paying players vs non paying players

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by LordDefiant, Jun 18, 2015.

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  1. LordDefiant

    LordDefiant Forum Apprentice

    I think that players who spend money on this game should have better drop chance than non paying players, it would be nice if premium would increase drop rate,, im paying player and i cant get unique such as yachak way or predator and those that have never spend a cent on this game gets all uniques so easy , how that is fair???
  2. Darwarren

    Darwarren Count Count

    cubes drop for premium players, that's a good start on a bonus.
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  3. Heaven

    Heaven Junior Expert

    P2P already get a big bonus from the things they buy, you can't expect to have everything handed to you just because you pay. Some things just depend on luck, and that is fine the way it is.
  4. LordDefiant

    LordDefiant Forum Apprentice

    Yogo ,i have farmed my EDIT for few months doing all pw etc, no uniques and for some drops like candys so yeah im complaining about it.. im looking for last yachak piece for months now and my friend who is f2p got full set in 1 day.. luck?
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  5. fds667200

    fds667200 Forum Apprentice

    Some players have farmed for years without finding a single piece of Yachak, Roshan or Keen set.
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  6. sirsquishy

    sirsquishy Junior Expert

    These type of games use "random" generators and sure it can seem that some players get better luck than others, but you are using a very small pool of players to base your case on. There are other threads on this forum that state the opposite case.

    The simplest solution is to become a free player for a little while and see if your personal luck changes.
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  7. LordDefiant

    LordDefiant Forum Apprentice

    i hear that a lot that its random, but im sure some players have better drop rate than others, im not the only one who thinks that
  8. Makaveli25

    Makaveli25 Forum Greenhorn

    Bro it all about random and luck, i have been playing for 3 years and still havent complete my set. got 4-5 piece of the other 2 but neva the one i m looking for. The best way to solve this problem for bp is to put it in the gnob so for player like us we can have a chance to complete the set. Draken is the hardest currency to get so i dont see why they cant do that and it not like draken is something you can buy. Just my opinion...
  9. Szmaciak

    Szmaciak Junior Expert

    Well, I'm only buying premium from time to times and I don't want in premium better drop rate of items but better drop rate of frags, spheres, cubes. I want in premium free crafting of items and better quests and rewards, more inventory etc. I'm really, really want pay for stuff like this in DSO, not for gems, glifs or unique items. I want account premium which give me more help in game, not just way to buy power or legends or uni gear... Than please if you ask for something, better as smart than only ask...
  10. Morinphen

    Morinphen Forum Overlooker

    Yes, luck. Simple as that, and that's all there is to it.

    As it's been said a million times already, those who pay have enough of an advantage already.
    Giving them a boost on drops would simply destroy the game for F2P people.
  11. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    You got that one right ... premium shop as well.

    I am a F2P and never spent a dime on this game ... yet I have incredible drop.
    There you go I am pouring gas on fire. :eek:
  12. LordDefiant

    LordDefiant Forum Apprentice

    items in premium shop are bad for rangers, and some players have higher drop rate than others you can call it luck all you want and thats just it
  13. fourtwenty68

    fourtwenty68 Board Analyst

    as of 152,,how can we say luck anymore?
    think about it. hint' controlled drops. o_O
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  14. Morinphen

    Morinphen Forum Overlooker

    Yes, because certain players are surely programmed in to have better drop rate. And you know for a fact because... uh... because you say so, and because you don't only get legendaries and uniques just for the fact that you sent BP money. Logic = mind-blowing. So you're a payer with no luck? Dude, with all due respect, just keep at it like we all do and hope for the best. If you don't understand why or how luck is a big factor in a game like this, then you should switch to something else.
    This is some Rakoros Munterium conspiracy right here :eek:o_O:confused:.
  15. MegaNuker

    MegaNuker Forum Ambassador

    So this is not totally with the OP but does go with some of the talks with different gears.

    First of all gear drops matter not from free to pay. The cube drops are only pay. I did some testing and I have several friends pondering this also. If you want certain stats for an item then find an item any level you can ware with the correct stats. I now have a ring level 13 that has +5+5+5+4 damage that replaced a ring with +5+4+3 damage also Level 13. I get tones of rings with all damage and the others I run with simply say how. I have them now gear up with the stats they want any level and we farm. They are pay and non pay players so I will see what happens and if something mind blowing happens I will let you guies know.
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  16. Morinphen

    Morinphen Forum Overlooker

    Premium cubes matter for a developing character, since it will get full-purple gear (with a legendary here and there) way faster than without them, but at high levels... they're just a source of GoPs and gems with the occasional possibly better legendary and the very, very, very rarely come-by unique.
  17. BigPapa

    BigPapa Forum Overlooker

    The most valuable item from the cubes is the gems. Value added to the toon every time regardless of seniority in playtime. I nearly chit myself when I got a sacred onyx from a cube. Useless because of the onyx factor, but had never seen a gem that big drop from anything. A sacred gem can be a game changer at the right time.
  18. sirsquishy

    sirsquishy Junior Expert

    That's about all I ever get is gems, which helps quite a bit. A flawless onyx has been my biggest to date, but I've crafted a lot of polished diamonds just from cube drops.
  19. Morinphen

    Morinphen Forum Overlooker

    The truth is that, in the past, I had underestimated the impact gems have on the game (luckily, I've opened my eyes in that regard - unluckily, now I have rather small speed gems because I used to think they're not useful enough to consume space way back, so I kept selling them... however, I didn't waste all that many anyway... probably about what would add up to a 1,5% sapphire). What I wrote above is a reminiscence of that... I mostly had in mind what useful gear cubes could add to the higher-level player.
  20. ScientiaPotestasEst

    ScientiaPotestasEst Someday Author

    Premium is fantastic for leveling as a new player to the game (less for veteran players leveling new character since they know what to expect, what to avoid and how to properly gear the character). You can get from level 1 to 45 with nothing but blue gears. With rangers, you can do it in white gear (I did this with ranger from 1-40 before the free identifying update to save CoT and as an additional challenge). Certainly the pink gears from cubes help and make life easier (as do the free respawns), but they are not needed. The mobs in this game are very predictable on your second run-through/second character.

    At level 45, the main benefit of premium is faster Halls of the Dead farming from free respawns since you can die strategically to save time from travelling between knights. The gem drops from the cubes are nice to have, along with the pinks/occasional legendary gears, but the drop rate of cubes should be higher in my opinion to justify the cost of premium.

    Of course, I am biased because of two reasons. One, I play as dragonknight, the tank class, and as a result, I die much less compared to fragile classes like the mage and dwarf. Second, I believe that the same amount of money paid for premium at level 45 is better spent toward buying rubies/sapphires. But that is just my opinion. If you can get both the premium and the gems, why not right? :)

    If you play either the DK or ranger, you really don't need the free respawns if you're semi-decently geared, unless farming HoD. I would not get premium for deaths in events, it makes no sense to buy premium for rare 40 ander revives (and you shouldn't die as DK/Ranger). As a mage, premium is nice to have at level cap of both PvE and PvP, simply for farming D3 catacomb with suicide supernova. As a dwarf... consider rerolling as either DK/Ranger/mage, unless going for achievement points.

    Oh, one other thing, you get more honor points as premium, but it is meaningless once you reached level 40 pvp fame (my opinion).
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