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Discussion in 'Creative Corner' started by Malhadus, Jul 8, 2020.

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  1. Malhadus

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    Greetings, I am writing this through the google translator, I am Mexican.

    Let's get down to business.


    The game needs to give the player the possibility of having a more personalized interface. I have a Mouse Gamer with additional buttons but the game does not allow me to use them. In addition, it makes me uncomfortable sometimes having to hover over the monster to look at its life, it would be nice if they implemented a new feature that allows you to fix the life of a monster


    Gold is a very easy resource to farm, you have seen players on YouTube or Twitch who have up to 300k gold. With this before mentioned, there are mounts and pets that can buy for gold and really, it loses its grace and that there is no effort behind. It would be great if there are mission chains and that they specify the difficulty and duration, in the end they can buy you a mount or pets.


    The game is too broken and is not balanced. A single player is able to defeat any difficulty he wants and this causes no player to start looking for a group. We need Dungeons or events that only allow you to access when you are within a team of 5 people with the intention that the players socialize more.
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    Hello Malhadus and welcome to EN DSO Forums:) Hope you have a great day!

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    What life looks like to me is interesting, they could add the on / off option like the one of the values in the objects or ask at the exit of a dungeon, totally agree

    Not by chance.
    The mounts and pets should be able to buy all of them, including those from the events, it seems to me that the game already makes it difficult enough to put more obstacles to the growth of your character

    Strongly disagree.

    There is a problem in this game, in my opinion, one of the main ones, and it has 3 obstacles when you ride a group.

    1) Most people do not know how to play in a group, they are in a group but they go to their ball, they do not wait for the others, and they make you lose points in the classis and drop, since I observed that if they all go together, more drop falls , if one goes ahead killing and the others behind they receive much less drop.

    2) There is a lot taken advantage of in the game, you are looking for people to do events in high modalities and they tell you that yes, that it has 1,000,000 damages and that they can handle everything, and when they enter the dungeon or are always the last one collecting what they leave the others in their path or stick more time sunbathing than standing helping.

    3) Before you could mount a group with 1-2 strong players and the others could be weak and nothing happened, now in a group you put a weak player (in high difficulties I am referring) and it is torture, it is very difficult kill and already in the boss is too much.

    For these reasons it is difficult to find a decent group or to be able to mount it, you have to go with people who more or less have your damages, who know that they are not going to stand still in a corner and who help in everything, for me this is difficult even with clan people, so imagine in the open world.

    Forcing to go in a group is already established if you want a good drop, there is already an abyss in quantity and quality going alone or in a group, I do not think that missions that force you even more will be necessary

    All this is my opinion, does not mean that it is a better or worse option