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  1. In Short

    Release 115 is bringing you the Mac Thin Client [Alpha Version] and various bugfixes.

    Maintance Patch

    With release 115 we introduce Drakensang Online for Mac users! This version allows you

    to download the thin client [alpha version] for the Mac. In addition, we have looked at the community’s feedback and created a long list of bugfixes, for example, the ignore-player function should now work as intended, groups are not being split when matched for PvP anymore and many more, take a look!

    Important changes

    ● The talent “Teleportation”, from the knowledge tree can now be reached faster; all levels below the talent “Teleportation” have been reduced in costs from 250 to 150 ancient wisdom and instead of 5 silver one pays 3 silver now.

    ● Healing spheres now also spawn from monsters that have been killed by your character’s minions (wolves, turrets).

    ● Magical items (blue title) for the steam mechanicus can now be purchased at NPC Captain B’Elbial in Ashraya.

    ● While activating the skill “Iron Dwarf” items of the following categories cannot be used simultaneously anymore: “Mount”, “Costume” and “Emote“.

    ● Travelstone now feature a Tooltip. This also counts for the entrance of the parallel world.

    ● Magic glasses of the fragment seeker are now available for character level 30.

    ● Costumes now remain equipped after the death of a character, you do not have to re-equip them again

    ● Items with random values, which one receives as rewards from quests and events, have now their lowest and highest possible values displayed in the tool tip (this also includes the items from the Ammon’s Quest Series in the Parallel World).

    ● The basic damage of the Weapon of the End of Time has slightly increased (to match the level of other weapons at very same level).

    ● When maximizing your transparent map, you will be able to see the name of the current area your character is located in.

    ● Interactive state objects can now be triggered while your character is on the back of a mount, the character does not have to jump off anymore.

    Selected Bugfixes

    ● A bug was fixed that was causing the automatized turrets to not being built whenever the steam mechanicus was in melee while activating the skill.

    ● Automatized turrets of the steam mechanicus can now also be placed on steps and slightly beveled surfaces.

    ● The skill „Steam-Conductor“ has now accompanied by the correct audio tune.

    ● When collecting fame points, all skills of the steam mechanicus are now being considered.

    ● All of the steam mechanicus’ emotes are now functioning correctly

    ● Alan’s equipment (Grimford) partly had wrong values which were not upgradable. This has been corrected now.

    ● The item „Kingshill Miner's Magnum can now be dyed with colours.

    ● The loot item symbol, which represents steam potions, has been adjusted.

    ● One can now also purchase steam potions also in the town of Andrakash.

    ● The order of the guns at the weaponsmith in Kingshill has been corrected.

    ● Other character classes will no more receive loot that is meant to be for the steam mechanicus.

    ● The debuff icon to the spellweaver’s “Ice Missle” had an incorrect tooltip and has now been corrected.

    ● the area of effect of the flame nova (Spellweaver’s talent “Flaming inferno”) has slightly been reduced to match the radius of the visual effect.

    ● when using the Dragon Knight’s talent “Regeneration”, the displayed effect of the life regeneration is now shown identically in all connected clients.

    ● The “ignore-player” function has been improved to filter messages from unwanted players completely.

    ● The game’s performance (frame rate) is not slowed down anymore when a character is using “life-leech essences.

    ● A draw in PvP matches does not count as a lost match anymore.

    ● When entering a PvP match as a group, the players are not split anymore.

    ● PvP participants on the minimap are now displayed with the correct team colours.

    ● the group overview and the group display receive notifications whenever a group member has increased in levels.

    ● The items of the category „Buffs“ in Myrdosch now have the correct level.

    ● The tooltip of the item „Defender’s Belt“ from the event „Attack on Werian Sanctuary” has the correct cost of identification displayed.

    ● The “Standards of Power“ are now visible when equipped on the character.

    ● The item „Tunnel Helmet“ now has its correct item icon.

    ● The pet „Jumpy Squire“ now has the correct debuff icon.

    ● The extraordinary Sunbone Hunting Bow now has the correct item icon.

    ● Pets have a permanent duration now when activated, their duration is not limited anymore.

    ● Mouse over-descriptions of NPCs are not displayed anymore if the quest dialogue window is opened.

    Known Issues and Last Minute Fixes

    ● Mentor Bonus:

    Your character with the highest fame point and the highest level of knowledge is currently receiving the Mentor Bonus due to a mix up with the code. Enjoy the extra boost!

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