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Dear forum reader,

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    Dear heroes,

    This patch will contain a lot of bug fixes and more will come with the next releases. ​

    Thank you for the patience and your loyalty!​

    • 1 Realm Path to Mortis’ Courtroom will be exchanged with 16 Realm Fragments
    Skills and Talents
    • An issue that the armor debuff of the Singularity did not work on bosses without an active shield has been fixed
    • The invincibility frames during movement skills have been removed to avoid the possible exploit of being invincible against other players
    • An issue that the Close to Turret wisdom talent did not work, has been fixed
    • An issue that the armor break from the Hunting Trap and Explosive Arrow was not applied to all hit enemies inside the affected area, has been fixed
    • The stun immunity that is applied after a stun effect runs out, now has a duration of 10 seconds
    • An issue with Rangers being able to summon 100 Wolves has been fixed
    • Stun and Frozen can no longer be combined, that means if an enemy is frozen, an additional stun debuff cannot be applied and vice versa
    • The stun immunity is now also applied after being petrified
    • The duration of the Frozen debuff has been reduced for PvP to 2 seconds
    • The frost debuff effect has been lowered and it reduced the movement speed by 2% and the attack speed by 1% per stack now
    • An issue that normal monsters on lower difficulties did not drop healing spheres, has been fixed
      • Normal monsters on difficulty Merciless or higher still won’t drop healing spheres
    • Materi Fragments
      • Increased drop chance from normal mobs
      • Increased drop amount for players above level 60
    • Wisdom
      • Increased drop chance when defeating bosses
      • Increased drop amount when defeating bosses for players above level 39
    • Fragments of Infernal Passages
      • Increased drop chance from elite mobs and bosses
    • Realm Fragment
      • Drop amount adapted to the monster level
    • An issue that ingredients dropped with the wrong rarity has been fixed
    • An issue that ingredients did not drop properly on lower difficulties has been fixed

    • An issue that Bosses could be stunned and slowed during their “rage mode” has been fixed
    • An issue with monsters spawning too close to the the travel stone in the Library of Cardhun has been fixed
    • An issue that the snapper trap debuff was not removed when using a skill to free yourself from all debuffs has been fixed
    • Dragan’s Protective Armor incorrect bonus displayed in the tooltip has been fixed
    • The base enchantment value of the Cloak of the Undefeatable is now matching the item level
    • An issue that the Cloak of Heroes did not drop for Spellweavers has been fixed
    • An issue that the Legendary Kings Armor could not drop for the Ranger has been fixed
    • Some base enchantments were not displayed correctly, this has been fixed now
    • Light Essences can be crafted correctly from usual essences now
    • An issue that the Potion Brewer achievements did not grant the Potion Formulas has been fixed
      • Every player who has already finished one of these achievements and did not receive the formula, will get it with the release
    • An issue that prevented players from using Battle Shields in rarity upgrade crafting has been fixed
    • The recipe to craft Light Essences from Light Spheres was missing as reward of the quest “Surrounded by Darkness 1/1”, this has been fixed now.
      • Players who completed the quests already will receive the recipe via booking
    • Due to balancing issues the honor point gain from defeating characters above level 55 is not increasing anymore. Example: If your character is level 100 and you defeat a player with level 100 you get the same amount of honor points you would get from defeating a player with level 55. This calculation as well as new incentives to play PvP are going to be addressed with the planned PvP rework this year.
    • An issue with the Bloodmage talent debuff not counting as a kill for the opponent in PvP has been fixed
    • An issue that not every kill of some World Bosses did count for the respective daily challenge has been fixed
    • An issue with the critical value of the Jewel of Rage not being displayed and calculated correctly has been fixed
    • Tonics, buffs, physic and potions have been moved to the misc category so that limited offers (such as Premium offer) is displayed again at the CM Trader
    • An exploitable position in the Suburb of Cardhun where monsters or players could be invincible between pillars has been blocked
    • An issue that made it impossible to complete the Darkness, My Old Friend quest has been fixed
    Defeat the Undefeatable Event
    (most of these bugs were never live but have been detected and fixed during the testing phase)
    • Drop of event progress increased and adapted to the higher boss difficulty
    • Recipe for Doll crafting not being unlocked has been fixed
    • Dragan cannot be perma stunned anymore
    • Difficulty of Boss Portals cannot be changed anymore after defeating all enemies in the Circus Monstrorum
    • Dragan’s minion Devious Black Knights are attacking the player again
    • Dragan not killable during spawning animation anymore
    • Low level characters not receiving portals to bosses that are not yet accessible anymore
    • Destroying Gwenfara’s shield does not decrease the HP anymore
    • Only the last stage of Gwenfara is dropping loot
    • DTU Bosses in Secret Lairs drop progress again
    • Realm Paths to Bosses now have all difficulties available
    • Bosses in the Circus Monstrorum are dropping loot again
    Best regards,
    Your Drakensang Online Team
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