Discussion in 'Dragonknights' started by luishorus, Apr 7, 2021.

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  1. luishorus

    luishorus Padavan

    Hello! Its just me or the habilitie Outburst of the Dk doesn t have the required efect to call the mobs to the char? because every time im on a group to do a powerfuul boss i keep using the habilitie and the boss complet ignore me, so instead of being an advantage for the dk its completly unusefull before the CE with this habilitie the Dk could hold the mobs while others atack now seams mobs only care about rangers spirit tree or mages guardian,the same goes for dragon skin that shoul free the chars from any debuff( maybe im wrong about this one but what kind of debuffs are we talking about just to make my self clear?)
  2. silverseas

    silverseas Count Count

    It probably isn't a bug if it's a boss. Bosses have a shield - it's a bluish thing on the health bar. During that shield stage, all negative effects do not work on the boss, including a DK's taunt.
  3. luishorus

    luishorus Padavan

    ok! i will try a lower mode so i can confirm if it works after we break the shield boss or if still the same, in any case thanks for help.
  4. Nostalgiac

    Nostalgiac Advanced

    Outburst only works for a limited period of time, so be aware of that. And if the shield is active, boss will generally try to attack the highest damage dealer (even though it's kinda wonky and some bosses seem to prefer the first hitter or the melee hitter).

    As for dragon hide, it does free from debuff, but with certain caveats:

    No debuff immunity, so if you use the skill just before you get hit with a debuff/stun, it won't do anything.
    It doesn't work on freeze.
    If you use dragon hide at the very same time when you get hit with a debuff (like being petrified), the skill will get "blocked" with 1-2 sec cooldown and you need to click it again to free yourself.
  5. kuwabaraz

    kuwabaraz Forum Duke

    Maybe I say something obvious, but after the boss's shield breaks, don't use the monster taunt abilities.

    My result is indifferent, either because the bosses are blocked and do not hit, or because summons in general do the same, or because even those that do not provoke if they are closer than you attract the boss and the jewels recharge the life, or because the bosses do too much damage and you risk being the only one to die but also not play.

    My advice, giving up this style of play is useless.
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  6. luishorus

    luishorus Padavan

    So basicly is better to change class:p:p:p
  7. kuwabaraz

    kuwabaraz Forum Duke

    Good question.

    If you are a new player this is definitely worth it!

    If you are an old player no, because he turns into a scam!

    Why? you lose almost all of your resources, gems, jewels and runes.

    You can remake items and wisdom over time, but it also comes with a price.

    So you will have few advantages, the choice between a new character and one with an average base is not comparable.
    They wrote it in the ads but it's generic and you don't know who it's aimed at:

    Here a user I thank shared:


    The new jewels of the r249, even in these things the problem remains, but it must also be said that not all to make a comparison.
  8. DBS-Flamelurker

    DBS-Flamelurker Exceptional Talent

    Exact. Since update 214, DK has been the worst pve class in the game, a waste of time. Not only less damage but also survival problems... a joke. ;)
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  9. luishorus

    luishorus Padavan

    I am joking i will never delete my almost 10 year dk,i know the class is passing some dificulties but i believe they will fix this soon,not only by balancing the classes but also by balancing the game and some day soon all the classes could play solo or in group,because devs want us to play in group,drakensang is a social game they said but in the end even if we want to play in group for farming better items or just to help new players the game actrualy doesn t help. for example i have some new players in my guild ans some old players whit new chars and if we want to help them we have to go in lower levels and then we dont get a good drop if we take them in higher modes they dont get experience or drop and this makes old and strong players refuse group to new playeres.
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  10. kuwabaraz

    kuwabaraz Forum Duke

    Yes, after a long time it is not worth changing classes.

    Maybe they could fix things but unfortunately there are many users who have abused those aids in pvp, the problem you find is therefore trying to stem the phenomenon especially at low levels.

    In theory the only way is to help them in impossible missions like from bosses and the rest, with users of their level or when they go up to lv 100 they farm with everyone.

    In the r249 I do not think they will do anything maybe the r250 and time passes.
  11. cogix

    cogix Regular

    yeah, it is "social game"... pity that there are events or maps where you need to enter solo and you see how long time and how many ess a DK is forced to use to kill the boss (if the DK is not killed before)... and you see youtube videos of other classes with millions of damage using white ess.... at that point you ask yourself if devs talking about social game they really mean: Hey you, DK, go to do a social game like Monopoli
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  12. luishorus

    luishorus Padavan

    yes its true my main char is a dk i have 40 ruby trapezoids 2 of them 200 damage i also have all my damage runes at maximum and i only have about 125k damage whit white essence,my mage only have royal rubys half the runes and the same damage whit no essence.kkkk