them anyway. I myself will be barely able to finish the event, playing on fatal.

    Overall design
    Event is fine, but the questlines finish too fast, after 3 runs max they are all finished... wouldn't it be nice if there was an event with a long, intriguing questline that require days to finish, instead of a few copy-paste bring X and kill Y and then farm farm to no end.

    Gwenfara is fun, I like the multi-phase fight, but so far she seems like one of the weakest bosses. Apart from meteors, she has no real dangerous skills, no stuns/heavy hits, and the attack pattern and phases are predictable. I just stand in one place and spam attacks... We'll see how Wendigo compares.

    First map sentinel (Morven) has too much HP, killing him takes too long, gives me MUCH more trouble than Gwenfara who is supposed to be the main boss... his DMG alone is at least 4x highe. That is not good design IMO. At least entry to the next map doesn't scale with difficulty, so we can group-farm map 1 on normal to get many entries in a few minutes. I don't think anyone actually bothers with Morven on higher modes.
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  13. goawaythenob

    goawaythenob Forum Greenhorn

    Would be nice to be able to collect fairy wood from the environment for New Moon event. Drop rate from tree enemies is low and does not change if we change map difficulty. Same goes with Full Moon where we have to collect 90 Silver Pebbles, which collecting them took me around 4 to 5 runs.
    Yeah, a bit grindy process :confused:

    Okay maybe difficulty shouldn't affect drop rate, could be not fair for low level players
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  14. TwiliShadow

    TwiliShadow Count Count

    FEEDBACK: New Privacy Settings

    What new button? No, we haven't noticed! What does it do?

    Is this the cause of Agathon server becoming unplayable???? I've heard rumers about Agathon failing and for me I started seeing it on Sunday night. Now Tuesday morning I can't do PvP for my 15 clovers cause all I get is "All connection attempts have failed : Retry" while trying to get into the arena. Then Retry, Retry, Retry, Retry... en nausium.

    P.S. Since the server is so broken and so is the forum, I had to post this here.
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  15. ☆Đдяkאєşş☆

    ☆Đдяkאєşş☆ Active Author

    The events have become frustrating for all players, over the years the situation has worsened due to senseless choices that induce boredom and take away all the fun.
    For each event we have to farm hundreds of times useless maps to be able to collect thousands of accesses and then be able to access the event itself, it's a hallucinating thing !!!
    Why are there so many useless elements about this game?
    Why do you subject your users to such boredom that lasts for hours and hours of useless gaming?
    You have reduced the drop of these elements: an example are the sphere fragments that cover the entrances of almost all events.
    All this could be eliminated, including even the fragments to access the intermediate world.
    In no mmorg game is there such a situation. To simplify everything you should reduce everything to only two currencies: altergems and golds, it would be a radical change that would lighten the game and also the server and the players would do everything with more fun.
    For once listen to the users who still pay you to exist and deserve trust and years and for sure they know more than you.
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  16. Spugna

    Spugna Forum Apprentice

    Regarding events in general:
    As other players have mentioned, event progression is too slow on lower difficulties, especially for the 3rd and 4th bars.
    This prevents new players from completing an event, so I believe that the current "higher difficulty = higher drops" system should be reworked in favor of lower difficulties as well.

    Regarding Ghost Festival event:
    A consequence of the aforementioned problem is that drops of Light Essences are too small on lower difficulties, so in my opinion the event is a bit too grindy for that.

    As many others have pointed out, map sentinel Morven is too tanky.

    Yet another issue is that quest navigation for the repeatable quest "A Gruesome Remedy" in map Oldfield is missing.
    This is very annoying :mad:, because we have to waste a lot of time roaming around the map hunting down the very last monster.

    Finally, I'd suggest the addition of another navigation for the Oldfield map "Defeat all enemies in Oldfield", so that it's easier to see if there are any monsters left before Morven spawns ;).
  17. Roy900

    Roy900 Forum Apprentice

    100k progress? So what kind of review do you expect? It may be only very negative. I fed up with your grind events.
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  18. Dzungla

    Dzungla Forum Expert

    They can (be carried) but they shouldn't! Events aren't made for new players, they may feel how it looks like, maybe finish fist progress bar ...

    And after that try to improve their toon for next one and then even more for the next one and so on .

    But more than a half of those "new" players are from "I want everything right now" generation so maybe you're right!
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  19. silverseas

    silverseas Count Count

    If I can sum up the Ghost Festival in two words: Quite grindy.

    Please fix Morven. He's wielding a 1h weapon and a shield with 2h DK animations. Also, the dude is more OP than Gwenfara and Wendigo. I dunno, maybe the champion on the first map shouldn't be more OP than the final bosses on the second and third maps? XD

    I don't know if whoever designed Wendigo ever played a Spellweaver, but it was... quite amusing... that the mobs never died so I had infinite Destruction Beams. Not saying that's a practical way to kill it, but it was amusing.

    Reward-wise, is there any chance that dyes can be removed as a reward? Like, dyes are raining all over the place and I just sell them for the pitiful amount of coin it'll give me because I have no space. It doesn't feel very rewarding at all. I mean, I can't say I'm jumping for joy at all the other rewards, but at least those feel kinda reward-y.

    Overall, the difficulty isn't so bad. I just find it hard to get motivated to run the same maps a few hundred times just to finish the event.
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  20. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    I think it's intended. :D

    Yeah, the grind is too much.
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