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  1. Wulfrym

    Wulfrym Forum Apprentice

    We are relatively new guild on Grimmag
    helping each others n having fun is the goal.
    We are international, mostly english speaking,
    all levels n all classes are welcome.
    You can contact all guild members for an invitation,
    or in case u don't see them running around contact Drumwald, Ninev, Magicmushrooom or Xamogelo.
    (we almost always have an open slot or 2)

    have fun!
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  2. mimzz94

    mimzz94 Forum Greenhorn

    Still alive and kincking and recruiting!!!
  3. Megyer1997

    Megyer1997 Forum Greenhorn

    Hi how can I join your guild?
  4. Venandus

    Venandus Forum Greenhorn

    To get this thread up again:
    Our guild still exists. Unfortunatly, after the CE the interest in playing DSO seems to decrease, and with it, also our ACTIVE MEMBERS.
    All things said before a still valid. Nothing has changed.
    We try to help each other,
    all classes and all levels are welcome,
    and our preferred language is English, because of many nationalities are present in our guild.

    If you are interrested to become member of a nice, friendly and international "community" look ingame for Xamogelo or Venandus to contact them for an invitation.

    Make this guild your guild! We are looking foreward to meet YOU!