Opinion about One Hand and Two Hand Bow

Discussion in 'Questions about Getting Started in the Game' started by RogerKika, Jul 25, 2021.

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  1. RogerKika

    RogerKika Forum Greenhorn

    Hi! In your opinion which one is better and why?
  2. silverseas

    silverseas Count Count

    I'll say the same thing I say to any class: New players should all start with 1h+offhand. Once you can break 4.0+ attack speed with 1h, you can contemplate going 2h if you can tolerate the loss of 10 gem slots for more damage.

    As for why 4.0 attack speed? It's because past this point, you can collect stacks of Battle Anger to trigger a +100% damage buff. I have more info about that in my attack speed guide if you're interested.

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  3. dkarl

    dkarl Forum Duke

    When does a new player break that 4.0 speed barrier? Level 75? Level 85? Level 100?

    Equipment drop frequency and quality is so random, it's not easy to justify switching from the 4x-10x higher damage values of a 2h weapon versus a combo 1h weapon + off-hand.

    Again, unless you're lucky and/or get friends to carry you at to much higher difficulty levels than you can manage on your own. And you still need significant amounts of higher-level Zircons (while not sacrificing Rubies & Onyxes).

    In general I do value your advice, @silverseas, but this one is tough for me to put into place from a practical perspective.
  4. RantNRave

    RantNRave Someday Author

    This is going to be a toss up depending on a lot of different factors.

    is this your first play through? what level are we?
    Without solid wisdom levels or mentor bonus, you wont have a ton to allocate, usually first accounts are going HP to avoid death, 1/2h weapon damage (2h gets more), crit, and at somepoint possibly attack speed to break barriers.

    Can you obtain 90-100% base value equipment, and if so, is it 30-40 levels above your current level? a 90% base attack 2h is not going to compare to a piece that is 40 levels higher. ( by power level, or pop chests in higher difficulties barring you can kill 10 monsters).

    Have you unlocked equipment enchantment transfer? do you have the ability to find higher gold tier enchants? This is absolutely critical above anything else..

    lastly ill say gems, but given items are generally 1 slot per 20 levels, you dont reap the benefits early on as you will certainly do with 10 slots on a 145 piece of equiment that is unique. (I learned the hard way, you can't open all gem slots on equipment that isn't unique).


    level 1-30 pre wisdom - any weapon will be okay, just swap out better ones as you find them, equip all equipment with damage gems
    level 31-60 - 2h with wisdom damage, finish equipment transfer quest. (honestly the difference of losing the stats of off hand+gems is less than the double damage 2H weapons can offer, assuming its base stats are not total trash, and most items at this point are still less than 1000 stats, your crit will be pathetic and so will attack speed)

    level 60-100 - by this point you should have 4x enchants that are decent on each item, gems will be flawless/sacred or better, and the items can offer up to 3-5k in particular stats or .25-.50 attack speed. If you lack wisdom, 1h+offhand is going to be easier to obtain attack speed breaks, but i can see other classes or perhaps very well tuned characters where a 2h weapon's damage could offset the offhand stats while very much still obtaining 4.0+ attack speed without detrimenting your crit.
  5. silverseas

    silverseas Count Count

    I don't see what player level has to do with attack speed. :confused: If you can't break 4.0, I don't care what level you are, you stay 1h. It's as simple as that.
  6. Nagla

    Nagla Someday Author

    What if i cant break 4.0 even with 1h during lvl up process, should i still stuck with 1h even tho my dmg will be drastically lower, and what basic values and enchantments should i search for on 1h bow ?
  7. RantNRave

    RantNRave Someday Author

    chances are you wont get 4.0 or greater til late game (higher base stats, better enchants), does this mean attack speed is useless, absolutely not. the 4.0 break is to hit your double damage buff which is huge, but attacks per second add up as well at different break points, probably more than raw damage, or crit could do for you. This game is about balance, raw damage without attack speed or crit or vice versa is bad.

    every item in this game follows the same algorithm for each piece of equipment from what ive seen, with slight variations. what you use should be dictated based on its best base value + enchants that enhance that one value + gems to further addition, and on uniques possibly a fifth modifier benefitting from it as well.

    since equipment gem slots are limited to 120 or 130 slots, i feel like the best possibilities are maxing out crit (30), damage (50), attack speed (20-30), health/movement/def/block (20-30). this is kind of broad as i cant answer the same question for a DK or SM since SW or R might look for different things as I've only have played through mainly spellweaver.


    the above is my main 1H and the best 2H damage modifier.. not even including my offhand. To make up 1.4 attack speed i need to adjust almost 4! pieces of equipment to reflect that value elsewhere (cape/gloves/neck/adorment/rings), then i lose crit, or damage, kind of negating the fact of using 2h for such a loss...
    however if i could use the 2h without sacrificing crit, maintain 4.0 attack speed+, you can turn raw damage and multiply it more through pet, boosts, buffs, essences.. into millions of extra damage. (yeah, best uniques, gems, i will never have ^^)

    but i use this example of enchantment bonuses, on good base gear %. (mind you 95% on 140 items isn't the best, neither are royal gems). stacking high base values with high enchants is incredibly powerful.
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