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  1. Biztart

    Biztart Exceptional Talent

    Leave your feedback and discussion about the April Official Statement below. Part 1 addresses many of your concerns -- including lag on the Heredur server, Error 21 during events, and the developmental "transition" phase.

    Keep criticisms constructive. Offtopic posts will be deleted.
  2. Khoainong

    Khoainong Someday Author

    What is the transitional phase you're talking about, may I ask?
  3. Biztart

    Biztart Exceptional Talent

    The developing team is working on optimizing features already released in the game, which includes fixing many bug and restructuring the game. In addition, internal tools and processes are being updated.

    During this time, new content and expansions have taken lower priority. Hopefully, the time taken to take care of these features will minimize bugs in the future and provide a better quality game.
  4. Khoainong

    Khoainong Someday Author

    I'm mostly concerned about the freezing delay and invisible players in pvp, otherwise i'm good. I hope it wont take forever to fix bugs in game cuz there are too many of them.
    And also, I hope by 'reconstructing the game', you meant tweaking classes. DK is crazily OP in 1v1, sw's diamond shield is reusable immediately after regened hp by killing another player (it needs a cooldown), and iron dwarf is OP in 5v5 (give them some effective skills if you're gonna nerf this skill lol)
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  5. ArcaneMaster

    ArcaneMaster Active Author

    just by letting players like me know whats happening to the game, builds so much of positiveness.

    atm no one seems to care about new content we just need everything working the way it suppose to be and love to see bp making an effort and reaching to its playerbase. good luck dso .... may 2014 be a bug free, balanced and a wonderful exciting year.
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  6. Hartvig

    Hartvig Forum Inhabitant

    Wait a sec, BP prioriting bugs above releases?
    I must be dreaming... of to bed again...
    If its true, then THANK YOU BP! Thats the damn thing we have been hoping for for so long!
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  7. yamahamm

    yamahamm Advanced

    it sounds very promising.
    one thing about bugs: please, if bug is good for us, can you leave it for a bit longer time? :D anyway, game without bugs is impossible, looking forward you to fix at least major ones, to enjoy fluid gameplay.

    oh, and can wait for road map 2014!
  8. Ash

    Ash Advanced

    Focusing on fixes is the right way to go.
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  9. Multi-Sev

    Multi-Sev Forum Overlooker

    "· remove reported bugs from the game"

    When I can point at a moving target and stun it with stun charge again, then I'll take this statement seriously. That bug has been in the game so long it's got a Duck Dynasty beard...
  10. Callisto

    Callisto Forum Pro

    I just want to take this opportunity to jump up and down, and blow my teams own trumpet.

    As you know we report back to the management on your behalf all the time, and you've never quite believed that they listen or that we do it.

    I remember personally putting into the reports that you wished for more bug fixes rather than new content for a while, so I'ma take my plate of thank you cookies over to the corner :D

    I'd also like to say how pleased it makes myself and my team to see all the positive happy people, and hope that it restores some faith into you about what we do, and hopefully we can all get along!

  11. multitoonz

    multitoonz Forum Great Master

    One question. Is there going to be a "Roadmap" released this year about any future plans for the game? The vague hints from Rick don't really actually promise any changes happening soon, just changes that may happen. So is 2014 just going to be a bug fix year? Because if it is, this farmville has run its course with me.
    Aw, I asked 2 questions.
  12. [kreg]

    [kreg] Someday Author

    Enjoy your cookies and Thank you! LOL this is great =-)
  13. Master0fpuppets

    Master0fpuppets Forum Baron

    Can I have a cookie, pls? :D

    Bravo on the job well done! :)
  14. Biztart

    Biztart Exceptional Talent

    Hang tight. We're still expecting a roadmap for 2014. Once it's released, we should have more answers about what to expect this year.
  15. ·٠•●Onic●•٠·

    ·٠•●Onic●•٠· Active Author

    with new release i get a lot of kicks when i go heredur or gorga.
  16. Astonia

    Astonia Forum Greenhorn

    can i please stop getting branches and locks of hair. ive had the fairy wand for over a year!!!!
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  17. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    Nope, the whole nature of random means that sometimes you get stuff you don't want. Deal with it.
  18. Astonia

    Astonia Forum Greenhorn

  19. -Elizejs-

    -Elizejs- Junior Expert

    I play grrimag server its nightmare i must log in 20 and more times in day again its started after relise 123 and get worst after relise 124 - juse teleport back to city ( kick out off game) - change rooms( kick out off game) and my friends have lags too its lot and diferent..same often same rere. Please do somthing abaut it becose this is good game but will soon start to be no more enjoyable.
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  20. _G_R_A_M_P_S_

    _G_R_A_M_P_S_ Old Hand

    Wow, mods, please, try to get some info about this dc problem from the devs. Dont let us in the dark. We're going crazy here. This is the 5th or 6th topic where is being spoken about dc problems. Tell us something to get some rest of mind.
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