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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by teddy.bear, Jan 11, 2016.

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  1. BitMaster

    BitMaster Someday Author

    All in all PW is ok.
    But as always, there are some thing that could be better and different!
    First of all, what is it with q3 Miler invisible and unavoidable attack?! For example, when I play with SW on higher difficulties there is no way I can heal myself fast enough (that made me quit q3)...
    As for:
    Difficulty degree(s)
    After playing for a little while I found that these difficulties are a total miss. This difficulty system makes it more boring not more hard (in my opinion)!
    If you wanted to make it hard by adding more damage and HP to monsters you did not succeed. If almost everyone can do fatal difficulty there must be something wrong (mostly range characters in my case)... What you should have done is for example: on fatal difficulty you could have made damage and HP lower but add skills and buffs to all monsters. And for bosses you could have made something like the higher the difficulty the higher the number and quality of skills and buffs. That would make things difficult... :p But that would require more coding :rolleyes:
    Loot Quantity - This one is ok for me...
    Loot Quality - Maybe you could drop green+higher on the first diff; blue+higher on the second and purple+higher on fatal only equipment :D . As for gem drop, it is low. Andermant drop is ok. Low essence drop. Low coin drop. Low potion drop. Materi Fragment drop is ok. It would be nice if you could add buff drop on higher difficulties :D
    Items available from quests & in exchange for Materi Fragments - As I said b4 I'm not a fan of the new set, but the quests are part of a nice story ;) As for the exchange I read previous posts and if its true with whats coming in r160 it will be nice :)
    Atmosphere - I like the looks but the sound is boring...
    City of Cardhun (layout, space, merchants etc) - It's ok.
    The group bonus does not encourage group play. Because lvl 50 players are not equally treated. If its possible, it would be a blast if you replace experience gain to higher drop rate bonus :p:D
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  2. rpfo

    rpfo Padavan

    I read a lot about players saying its boring and that mobs needs more skills / buffs to give us a challenge.
    By far from now , the bosses most played in hard modes are the less skilled: heredur and bearach

    Grim : Fire bombs / fire on the floor / minions / fire balls
    Area attack : only fire on the floor
    -> There is a post saying he is too OP

    Aracna : Babies everywhere
    Bombs + poison
    -> On Fatal is almost impossible on full groups

    Khalys : Magic attacks most of players + her clones

    The fact is even reducing their HP/Armor to make them easier to kill, if DSO add buffs , group atacks and everything , everybody will come back here to say its very hard.

    Grim / Khalys / Bear / Heredur are bosses where sometimes we have to move and sometimes we stuck in one place and just atack.
    Aracna is totally non stop!

    Now guess clones with buffs , 5 waves of bees at same time , tons of iceballs running everywhere, maybe healing minions on them like it happens with the fatty one on the way of khalys.

    The point is , when they have buffs , everybody comes to complain in the same way ....

    Will be hard both ways and also boring (will always be boring since we do it over and over and over)
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  3. silverseas

    silverseas Count Count

    I'll only comment on a few categories.

    City of Cardhun (layout, space, merchants etc)

    The lights outside q6 are so much fun. :')

    It's nice that Levander is stuck right next to the Jeweler. The only thing is the merch who sells ess is actually kind of hidden. I didn't know there was an ess seller until a friend pointed it out.


    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think there still isn't an achievement for entering Cardhun, but there's one for all the other cities.
  4. Master0fpuppets

    Master0fpuppets Forum Baron

    Q6 or Ocean of Bones / Halls of the Dead should only offer drop of Ancestral items and no other kind of items (regular level items), also 5 Knights should have some chanse to drop legendary item, drop is now very unsatisfying.

    I personal don't want regular items on Q6 at all, I got plenty of that on other maps, so it maybe good idea to brake the monotony of drop a little bit.
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  5. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    I promised that I was going to share... well, here we go...

    Difficulty degree(s)
    The Painful difficulty is just about perfect as is. It is not so tough that new LVL 50s can't play here and survive, but endgamers can farm reasonably here for glyphs.

    The Excruciating difficulty is pointless. The two reasons to farm are either for glyphs or quality items. The extra time and effort because of the increased HP makes it less than ideal for farming glyphs. The fact that the items are not the highest stats like you would see in Fatal means that this difficult isn't a good option for farming for quality items if you can survive in Fatal.

    Fatal is nice for farming the end boss, but the dropps from the monsters are unrewarding. Any farming in Fatal is focused on getting to the boss.

    Loot Quantity

    The quantity is ok. It is good that the mini bosses have a minimum drop of an extraordinary, and the drops from the final bosses are very rewarding.

    Loot Quality
    The drops for Painful are about what you would expect. Fatal drops are nice too. I've already discussed why the Excruciating drops are pointless. The only issue that I have with the Fatal drops is that the % based enchantments don't appear to have any higher probability for upper end stats. I can't count how many 2H weapons I've gotten from Heredur that have low 30%s and 20%s as their % damage lines ruining what could have been an excellent weapon.

    Now for what can be improved. In R160, they have introduced the Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 descriptors to uniques that it applies to. I recommend extending that to regular items. Items gotten from Normal areas and maps should be "Tier 0," items from painful should be "Tier 1," and so on. The higher tier items should melt better 1.2, 1.4 and 1.8 times more than their Tier 0 counterparts. They should also be able to craft up through the tiers too. Tier 0 combined with other Tier 0 should always yield Tier 0 and all Tier 1 should result in Tier 1. This is different than the uniques because it would designed to reflect the dungeon that you are doing your primary farming in. The higher tier items should be limited to the higher tier PWs. You'd be able to craft Tier 0-3 together at the work bench and the out come should be the average of the items put in.

    Items available from quests & in exchange for Materi Fragments

    I'm glad that R160 is bringing the legendary items for sale. That once again give a use for the fragments. I'd still like to see the new Untouchables items put back in the shop because their drop rates is too low. Also, the stone to upgrade the new special rings is expensive! That is ok, if the Tier 2 rings justified the cost, but the improvement is so minuscule that it is not worth the 35000 fragments. Also, publish the possible stats for the Tier 2 rings so people know what they are getting themselves into. You could even make the Tier 2 rings a drop from fatal given the massive increase in the difficulty that those bosses represent.


    The one thing that I have never had any complaints with is the graphic design of this game. They are smart and talented and never give me anything to complain about.

    City of Cardhun (layout, space, merchants etc)

    There is a no win situation here. It is great that all the important merchants and the locker are centrally located, but it results in over crowding. This could be fixed by reducing the number of people allowed in each instance, but that would make finding groups tougher. I'd recommend less people per instance, but impose a level bracket on each instance so that the people who do end up in the instance are more likely to be the people you would group with. It would also have the side benefit of reducing the amount of people looking for high level players to carry their LVL 15 through the PWs and do all the work for them. (No shock hearing something like this from me given my general outlook on twinks.) Other than the over crowding, I like the city a lot. It goes back to the Atmosphere category, but the level design is very well done; more props to the art department.


    The Untouchables set drops from the bosses, but only ever the Tier 1 items. If you are fighting a Fatal boss, the Tier 3 should be dropping, not the Tier 1. Getting a Tier 1 is insulting given the amount of effort that goes into killing a fatal boss.
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  6. Ella

    Ella Someday Author

    Difficulty degree(s)
    Its ok

    Loot Quantity

    On bosses its ok,but from the perspective of the melt farm (mini bosses farm) medium and hard mode dont have any advantage compering to the easy mode,in all 3 mode they are giving 1 pink item,so there is no reason to farm anything else then easy mode.If you take in consideration that mostly player need ess if they want to farm on hard,that little plus anders not make worth to farm it.If I want to go on hard maps farm,to spend more time etc,I would like to get for it more pink items,maybe more legendary(not only on the final boss). Quality on pink items are not important because anyhow we are melting all.I know its a some plan about a new crafting system but until it will be random what we can get from it I will never spend there my hardly earned golds.

    Loot Quality
    I got few times better leg items on medium and easy then on fatal,but lets say,maybe its just a individual case.

    Items available from quests & in exchange for Materi Fragments

    Maybe it would be good to put that portals for the final bosses also available for Materi frags.


    Its ok

    City of Cardhun (layout, space, merchants etc)

    Positions of the PW entrances,merchants are good.I found pretty poor design of the city,something is missing there,its little tedious compering to the game design and graphic what is really nice in total.


    Many time you wrote its a game with a lottery system drop.Anyhow personally I found unfair that some players need to spend 1mil ess to get 1 uniq and some 1h of playing because of the luck.Nowdays when you see some hero with uniqs or good leg items ppl say "Oh,lucky one" not "wow he killed XY boss 1000times,he deserved it". Saragon amulet was something you need to earn and people can respect the work not the luck. So it will be nice if we can have something special near the luck what will be available only for players which deserved it,maybe some special set or uniqs for no metter how much kills(1000,2000,3000x).

  7. DocWhisky

    DocWhisky Forum Mogul

  8. EhtovK

    EhtovK Old Hand

    Nice, I'm glad you guys decided to collect feedback, and hoping with all my might you learnt your lesson on ignoring feedback with the moon events, here I go, 'cause I have more than 2 cents to give about this topic.

    Difficulty degree(s)
    Just about right, painful seems fair enough to young level 50 players who team up effectively, excruciating suits an average player like me, and fatal appears to be, considering how hard it is for me, just about right too.

    Still, there are some flaws whitin the overall difficulties you face in the PWs:

    -Q1: The DK mind controlling the SM's turrets is a bad joke, you left that class de-clawed when facing that mini-boss, I know they can still deploy them while the mind control circle is off, but in my humble opinion, shouldn't be that way, and I'm ok even with him overwriting the mind control of my SW, just so you know. Also, the mini-bosses inside this map keep healing themselves to full health every time I'm running solo, die, and choose to respawn inside the map.

    -Q2: You need to review the sheer power of the troll mini-boss on q2, he's 1-2 hitting everyone in the groups, including the DKs, he hits harder than Arachna, period. The spider-rabies in Loxley also might need a little tweak, the spawn rate of the spiders and the speed at which we kill them guarantees that the rest of the mobs are gonna be in a permanent state of spider-rabies making all of them hit as hard as mini-bosses, if you're unlucky enough to get a defense mini-boss on top of that, you're screwed, I've been there, that was harder than Arachna herself. Speaking of Arachna, she's a no go on higher tiers because of the spider meteors, the lag in a full group and the number of spiders is ridiculous, this leads the party, specially Rangers and Wizards, to be more focused on running for their lives than actually damaging Arachna, and since the DKs have to use their maximum tankiness, you can't expect them to deal all the damage themselves either, for me, increasing the power of the meteors was ok-ish, decreasing the cooldown of them, a very nasty, bad, and malevolent idea.

    -Q3: The miller seems to be the main issue here, with his unavoidable ice sprouts, no matter how much you run, if you teleport/jump, if you're at melee range or not, he gets you, and it's not like it does little damage, you either die every now and then or forcefuly use potions, which seems like a cheap tactic to make the player use resources, I can avoid Heredur with skill, but the miller must kill me or force me to use potions even if I'm able to evade all the rest of his attacks?. Also, too many archers on Crypt of Kings, the type of enemies might need rebalancing.

    -Q4: I'm ok with this PW, is one of the most enjoyable for me, so far.

    -Q5: The wandering experiment, the muddy nightmare, this is yet another sick joke for a DK, they can just watch as the rest of us ranged characters kill it being frustrated at their inability to do anything, I don't know how you can approach this to make it doable for a DK, but the quest to kill this guy as it is, is impossible for a solo DK, the amount of HP the mud has is insane, the damage he deals is insane as well, so if they try to tank it, they mostly fail and also fail to damage him effectively, if they go with a damage build, they die as fast as us SWs, and, yet again, fail to damage him effectively. On top of that, you placed healers with an insane tic rate all the way he wanders, which also have a high tankiness and damage themselves, this needs rebalancing, as a matter of fact, not as a "might need". Also, I didn't meet Khalys in the older PWs, but her clones deal as much damage as herself, I dunno if this was the original design, but at some point, even with a DK or two in your group, you end up eating the damage of 3 Khalys at the same time, even if the DK or other character is whitin' Khalys' melee range, she still uses her ranged attacks sometimes, this spells death for some of us.

    -Q6: I'm surprisingly okay with this PW.

    Loot Quantity

    The overall loot quantity on the PWs seems to be ok in painful mode, the quantity on the higher tiers, not so much, specially in fatal mode, sometimes I come out of a fatal dificulty run with less things to sell/melt than in a painful run, but having used triple the resources to complete the run, materi fragment stacks on higher difficulties need to improve, andermant drops are rare in higher difficulties, same for blue essences, even though the stack sizes look ok to me for these last two.

    Now, the uniques..., their quantity is lower than we expected, of course, but here's the thing, regarding the PW specific sets, I've seen very few of those items in the server, none of my friends or people I know have gotten a single one of them, which is really sad. Hope I could say the same thing about the untouchable's set, that one drops like crazy compared to other uniques, the one lots of us don't want, also, you stated that the untouchables set was aimed to help players who only recently hit level 50 and need a little boost to improve, then, why are they a thing in fatal?, honestly I don't think any of us who can somewhat effectively run some PWs on fatal mode are doing it because we're eager to get a piece of the untouchable's, I'd venture to say that even in excruciating they're out of place, I'd suggest to make them an exclusive drop for painful. My point here is that you're making more sets, like the temple guardian and corruption sets, that are not making an appearance among the players, which seems quite pointless to me, I know they're supposed to be hard to obtain, but, kill Grimmag 200 times on different tiers, get nothing but untouchables boots, well...

    By the way, the drop in Ocean of bones is still lacking, to say the least.

    Loot Quality
    The quality on painful looks about right, excruciating, somewhat ok, could improve, but still ok-ish, fatal needs a serious rework, the quality keeps being as low as in painful 95% of the time, it doesn't pay off for the investment of time and resources, not in the slightest.

    About the quality of the uniques we might get from bosses in excruciating and fatal, I'm really bothered by the fact that one can get a tier 1 unique from running excruciating, or tier 1 or 2 in fatal, considering their drop rate and the difficulties, I'd expect the drop to be scaled according to the difficulty we're running, to put it simple, no tier 1 on excruciating, no tier 1 or 2 on fatal, guaranteed tier 1, 2 or 3 depending on the difficulty. For the rings I'd make them tier 2 on fatal as well. As for the untouchable's set, if you pretend to leave them as a drop on higher tiers, you might as well could increase their quality a.k.a. tier, so that they're at least translated into more gold/glyphs for us.

    Items available from quests & in exchange for Materi Fragments

    The items available from quests, even them being the untouchable's set, seem ok to me, anders too.

    Regarding materi fragment merchandise, it's poor, old Ammon's set is just for getting an achievement and then for melting/gem holder, up to us if we want the achievement or not. Having the incoming possibility to buy legendary equipment once per day seems like the right direction, but still feels a bit empty to me. The transformation stone is overpriced considering the little improvement it gives to the tier 2 rings.



    City of Cardhun (layout, space, merchants etc)

    I like it a lot, the layout is comfortable, the merchants are ok, but I'd like to see level 50 buffs, and the possibility to buy every buff in a single merchant like in the old atriums and the watery grave.


    The fact that people are struggling to find ways to farm the bosses only, using bugs, glitches, etc., and you fixing and fixing and fixing again..., does it rings a bell?, does it gives a clue about what people want?, you're starting to understand, since I see you're going to sell teleportation tickets to the bosses via materi fragments/andermant, good, let's see if the prices are reasonable and you might have a solution there.

    Another thing, I don't know if materi fissures were meant to behave like they do at the moment, they dissapear/selfdestruct after some time, leaving no drop, if this is the case, I guess you realize how useless this becomes in Q2-Grotto and Q4-Caverns, those maps are huge and there's not a single chance you're going to reach them in time, sometimes I even miss the final one at grimmagstone if I make enough mistakes, also if a person in your group clicks the tome without you noticing, you can say bye bye to the extra materi fragments, I think you need to look at this and perhaps make them not selfdestruct, it's not like they appear that often, the chance is 1/5 if I'm correct, and you still need to fight through the map to get them.

    As a small addition, on my behalf, please congratulate the designer who came up with the design of the "Inner Cirlce" items for the wizards, those are by far, my favorite looking items for the SW, I would put this person in charge of more designs and maybe ask him to change the looks of the untouchables set, beautiful work there, props!.

    I think I said pretty much everything I wanted to say, for now, might edit this area later, thanks for reading and sorry, I seem to be inclined to write parchments every time...
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