Only 21 Inventory slots ?

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by lanxter, Aug 15, 2018.

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  1. KingKrazy1

    KingKrazy1 Active Author

    Im not faulting your approach, but it is extremely frustrating to me that this is actually a reasonable thing to do in the game. I don't remember when the gambling mechanics where implemented into DSO, but I believe that these mechanics (lucky spheres, random crafting system, random pinata rewards, the jesters, etc) are the core reason why this game is dying. Yes, there are bad events, stupid bugs, poor communication over all from BP, etc, but most of the problems come from the game design philosophy of "turn everything into a slot machine". People love gambling, right, so let's stuff every single part of our game with gambling.
  2. lanxter

    lanxter Forum Apprentice

  3. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    Gambling mechanics, as you call them, are in fact present in almost every similar game. When there might not be a workbench, random packages (similar to lucky spheres) are pretty much everywhere. Random pinata rewards are simply random drops, and they are in other games too. Random drops used to be an even bigger problem here, when you couldn't simply buy your uniques: you had to drop them. One can say the stats are now random... Well, but some people had been farming for 3 years for a single unique item until they made it irrelevant with an expansion or discontinued it, not getting it dropped.

    @lanxter I'd suggest you making in #1 a full damage setup, where you spread your points between peddler, global damage, weapon damage (for a correct weapon type) and crits (if your critical hit chance from equipment is very low try to make some), and in #2 a more defensive setup where you use peddler, max hp (80%) and the rest on damage (try to have a mix of weapon damage and global damage).
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  4. KingKrazy1

    KingKrazy1 Active Author

    When uniques were only attainable in this way there was also no analogous crafting system so legendaries by themselves could make a player strong, but thats not what Im talking about here. Yes, most games have similar elements, but all the games that have made "loot boxes" a key mechanic in the game meta (not just cosmetic, item drop, etc) have suffered significantly for it. I would list them here, but thats against the forum rules. I'm sure if you keep up with games in general you know which ones I am talking about. Also, the current most popular isommetric action action rpg (look on steam in you don't know) does not implement this randomness into the main game meta.
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  5. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    I couldn't take it anymore but to reply :D
    Just don't take all the quests at same time and you will have to play them separately.
    You can take no more than 10 side quests anyway.
    Farming andermant is so easy and you can expand both your locker and your inventory in few days (21 slots in inventory and x slots in locker). What did you do with Myrdosch quest anders? You get around 20K there from quests only.

    Mentor bonus flip-flop is not an option for a new player.
    They can't play efficiently even one character at time ... let alone two.
    Mentor bonus is for older players.

    Make use of the presets.
    Since you have no premium you can use only 2 presets.
    Make the first setup farming ... and select only the Peddler in the second setup ... that is what I am always doing with all my new toons ... and i am playing new characters quite frequently.

    Inventory + locker slots.
    You start with 10 (locker) + 21 (inventory).
    Expanding the next line in the locker is 800 andermant (5 slots).
    Expanding the last line in the first inventory bag costs 1600 andermant.
    The last locker (and every other ) line costs 2000 andermant (5 slots).
    Next ... you should buy the 10800 andermant Inventory expansion from the Shop (T) (21 slots)

    Let us make the calculation
    Locker: 800+2000= 2800 andermant for the entire first page (25 slots)
    Inventory: 1600+10800=12400 andermant for 7x7= 49 slots
    That is 15200 andermant in total ... for 38 slots . You will have 74 slots in total ... those are more than enough slots to farm your way to the cap level.
    You can get 15200 andermant very easy in few days only by doing quests.
    Don't spend your andermant on reviving ... just go to town if you die.

    Now ...
    Do all that above ^ and you can make 2 wisdom presets ...

    #1 is for farming

    #2 is for selling.
    Once you sell them reset the map and start it all over again with preset #1 . You don't have to wait to change between presets ... all you have to do is exit the map select the first preset and enter the map again. You can do that on the exit door so you don't have to pay for travel costs.

    However ... this Peddler talent is not for this kind of maps ... it will be better if you get back to town sell the loot and get to the map again. The travel cost is minimal.
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  6. lanxter

    lanxter Forum Apprentice

    1#: some quests must be done in the same area .. so taking them separately will waste my time ..
    2#:i just reached lvl 43 and i am doing a lot of quests .. i doubt that even if i saved andermant since day 1 that i'll get 10k from quests only ..( i didn't count quests that give you less than 50 cause it's not worth it )
    3#: making 2 wisdom presets like that is not possible ...why ? let's say i have only 3 inventory slots available ...and i want to go farm some keys (of prowess) and at the same time get gold ... when i get 3 drops my bag will be full .. so i'll have to change the preset and then what ? wait 5min to fight again ? this will take forever ...
    4#: ( it's more like a question) if i'm soloing a map (painful for ex) and then died ..when i go to town the map will reset ? if so .. spending 40 Andermant is worth it
  7. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    Remember when I said this?...
    You'd be surprised how much ander you make from those quests. I calculated how much ander you can get from quests, just from 41-43 (your current level). According to the wiki (which Trakilaki maintains meticulously) you earn 5416 andermant from the LVL 41-43 quests. That is more than a third of what Trakilaki said you need to get a very nice sized starting inventory. And that does not include any andermant you've picked up along the way, or the quests from before LVL 41. If you don't have enough to unlock both the first page in the locker and the first line in the inventory, then that is because you've ignored our advice about not using ander for revives.

    If you are farming gold, andermant, glyphs, gems, XP, on top of the quests, then you are not wasting time.

    What on earth is clogging up your bag so bad? I think you need to do some spring cleaning. Can you post a screen shot? I'm wondering if you are holding on to stuff that you should not be wasting space on.

    It will reset unless you spend 40/120 andermant, but that is not the point. You should not be soloing in Painful or Excrutiating. If you are dying in a difficulty often enough that you are contemplating spending andermant, then you shouldn't be in that difficulty on your own to begin with.

    Finally, once you have farmed some Materi Frags, you can buy Spirit Guards (but not the Mighty Spirit Guards) from the merchants outside the doors of all the Parallel Worlds for 80 Materi Fragments. These have the same effect as a 40 andermant revive, but you are using a currency that is much easier to farm and has much fewer uses. This leaves your andermant to be used on things that are actually important like inventory space, and eventually gems.
  8. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    You have enough space to take all the quests and you will still be having few slots for drops
    You can doubt ... i don't :p
    I know exactly how much it takes to get those ^ andermant ... I am leveling up characters quite often
    Myrdosch Quests alone are giving more than 15K andermant ... trust me i have done them many times :D
    In fact there used to be a bug when the Myrdosch quests were resetting once you enter PvP arena and you could take them all over again and again. You know what happened? every single player was farming them day and night ... if they were not worth the farm no one would be spending time farming them :)
    Dude ... you can't farm efficiently maps 10 levels lower than your level in Normal ... you are expecting to farm Painful maps at your level??
    Farming means collecting loot in reasonable fast time ... when you play a run for 5 hours that is not farming ... that is suffering.
    Just do normal maps and get to cap level by doing quests and farming XP ... there is time for farming. You don't need gold at your level.

    Let me show you something.


    It is a screenshot of my main ranger at level 45 ... it was a cap level at time. That toon was cap level toon capable of cleaning any map very fast.
    We had no Collectors bag ... so we were keeping mounts, pets, emotes and costumes in our inventories.
    There was no Currency bag ... CoT were taking up our inventory space.
    We had no 2 slots for essences so we can toggle between them and keep them out of inventory. they were also stacking only to x999 :)
    We had no extra Potion slots ... we had to keep all HP and Resource potions in our inventory.

    Now ... new players are having so much easier life.
    You can see what we had in our disposal and yet we were farming efficiently.
    You don't really expect me to buy into your story ... do you? :)
    Just take the tips you have been given ... you won't regret it ... trust me :p
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  9. lanxter

    lanxter Forum Apprentice

    @_Baragain_ Well too bad i spend all The Andermant reviving ( i can solo painful and excruciating most of the time .. i die if i'm trapped or didn't pay attention to my HP .. but when i really die alot when i solo an excruciating boss ... i may have dmg with red ess but i'll be fragile so i use the 120 reviving option : good gear deserve some sacrifice)
    here is a screenshot for my inventory .. note: the new quest i got (through the wall 3/5) have 4 different materials needed so can't get some gold Or take another quest
    and finally i dont know what is this ''Materi Frags''

    --- MERGED ---

    @trakilaki well 15K seems nice .. but too bad i didn't know about that and spent it for reviving (read my previous reply) Or gambling (that's what i use the gold for)..
    And like i said i can play painful and excruciating modes np ..
    Well From now On I'll try to save My Andermant for better uses ...
    What about rewards for quests +43 ?? is it bad?decent?good?
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  10. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    You need Gem Holders :p


    Keep your gems inside items and craft them on regular basis.
    don't worry ... all toons in one account are sharing a same andermant pool.
    Start another toon and finish quests for one day :p
    It depends ... most of them are meh.
    But the andermant drop is better in those maps.
  11. lanxter

    lanxter Forum Apprentice

    My''Gem Holders'' Are Full with gems lvl 2-4... and now i'm farming for more to make lvl5 gems in one go

    ps: i'll never make a second char ... no time :3
  12. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

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  13. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    You asked for advice before you had access to 41-43 quests and their 5400+ ander. You ignored that advice, so you'll excuse me if I have little to no sympathy for your current inventory problem/Andermant bankruptcy .

    If you can't take on the bosses solo with blues, then you shouldn't be "farming" there. "Farming" is any activity that you can do easily without consuming any high value resources. Andermant and Purple/Red essence are high value resources. Any and all "good" gear you get between now and LVL 55 is garbage that you will ultimately melt. It is only useful for leveling up as it will be obsolete in a matter of days. All the ander you have spent to get that "good gear" was a complete waste that will only be worth melting. I get dozens of legendaries a day that are only worth melting, so the idea of spending andermant on a revive to get low level uniques or legendaries is just painful to read. If you are that worried about the items from those areas, run in a group so that you can help each other out with spirit stones. Also, running like this means you can find a tank and the odds of either of you dying will drop significantly.

    First problem, related to the gem holders that Trakilaki pointed out, you are not combining your gems often enough. At your inventory size, you don't have the luxury of reserving multiple slots for all types of small gems. You should always have the highest gems in your gear that you are using, but all your other gems should be combined as high as possible and then store in gem holders. For cost effective gem holders, find a white item with 4 slots and add one slot for 10 andermant. Now you have 5 gem slots in one. Take that stack of 31 flawed onyxes, and the 5 splintered onyxes. If you combine them, you can make 10 splintered with the flawed. Between those and the splintered you already have, you can make 5 simple onyxes, and using those, you can make an onyx with 2 simple left over. Now, you take the 1 flawed, 2 splintered, and 1 regular onyxes and put them in the same gem holder... Those two slots now only take up one space. Or your cyanites... those three slots can be reduced down to 1 slot. And those 4 slots spent on Diamonds will shrink to one gem when you farm your next flawed diamond, but even if you hadn't combined them, those 4 slots can reduce down to two slots. Basically, your 11 gem slots right now can be reduced down to 5 or 6, earning you another 5 or 6 free spaces. And if one of your gem holders is full, you can drop it in your locker until you have enough more gems to work with the gems in the holder.
    Parallel Worlds.... I don't think that new players unlock them until 50, and for good reason. You would be tempted to farm there when you should still be leveling up. That said, if you do ever change your mind about making another character, you'll have access to the PWs at a much lower level.
    43-45 are still really good, but 46-50 and 51-55 are just "OK."
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