One-handed wapons proposal

Discussion in 'Creative Corner' started by menestrelul, Sep 4, 2018.

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  1. menestrelul

    menestrelul Someday Author

    I have a proposal to diversify the use of weapons in the game.
    Although the old DSO game had many limitations to the new one, paradoxically, a larger variety of weapons was used then.
    My player rank is a magician, and in the past (2014-2015) I played with weapons like: starlight, Old Karabossa, Royal stroke of lightning staff from Emilia, one hand legendary weapons and two hands legendary weapons.

    At this point, most players use predominantly the q7, or q4 set (some SW and DK). I for PVE use q4, the staff has gold base and a pretty craft ... but it is very boring and lacking circulation. I want to play with single - handed weapons and book. For this I have some suggestions ( this is just for PVE):

    1) To the ancient wisdom, to the chapter one-handed weapon, Dextrous Smiting - damage must rise from 60% to 80%( maximum damage). Two-handed weapons have 50% maximum damage at Ambidextrous Smiting, but they have a double base and maximum weapon magic is 76% (maximum) compared to 51% for 1H weapons.

    2) We must have rune for book/quiver. At this point I do not know any rune that can be put in book.
    Jewel of Rage ( the rune) must also enter the book/quiver.
    I have a craft book with critical damage and another book in progress with half speed atack and half critical damage. I hope to use them someday.
  2. heror

    heror Forum Baron

    in old dso 2h was not usable only royal stroke of lightning for mages and 2h for warriorsin lv 45.

    Ye 1h have lower dmg in wosdom adn in items because you cna have an off hand item for crit or block if it was the same dmg as 2h then why bother using 2h....

    People use old karabossa today too.
    Royal stroke is now worse version than q4
    if you want 1h go play with it there are people who do it and they are good at it
  3. menestrelul

    menestrelul Someday Author

    There is no way to get there same dmg as 2H wapon. Nor 100% to dextrous smiting is not approaching. From 32K dmg( 2H)to 13K dmg(1H) there is a big difference ....tested on my character.
    I gain a little critical impact, but for 16% it is not worthwhile to lose so much damage. For now it's not worth playing with 1H wapon in PVE.
    The 1H weapon must have at least 55% - 60% of the damage of a 2H weapon, and the rest to compensate for critical damage and attack speed.
    A more accurate calculation needs to be made, because there is a great discrepancy between the two types of weapon.
    I personally have not seen players in PVE with 1H weapons (except DK), than those fresh at 55 lvl.
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  4. heror

    heror Forum Baron

    what do you mean i see ppl with 20 k dmg on 1h ????

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