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Dear forum reader,

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    With your signature, you can give your postings their own personal touch. So that the overview remains intact, a few rules should be followed: A maximum of 1 banner is allowed in the signature. The max. size should not exceed 500 x 200 pixels; this size is set as the standard size for a banner ad by the VDZ (Association of German Magazine Publishers). If advertisers are able to fit their slogans into a banner of this size, than this shouldn't be a problem for you, either. In case you need more room, just leave a few graphics out. In addition to the image, you're allowed a maximum of 4 lines of text and 2 blank lines. Important: A large font size will reduce the number of lines allowed!

    The absolute maximum picture size you are allowed in your signatures is 500 x 200. In addition you are allowed 4 lines of text, with 2 blank lines.

    These guidelines are now in full effect moderators and admins will start infracting users with inappropriate signatures. Please remove or alter your signatures that do not meet guidelines.

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    Hello Heroes of Duria!

    I would like to take this time to remind all of you that cheating, cracking, hacking, or anything trying to circumvent the normal game play of the game is against the terms and conditions for Drakensang Online and BigPoint.

    For the complete Terms and Conditions, click HERE

    For those of you that won't read the terms and conditions, let me show you the important part regarding this topic:

    8 CODE OF CONDUCT The following is a partial list of the kinds of conduct that are illegal or prohibited on the Site. Bigpoint reserves the right to investigate and take appropriate legal action against anyone who, in Bigpoint’s sole discretion, engages in any of the prohibited activities. Prohibited activities include — but are not limited to — the following:
    • Using the Site for any purpose in violation of local, state, national, or international laws;
    • Reproducing, duplicating, copying, selling, reselling, or exploiting for any commercial purposes, any portion of the Site or any Game;
    • Sale or other transfer of user accounts (other than on platforms provided by Bigpoint);
      [*]"Hacking," "Cracking," or otherwise attempting to circumvent any copyright protection, access control, or license-enforcement mechanisms associated with or related to the Site or any Game;
      [*]Forging any TCP/IP packet header or any part of the packet header in any e-mail or in any posting using the Site or any Game;
      [*]Use of non-authorized software or scripts;
      [*]Taking advantage of software errors (bugs);
      [*]Attempting to modify, reverse-engineer, decompile, disassemble, or otherwise reduce or attempt to reduce to a human-perceivable form any of the source code used by Bigpoint, Inc. or its affiliates in providing the Site or any Game.
    • Posting material that infringes the intellectual property rights, privacy rights, publicity rights, trade secret rights, or any other rights of any party;
    • Posting material that is unlawful, obscene, defamatory, threatening, harassing, abusive, slanderous, hateful, or embarrassing to any other person or entity as determined by Bigpoint in its sole discretion or pursuant to local community standards. Bigpoint takes no responsibility for monitoring such content or in evaluating it;
    • Posting advertisements or solicitations of business;
    • After receiving a warning, continuing to disrupt the normal flow of dialogue, or posting comments that are not related to the topic being discussed (unless it is clear the discussion is free-form);
    • Posting chain letters or pyramid schemes;
    • Impersonating another person;
    • Distributing viruses or other harmful computer code;
    • Harvesting or otherwise collecting information about others, including e-mail addresses, without their consent;
    • Allowing any other person or entity to use your identification for posting or viewing comments;
    • Posting the same note more than once or "spamming";
    • Harassing, threatening, stalking, or abusing any person; or
    • Engaging in any other conduct that restricts or inhibits any other person from using or enjoying the Site, or which, in the sole discretion of Bigpoint, exposes Bigpoint or any of its customers or suppliers to any liability or detriment of any type.

    Bigpoint reserves the right in its sole discretion to disqualify and terminate the account of any individual at any time and for any reason including, but not limited to: (a) violation of these Terms of Service; (b) disrupting the play of any Game or acting in an unsportsmanlike manner; (c) failure to pay fees in a timely manner; or (d) failure to log on to an account for more than four (4) weeks. If you believe your account has been terminated in error contact Bigpoint via http://us.bigpoint.com/support/. Bigpoint reserves the right at any time to modify, suspend or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, the Game, Premium Feature, Website, or any Bigpoint offering and its related services (in whole or in part) with or without notice. You agree that Bigpoint shall not be liable to you or to any third party for any modification, suspension or discontinuance of a Game, Premium Service, Website or any Bigpoint offering.
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    Moderators - What we do and why.

    Moderators, more specifically, DSO moderators, are all volunteers. That means we do it because we want to help. But why? Like any online community, guidance is needed. If there was no element of authority, generally what ensues is anarchy. We do it because we believe in the community we support and, we enjoy placing our spare time into nurturing it, watching it grow and getting to know everybody that comes into it, regular or not. We enjoy people, we enjoy the game and we want this community to grow - That's why we're here.

    So... What's with the rules?

    During a community's conception, there are guidelines that are formulated so that the target audience knows what is and isn't acceptable. The guidelines are tried and tested and are for the good of the community as a whole. We're not here to be 'overlords', we're here to guide, assist and keep the boards clean, safe and enjoyable to be on. Also, DSO Forums follow the same guidelines that all Bigpoint games use.

    Ok, Cool. What do you do?

    First and foremost we are here to help you - the DSO Community. That is our primary goal. Whether it be helping new players with general questions, creating and updating faq's and guides, giving advice on topics that interests players, passing feedback from the community to the development team, to solving technical issues or pointing you in the direction of those who can. We're here to support you, help you and allow you to get the most out of your experience here.

    Among other things, we strive to keep this community free of filth, negative behaviors, inflammatory topics, vulgarity (swearing) and try our best to keep it appropriate for users of all ages. This allows a user friendly environment that all can enjoy - on a topic we all enjoy!​

    Well what's in it for you?

    We're not here because we crave the power, the title or anything even remotely along those lines. We're here for the community. We enjoy watching it grow. Nothing more, nothing less.​

    What do you do behind the scenes?

    Many, many things. Some of which are still being planned.
    • Talking about topics on the forums,
    • Discussing matters that would help the forums and the community,
    • Building FAQs and Guides that will benefit the community as a whole,
    • Meet with the support team (Big Point/DSO support) to find better ways to assist the player base,
    • Pass on information to the development team (daily!),

    Oh and just so you know, it's not always work - We also play, in-game and in our own chat rooms on Skype. We have fun times in there, some of which will remain with me for a very long time. We have so much diversity on the team, people from all over the world, with different opinions, likes, dislikes experience levels. It's just a fun team to be a part of and you genuinely feel like a "small" family. Good times.​

    Ok, seems fun! I want in!

    Now - As the community grows, we look for active, mature and knowledgeable community members to add to the moderation team. There are requirements to ensure your devotion to the game and the community. We need people that enjoy providing assistance, want to do it and enjoy helping and watching the community grow as we do.

    Although there is a process to this - However, just because you applied does not mean you will be accepted. Only applications that meet the requirements are generally considered. The choice to bring team members on is a diplomatic affair, with a final and definitive decision made by the administrators and team leaders with consideration of Bigpoint. There is an intensive training program to accompany acceptance, followed by a lengthy probation period. However - you will never feel unsupported and we will do our best to get you across the line. That's our promise to you.

    Plus you get to join our little family! Trust me when I say this, you will keep the people you meet here in your life, for life. They're good people. We look out for each other.​

    Nice! So how to I get involved?

    First you really need to ask yourself a question.

    Am I doing this for the right reason? Because we're not looking for people that are just after the power and, if you want to call it this, prestige of being a moderator. We want genuine people that want to help the community and have some fun times while we do so.

    If you still believe you want to become a part of our little group, then apply now! On the writing of this post, we're on a recruitment drive and want people that have the qualities above throw their name in the hat. We will consider your application without hesitation - just make sure you meet the requirements!

    • You are at least 18 years old
    • You have experience with Drakensang, play on a regular basis and know the game like the back of your hand
    • Have an active account of no less than level 25 and have been playing the game for at least 3 months AND have been actively posting in the forums community for an equivalent amount of time.
    • You can provide tips to other players about the game and you like to lend a helping hand
    • You like playing the role of moderator and are diplomatic and fair
    • You’re online at least once a day
    • You are fluent in both written and spoken English
    • You are responsible, professional and are resilient to critique
    • You are a team-oriented individual who puts an emphasis on loyalty and exercises complete discretion

    How to Apply

    Application instructions listed HERE.
    Your English Drakensang Team

    Hope to see your application soon :D!

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    If this is your first time playing Drakensang Online, or you are new to online games, this short guide will help teach you the basics so you can get started quickly. If you have played other action RPGs or adventure games you should be able to dive right in to Drakensang Online without needing to read this guide.


    What is Drakensang Online?

    Drakensang Online, or DSO, is a massively multiplayer action RPG. In short, you explore a large fantasy world, battle monsters or other players, collect and sell loot, gain experience and as you level up your character you will gain new skills and powers. This is all done in an online world filled with many other players who you can chat with, work with them as a team or ignore them if that is what you prefer.

    Server Selection

    When you log in to www.drakensangonline.com or via the Game Client with your account, a server selection window will pop-up. You can select one of the displayed servers to play on. There are 6 servers available: Agathon (US-East), Tegan (US-West), Balor (Player vs Player or PvP), Werian (Turkey), Grimmag (EU) and Heredur (EU). The game will suggest a server when you first log on (based on your location and server usage) in order to maximize your gaming experience. All servers are independent of one another; characters cannot switch from one server to another.

    Some considerations when choosing a server:

    • Ping time
    • Time Zone
    • PvP or PvE
    • Language


    Once you select your server, you will be taken to the player backpage. From here you can start the game client, review character data, invite friends to play DSO and add more andermant to your character.

    Character Creation

    Creating a character is an easy process. The first time you log into a server, you will taken to the character creation screen. Here you can choose to be a Dragonknight, Spellweaver or Ranger, gender, character name (Forum/Chat rules still apply to names), body type and hairstyle.


    You can have up to four different heroes per account, though all of your heroes will share the same Andermant account. After logging in, use the ‘switch’ button above the character to be forwarded to the character selection screen, where you can also create new characters. If you are using the downloadable client, you will see this screen immediately after logging in.

    Most important facts about the new multi-character accounts:

    • Up to four characters per account
    • One shared Andermant account
    • WARNING: To prevent exploits, you will be charged 200 Andermant for deleting characters. Be deliberate when creating a character.

    The ultimate question: Dragonknight, Spellweaver or Ranger - which is better?
    It really comes down to preference of combat style.

    • Dragonknights are melee fighters, so expect up close and personal combat with swords and shields.
    • Spellweavers harness the mystical arts to blast their enemies from a distance.
    • Rangers are exceptional range fighters with the bow, but are also good at melee combat.

    First Steps in Drakensang Online

    While gameplay in DSO is fairly simple to learn, it wouldn't hurt to spend a few minutes familiarizing yourself with the interface before diving into the gameplay.


    Top Bar
    1. Glyphs of Power - Melt enchanted and Unique items and use Glyphs to upgrade items.
    2. Andermant (P) - A major form of currency that is found in-game and may be bought for real money.
    3. Draken - Currency earned from special events and can be spent on Gnob (the Event merchant).
    4. Coins (gold / silver / copper) - In-game currency used to repair equipment, Knowledge Tree-related upgrades, to buy basic equipment, essence, and transport between urban areas.
    5. Badges of Honor - Earned in PvP fights.
    6. Character (C) - Displays informative information about your character.
    7. Quest Log (Q) - Lists all active quests you are doing.
    8. Talent (N) - Shows the talent tree for Experience, Knowledge and Fame.
    9. Skills (S) - Shows all learned skill information and upgrades.
    10. Inventory (I) - Shows your equipped items as well as your storage bags.
    11. Shop (T) - A buy-only shop accessible from anywhere.
    12. World Map (Ctrl+M) - Displays the world map.
    13. Map (M) - Displays the zone map overlay on the screen.
    14. Player Search (F) - Opens a control panel where you can search for players by name, manage buddies, guilds and see who's online for the area you are currently in.
    15. Battle Registration (J) - You can register and join various battles in Hero's Arena.
    16. Rankings (L) - View PvP rankings among peers.
    17. Event (E) - Shows an advertisement and progress bar for the active event.
    18. Premium Account - Identifier for players who purchased a premium account
    19. Fullscreen - Switches the game window to fullscreen with no window borders.
    20. Main Menu - Lists options available to the player.
      Vertical Bar (Left)
    21. Notifications - Click to open and view the active notifications.
    22. Chat Scroll - View your chat history by clicking on the up/down arrows.
    23. Global Chat Filter - Activate to remove all chat not in your default language.
    24. Hide / Reveal chat box.
    25. Chat Tab - Designate desired chat audience.
    26. Enter Chat dialogue
      Bottom Bar
    27. Date and Time of the last update
    28. Teleport - Teleport back to the last urban area you visited (Activate at level 5 on the Knowledge tree).
    29. Hit Points - Indicates the amount of Health Points
    30. Temporary Notifications - Indicates temporary changes in your environment that may affect game-play.
    31. Hotkeys 1-6 - assign a function to these 6 spots
    32. Experience Bar - Lists the experience progress at the current level
    33. Hotkey 7 - attain level 15 on the Knowledge tree to active this Hotkey
    34. LMB - Activate the assigned skill be clicking on the left mouse button.
    35. RMB - Activate the assigned skill be clicking on the right mouse button.
    36. Tab - Use "Tab" to switch the abilities used for the RMB.
    37. Mana / Concentration / Rage - Amount available to use special skills.
    38. Essence - Equip essence to increase the power of attacks.
    39. Bigpoint policies- Access T&C, Privacy policy, legal information, and your user ID


    Your adventure begins on Pilgrim's Path. You will meet a quest giver nearby named Valery. She will have a blue '!' over her head. This indicates that she has a quest that you are eligible to begin.

    *Note on Pilgrims Path ~ make sure you complete this before you leave the region. This is the only quest you will not be able to return to finish.


    Click on Valery with your LMB to open her dialog window. You will now be presented with the quest information, quest objectives and the rewards for completing this quest. Click the green check to accept the quest.


    If you open your Quest Log (hotkey "Q"), you will now see The Path of Destiny listed there. If you click on that, you will see the same quest information displayed in a window pane to the right that you just learned from the quest giver, in case you forget what you need to do. You can also see the reward for completing the quest.


    In this instance, to complete The Path of Destiny, proceed further up the road and look for Urda. She will have a blue '?' over her head, this signifies that she is the finish point for a quest (it can also mean that NPC is a person of interest that you need to talk to, but not in this situation). Talk to Urda and select The Path of Destiny to open the quest completion dialog. Here you can read what Urda has to say, review the quest rewards and when finished, click the Checkmark button to finish the quest.

    Most times that you hand in a quest, that person will also provide you with a new quest. The more quests you perform, the more will become available to you.

    *Note: when you open the mini map (hotkey "M"), you will also be able to see the locations of the quest givers with either a "!" or "?".



    Show me the money! You can come by loot several ways. Mobs will drop items when they are killed or they can be found in various chests and barrels. Common loot types are gold, andermant, essence, potions, weapons and armor/equipment. Simply click the loot on the ground with your LMB to pick it up; it will then either be in your Inventory or automatically equipped on your character.


    Loot can also be found in common chests or locked chests that require a key. Keys can be found or purchased by accessing the Shop via the menu bar.


    Quest items can also drop from select mobs if you have a related quest in your Quest Log, these items commonly have a light blue glow surrounding them and usually look like pots and chests.

    If your bags are full, you will not be able to pick up anymore loot. You can either head back to town to sell of unwanted items, or invest in more bag slots through the Shop button. But eventually you will have to sell items no matter how much bag space you have.

    Equipping Items

    Once you have picked up or purchased some new equipment, you can then equip this on your character in the Inventory window (hotkey "I"). Double click on the item you want to equip, or you can drag and drop it from your bags to the appropriate slot on your character above. Un-equiping items works the same way.


    Changing Zones

    To access another zone click on the blue glowing arrow. In regards to Pilgrim's Path, there is only one exit from this zone, which leads you into the first town of Grimford.


    Later zones are much larger, with multiple spots to enter other zones, towns and dungeons.


    Towns are a safe haven. You cannot be attacked by another player even if you are in PvP mode. Here you can buy and sell items, embark on new quests or even just sit and chat and meet your fellow adventurers.

    Most of the traders around towns have the same items that are available through your Shop button, but they are still handy since you can still sell them your unwanted items.

    The Blacksmith is unique; his items (weapons and armor) can only be purchased through him, and he is the only trader that can repair your damaged gear.

    By using the mini map, you can see the location of each of the traders in town by their blue insignias.


    Unlike the rest of Drakensang Online, dungeons are the only zones that are seperated from the rest of the players. When you enter a dungeon, that is your own private dungeon until you leave. If you are in a group when entering a dungeon, the rest of your group will be able to join you inside.

    Dungeons also have a parallel world similar to a "difficulty" setting. Normal is the basic version of a dungeon, while the parallel world is for much higher level players to re-experience earlier content again but with much harder mobs and bosses.

    *NOTE: The harder the setting the higher level the loot drop.

    Travel Stone

    If you're feeling weary from running or just don't feel like running the gauntlet of mobs to get to another location, there are travel stones conveniently placed within each urban area, dungeon, and many wilderness areas.


    The travel stones instantly zap you to areas that you have previously visited...for a price of course. Each teleport will cost either coins or andermant, but how can you place a cost on convenience?!!

    When you click on the travel stone, it will open the world map. Green is your current location and accessible regions have a blue stone. Select your destination and you will have the option to teleport or cancel if your pocketbook is feeling a bit light.

    Note: Not all locations have a travel stones.

    map image.png
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    Starter Packs

    As you progress through levels of the game, certain special deals (in the form of packs) will be made available to you for purchase. These packs will contain valuable items that can help you progress in the game.

    Upon achieving Level 3, you will get access to purchase the Small Starter Pack:

    Upon achieving Level 6, you will get access to purchase the Starter Pack:

    Upon achieving Level 10, you will get access to purchase the Large Starter Pack:
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    "Small Hero Pack" for Levels 26-28


    "Hero Pack" for levels 31-33


    "Big Hero Pack" for levels 36-38

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    Identifying Items

    Unknown items are magical in nature, which means you need some help to find out what they are.

    Items shaded green, blue, purple, orange and uniques are valuable items of varying rarity. With the exception of event uniques, all armour dropped has a large question mark on it. It cannot be used in this state. In order to use the item you must first identify it. This is accomplished by opening your inventory and right-clicking on the item you want to identify. Once you identify it, the armour will be coloured, display the final stats, and be usable at last.
    • Green = Improved (common)
    • Blue = Magic (uncommon)
    • Purple = Extraordinary (rare)
    • Orange = Legendary (very very very...you get the idea)
    • Yellow = Unique (how lucky do you feel?)

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    Below are the default hotkey commands for your keyboard:
    • 1-7 - Quick slots
    • C - Opens the Character window
    • Q - Opens the Quests window
    • N - Opens the Talents window
    • S - Opens the Skills window
    • I - Opens the Inventory window
    • T - Opens the Shop window
    • W - Display world map
    • M - Toggle area map
    • F - Opens the Player Search window
    • J - Opens the Battle Registration window
    • L - Opens the PvP Rankings window
    • E - Opens the Event window
    • B - Display / hide Group information
    • P - Display payment screen
    • V - Opens / closes the chat box
    • CTRL - Overlays player names and items for easier spotting.
    • Shift - Holding shift will root the character in place. This allows you to attack and not worry about accidentally moving; more a benefit to ranged classes, but still useful to melee classes in some situations.
    • Enter - Open/Close the text box; send message.
    • F10 - Save a screenshot of the game onto your desktop.
    • F12 - Fullscreen option
    Most keys bindings can be customized in the Keyboard Settings option.

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    Combining Items

    Find the Workbench in any urban area (except Grimford). Use it to:
    • Combine enchanted items
    • Combine quest items
    To combine gems - see Jeweler


    Crafting Enchanted Equipment

    There are several requirements for combining enchanted equipment:
    • You can combine different items. For example, you can drag and drop one ring, one glove, one boot and one robe into the crafting slots. However, the resulting item will be random. If you like surprises, try it. You never know what you'll get. If you're the kind of person that has to shake presents because you can't stand the suspense, stick to combining similar items.
    • The items can be of varying levels but keep in mind that if you combine a lower level with higher level items, it is likely the output will be a lower level. Whereas four of the same level item with result in a similar level item.
    • All items must be of the same rarity. For example, four improved or four magical rings.
    • Crafting will cost some coins or Andermant. How much it costs will vary depending on the level of the rarity and level of the items on the work bench. In general, the higher the rarity, and the higher the level, the higher the cost. There is no difference between crafting with coins or crafting with Andermant.
    Simply click the workbench and a window will open to combine items. Drag your items into the slots, click "Combine Items" and PRESTO, an item with the next level rarity will be crafted.

    Note: Unequip items before adding them to the workbench. You will not be able to craft a new item if any of the pieces are equipped.

    Combine levels:
    • 4 Basic = cannot combine
    • 4 Improved = 1 Magical
    • 4 Magical = 1 Extraordinary
    • 4 Extraordinary = 1 Legendary
    • 4 Legendary = cannot combine
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    Experience Tree



    How do I use the Experience tree?
    Each time you level up, you will receive a notification on the left side of the screen and an opportunity to upgrade your Experience tree.

    Open up the Talent window (hotkey "N") and the '+' button will light up a bright blue color. Click to add a point to the Experience tree - one at every level.

    Every 5 levels, you unlock a new set of talents. Click, either, the box to the left or to the right of the vertical bar. The chosen option will become active and the grayed-out talent will have no effect.


    What does the Experience tree do for me?
    • With every point on the Experience tree, you are granted a bonus to your hero's Basic Damage and Hitpoints.
    • Every 5 levels, choose one of two new talents to customize your hero's attack properties.

    Possible Talent Choices:

    Can I reset my Experience tree?
    Yes, press the "gears" button on the right side of the '+' to reset the tree. Everybody receives 5 resets free of charge. Each reset after that will cost 100 Andermant. The price will not increase with additional resets.

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    Knowledge Tree



    What are the benefits of building the Knowledge tree?
    • Every level, you receive +1% health / +1% base damage.
    • Every 5 levels, you amass enough knowledge to learn a new powerful skill.
    How do I build the Knowledge tree?
    Collect a predetermined amount of Ancient Wisdom, [​IMG], and gold/silver to boost your Knowledge tree. The Knowledge tree is currently capped at level 30.

    How do I collect Ancient Wisdom?
    There are many different ways of gaining wisdom:
    • Slay "worthy" monsters +/- 5 levels of your hero and pick up randomly dropped Ancient Wisdom.
    • Special Events may reward Ancient Wisdom, which will be received as an object in your inventory. Right-click to claim.
    • Choose and complete the daily quest for 250 Ancient Wisdom.

    I have the required Knowledge, but I am unable to increase the tree to the next level.
    Boosting the knowledge tree also requires a cost in gold & silver. Every 5 levels, the amount of coins required for each level will increase.
    I can no longer collect Ancient Wisdom.
    Ancient Wisdom can not be collected beyond the currently allowable maximum.



    Teleportation (Level 5)

    Kobold, protector of treasure (Level 10)

    Teachings of the seventh path (Level 15)

    Mount (Level 20)

    Cloak of Power (Level 25)

    Epic Mount (Level 30)
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    Fame Tree



    What bonuses do you get from the Fame tree?
    Sometimes referred to as the PvP tree, the Fame tree will boost your talents, power and defense in player vs. player scenarios.
    • With Every level achieved, your hero inflicts 1% damage more damage to others and receives 1% less damage by other players.
    • Every 5 levels, choose 1 of 2 new talents.
    How do I build the Fame tree?
    The steps to building the Fame tree are similar to those used to expand the Experience tree. The difference is that this tree is built on Badges of Honor.

    For more information on Honor, click HERE.

    What are Badges of Honor and how do I get them?
    Earn Badges of Honor by bravely participating in arena battles or by slaying "worthy" opponents (no more than 5 levels below you) in open PvP battles. You may then choose to spend your hard earned Badges of Honor by upgrading your Fame tree to further assert your strength in future sparring encounters.

    Badges of Honor available are listed in the top left corner next to the crown:


    What are these special talents?
    Can I reset my Fame tree?
    Yes, try out new tactics and talents by reconfiguring your Fame tree. The Drakensang team provides you with 5 free resets. The cost to you, after that, will be 100 Andermant each time.
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    Trading / Auction

    Is there a trading system in Drakensang Online?

    No, you are unable to trade or sell items (equipment, currency, consumables...) to other players.

    Can I share items between characters on the same account?

    Only Andermants are shared between accounts of the same user, on the same server.
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    Parallel World

    Level 30+ players can choose to enter the Parallel World series that functions independently from the main quest line. Enemies are set at a much higher difficulty than normal mobs and are designed to be completed as a group (3-5 players). Monster level scales to the highest level player in the group and health of individual creatures will increase with additional players. All Monsters in the Heroic Dungeons equally provide XP and loot for every player in a group without the normal reduction for groups (but decreases for Level-difference between group members still occur). Ammon the Worldly Wanderer, stationed near the entrance of each parallel dungeon, offers quests for unique rewards. These quests can be repeated to re-earn Ammon's reward.

    Entering Parallel Worlds:

    Access all parallel world dungeons through Watery Grave. This location serves as a collection point for heroes seeking to put together a party for parallel world quests. Enter through the Parallel World portal and select your desired location free of cost. Prior to entering the parallel world dungeon, you will be queried about the desired difficulty level. At present the only available option is "Heroic." Players will, then, enter an "atrium," where you can access many merchants and meet other players interested in entering the same location.

    Why am I not able to enter all the Parallel Worlds even though I am level 30?

    Upon reaching level 30, you will unlock 3 separate quest lines:
    1. Between Worlds
    2. Weapons of the End of Time
    3. Lord of the Dead.
    "Between Worlds" is a five part series that begins in Grimmagstone. Complete this Ammon's quest to unlock the next available location. Locations: Grimmagstone, Hagastove Grotto, Catacombs, Wildherz Cave, Prison of Souls.

    Complete the "Lord of the Dead" series in the Sea of Shadows to unlock the location Halls of the Dead. Then, you will be given the quest "Ring of Death."

    "Weapons of the End of Time" another independent quest, which is completed in the Sea of Shadows region. This quest extends from Ocean of Bones into Halls of the Dead and Mortis' Courtroom.

    What can I expect in a Parallel dungeon?

    Bosses, mini-bosses and many of the same monsters from the normal dungeons, except you will find them much more powerful than before. Find large stacks of Crystals of Truth, Andermant, and enchanted items in all these locations! Gather a group of fellow players in-arms to defeat the baddest of enemies in Duria.

    Collect fragments dropped from normal mobs, mini-bosses and the head boss to complete each quest.


    What is Q1, Q2... (D1, D2...)?

    This designation is a short-hand many use when referring to the Quest or Dungeon number of the Parallel World. You may find people using this phrase when searching for a group interested in completing the specified Parallel World.

    • Q1 = Parallel World 1 (Grimmagstone)
    • Q2 = Parallel World 2 (Hagastove Grotto)
    • Q3 = Parallel World 3 (Catacombs, Crypt of Kings)
    • Q4 = Parallel World 4 (Crazy Heart Caverns)
    • Q5 = Parallel World 5 (Prison of Souls, Liar's Lair, Khalys' Elysium)
    • Q6 = Parallel World 6 (Ocean of Bones, Halls of the Dead, Mortis' Courtroom)
      M1 = Map 1 (Ocean of Bones)
      M2 = Map 2 (Halls of the Dead)

    How does the reward level scaling work?

    Quest rewards will scale to your level at the time of completion. No Crystals of Truth are necessary to identify.

    How come my Ammon's reward does not match the imaged stated as the quest reward?

    All enchantment values will fall into the listed range of possible outcomes.

    Will Ammon's items continue to scale as I level up?

    No, level requirements and item levels will remain static, but can be upgraded with Glyphs of Power. Quests can be completed again to receive a new item that matches your current level.

    How do the Fragment Glasses work?

    To use, purchase and activate the Glasses from Ammon, located in most Parallel Dungeons. Glasses do not increase the probability of drop rate, but instead doubles the number of fragments received from each drop.

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    Map Symbols

    [​IMG] Alchemist : Purchase health elixirs and mana/concentration/rage/steam potions
    [​IMG] Artifact Merchant : Purchase magical equipment for Andermant
    [​IMG] Battle Master : Receive PvP related quest, purchase items for Badges of Honor, located in Kingshill
    [​IMG] Blacksmith : Purchase basic items, repair equipment, upgrade equipment
    [​IMG] Dragonknight (Trainer) : Receive Dragonknight related quests
    [​IMG] Essence Merchant : Purchase stacks of Essences for Andermants or coins
    [​IMG] Event Merchant : On occasion, find an event merchant with limited-time sales
    [​IMG] Exclamation Point (yellow) : Location to pickup new quest
    [​IMG] Exclamation Point (blue) : Location to pick up repeatable quest
    [​IMG] Exclamation Point (teal) : Location to pick up an event quest
    [​IMG] Forest Rover (Ranger - trainer) : Receive Ranger related quests
    [​IMG] Jeweler : Purchase gems, combine gems, remove gems, add gem slots
    [​IMG] Kobold, Protector of Treasure : Unlock level 10 on the knowledge tree to access additional storage space
    [​IMG] Location Marker : Some corners of the map are specially flagged, for easier spotting
    [​IMG] Magical Weaver : Come to Zahir for the finest Cloaks
    [​IMG] Merchant (buff) : Purchase buffs, dyes, pets
    [​IMG] Priest (blessing) : Purchase blessings
    [​IMG] Question Mark (yellow) : Location of quest target
    [​IMG] Question Mark (blue) : Location of quest designation for a repeatable quest
    [​IMG] Spellweaver (Trainer) : Receive Spellweaver specific quests
    [​IMG] Tamer : Purchase mounts
    [​IMG] Travel Stone : Transport to another location for Andermant or coins
    [​IMG] Work Bench : Combine 4 items of similar rarity
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    Aid the citizens of Duria and you will be generously rewarded.

    Quest Basics:

    Exclamation marks above an NPC indicate a new quest that can be picked up. Complete the task (e.g. kills enemies, talk to NPCs, pick up items, etc.). Often times you are required to return to the same NPC (who will now have a question mark above the head) and collect your reward. Possible rewards include: coins, andermant, experience, and unique equipment.​





    To review all you active quests, open up the quest window (Hot-key "Q") and click through your quests. You are limited to 10 active quests. Quests are separated into PvE/PvP quest and Event quests.


    Quests and Mini Map

    Your mini map (Hot-key "M") will indicate of all the quest opportunities (? and ! ) available at your given location. Question marks on a mini map signify new quest and contact locations to complete quests. Often times, these are tasks that require you to collect objects or speak to an NPC located in a stationary position. Click on the object to complete the task.​

    Why are some Exclamation marks blue?

    Some quests allow for repeatable opportunities and, thus, are colored in blue on the mini map. You may choose to pick up an old quest and complete for coin rewards. Repeating these quests will not offer bonuses to experience or andermant. You do not to have to repeat these quests to progress in the game.​

    How come I have no more quests available to me?

    New quests are triggered as the player levels up, so you may need to gain some experience on your own and boost your level before you can access new quests. Also, make sure you are in an area where the monsters surrounding you are of similar level to yourself.​

    How do I get rid of a quest object in my inventory?

    If you no longer wish to continue an active quest, open the quest window (Hot-key "Q") and trash the appropriate quest. All objects and progress of the quest will be deleted. Occasionally, you may need to left-click and drag the quest item from you inventory into empty space to destroy.​

    I have 4 items in my inventory for the quest, but cannot turn in the quest. Now what?

    Some quests require you to combine the items at a workbench. Place the items in the workbench, combine, and you should be able to progress to the next step of the quest.​

    The quest requires me to pick up an item but I cannot find a question mark in the wilderness.

    Some objects are dropped from monsters. Find the appropriate monster and slay it. You should find your quest item then.​

    How do quests work if I am in a group?

    Groups can make completing tasks significantly easier. Group members share all kills and quest rewards. Note: Members of your group must be in the same map to share quest progress.
    • Kill x number of monsters - All kills made by anyone in your group will count toward a "kill" for your quest.
    • Kill boss - All members of the group with the quest will receive the appropriate drop.
    What is the maximum number of quests I can take at one time?

    Players can simultaneously accept 10 total PvP/PvE quests and 10 Event quests.
    If I delete a quest, will I have to complete the whole series quests again?

    No, your completed portion of the series is saved. If you delete a quest and then reaccept it, you will only have to complete the latest part of the quest.​

    Daily Quest

    Daily Quests refreshes at 12:00 AM UTC. For more information on Daily Quests, click HERE.​
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    Treasure Chests

    In the Durian (Normal Difficulty) dungeons you'll often come across shabby chests, these shabby chests can be opened cost free, and the contents range from copper to andermant, cots, gear etc. However sometimes you'll be lucky enough to find lock picks:
    These can be collected to open the following chests shown below, these spawn in (All Difficulty) dungeons. Note that some Legendary Chests will spawn opened and cannot be interacted with, as Treasure Hunters must have gotten there before you did ;):




    You can also buy lock picks from the shop;
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    Mentor Bonus

    Your secondary characters earn bonus honor and knowledge!

    All your characters, who have a lower level in the talents of honor and wisdom than your most advanced character, will now receive a +200% bonus on “Badges of honor” and “Ancient wisdom” received, so that they can reach the same level as your best character thrice as fast. The bonus is shown as a status effect.

    Mentor Bonus:

    [​IMG] +200% honor after completing battles
    [​IMG] +200% more Ancient Wisdom from all sources (Daily Quest & drops)

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Which character is the "mentor"?

    The character with the highest level honor and knowledge will automatically be the mentor for each respective talent. The mentor will not receive the bonus, but will allow all other characters to benefit from his/her experience. You can have two different mentors, one for each talent. Experience level does not factor into this bonus.​
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    Desert of Essences Guide

    In order to travel to this far off desert you need to speak to NPC Thabo - You can find him in every major town of Dracania (except Grimford). Only he is able to show you the way to Shanri-La.


    Collect realm fragments and bring them to Thabo, who will convert them to realm path items that enable you, through right-click, to travel to Shanri-La.

    Basecamp Shanri-La

    Once you have reached the base camp of the desert destination, you will find all the necessary merchants to equip yourself before you head off into the desert. Notice that there are NPCs which offer you differently coloured equipment.

    Color Tribes


    In the desert you will face enemies that belong to different tribes, each of the tribes has its own color and you will quickly realize why they are differently colored. The color tribes vary in difficulty degrees :
    • Green – Easy
    • Blue – Easy/Medium
    • Purple – Medium
    • Yellow - Hard
    • Red – Hardcore
    Green enemies are easy to defeat while yellow enemies are already a bit more challenging and red enemies, well, let’s just say there is a reason why red symbolizes danger...so beware of the red tribe.

    The colored enemies will drop essence shards and essence tears

    (Color) Essence Tears:

    These tears will give you character an instant temporary boost, depending on the color the boost will be either lower (green) or higher (red).

    New & Old Essence shards

    Defeating the regular enemies will give you essence shards, which you will need to call the Champion enemies, the Brute.

    Old Essence shards:
    Essence shards of the very first Desert of Essences Event appear in the colours green, blue, yellow, purple and red. You can sell these essence shards for virtual currency at any shop. Red essence shards have the highest value and green ones the lowest.

    New Essence shards:
    In order to allow you to have more space in your inventory, we decided to have essence shards and cores that can be used universally. Every enemy in the Desert of Essences has the chance to drop essence shards; the new essences shards can be recognized by their icon, they are not single coloured but prismatic. Prismatic essence shards can be used to summon all champion monsters of all colour and difficulty degree. New essence shards cannot be sold.

    (Color) Essence Core:

    Defeating the champions will give you essence cores, which you need to summon the mini bosses of each color, the Beserkers.

    The mini bosses always drop 1 part of the set that you can collect.

    Set Items – Costumes – Pets:

    All the bosses drop parts of the Essences Set; depending on the color of the enemy, the set items will have lower (green) or higher (red) enchantments and values. Note: The set has random values and are automatically identified when dropped by the bosses.

    The bosses also drop a costume, Essences Vortex ; you might have noticed that crystals are orbiting around NPC Thabo (he used to be a keen adventurer at some point and probably also stopped by Shanri-La).

    You can also be the owner of a pet; the Essence Spout.

    The rule of the colors applies here as well, the higher the difficulty degree, the more boost the pet will give you (green spout +1% Health, red spout +5%)

    Completing the progress bar will give you the green spout and the green vortex, if you want other colors and more valuable items, you will need to defeat the bosses!

    Bonus Quest: NPC Jullov

    There is a 20% chance that you will encounter NPC Jullov in the middle of the map, next to an oasis. Talking to him will allow you to accept a quest where you will have to protect Jullov. If you succeed, Jullov will reward you with a brand new emote - the Irish River Dance emote.
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