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    Payment Options

    There are various payment options:
    • Each country has it's own currency
    • Each country has it's own payment methods.

    Each type of offers can also have limited payment options (for example Vouchers, etc)

    Credit Cards
    A credit card (usually Visa, MasterCard, etc ...) is an embossed plastic card, which included a 4X4-digit number in the owner's name, date of issue and validity date. These data are highlighted, embossed. And on the back of the card. Control Number (3 digits).
    • Payment is very simple, you just need this information:
      • The card holder's personal information (name, place of residence, phone number, e-mail and the type of card - Visa, MasterCard, American Express, etc ...)
      • Card Data - the card number is important that the card numbers do not include any spaces, validity (Expiration Date - Month / Year).
    Then click on "Continue"or "Yes, I confirm my order" button and you are ready.

    The item you have bought, or the Game Currency (Pearls) will usually arrive onto your account within a few minutes

    Having problems?

    Did you type your full name exactly as it figures on your card?
    Did you make sure not to leave any spaces on the 16 digit code?
    Is your Card suitable for international card payments?
    Are you sure that it is a credit card that you're trying to pay with?

    • It often happens that the player thinks he/she has a credit card, but it is in fact a normal debit card that they're trying to order with (which for example. they use regularly to pay at the store, or extract cash from the ATM machine)?
    • This card is not suitable for the International Internet purchases. For more information, contact your bank.
    Pros of Credit Card payment:
    • fast
    • easy
    • safe
    • the purchased item arrives within a few minutes on your account

    NEVER EVER give out your credit card number in the forum, or any other instant messenger program

    ONLY use it within the limits of the Bigpoint secured payment layer

    Wire Transfer

    Wire Transfer is also a very easy method of payment.
    If you choose this payment method, the following data is entered

    • ie the bank name, account number, the exact amount in your currency, and the purpose of sending money.
    Then the system displays the data transfer:
    • It is recommended that you should print this out or make a screenshot of it and save it on your computer.
    And that's it, only the specified amount of money to send to the specified purpose will be processed.

    Eventually contact your bank to see if there are are options to get the process completed faster.
    The transfer process can take up to 5-6 working days, or even longer until the items / services / game currency arrive onto your account.
    If you choose a cash payment, from your bank or post office, the processing time is up to 15-19 business days to complete.

    Pros of Wire Transfer:

    • relatively easy
    • safe
    Cons of Transfer:
    • Its disadvantage is the relatively long processing time, which is 5-6 working days.

    PayPal probably the most widely used online payment method.

    To be able to use this payment method, you must register on the PayPal site

    You may need a Credit Card registered to your account to be able to pay International orders.

    • A new aspect: PayPal Express. even more comfortable.
      Payments will be accepted without having to time specify the Paypal account data each time
      It's called: PayPal Express procedure or FastPay.
      This service is available with an existing PayPal account.
      PayPal provides the relevant information to the ordering form without you having to enter all the relevant data.
      This allows even faster processing.
      • If you do not want to use the PayPal Express option, you have to switch it off: cancel the last used payment method (at the bottom of the bank page, on the "Account Status" section that appears "If you wish, you can delete your personal account details here" click on the word "delete".
      PayPal , PayPal Express or FastPay, unfortunately, still does not offer a 10% promo-bonus, and it requires a valid credit card ordering.
    Pros of Paypal / Paypal Express
    • Easy
    • Fast
    Cons of Paypal / Paypal Express
    • requires a valid credit card

    SMS (Short Message Service) otherwise known as text-messages sent by mobile/cell phone

    This is the easiest and fastest way to upload a small amount of the virtual account.
    Each SMS will grant you 5000 Pearls.
    The Pearls arrive onto your virtual account within a few minutes!

    Note: with some networks is unfortunately not yet possible to send SMS.

    How does it work?
    • On the payment window, select SMS option as payment (if it is available in your country).
    • In the next window place your mobile number.
    • You will receive a text message to which you must reply to complete this purchase.

    Phone Calls:

    Similar to the SMS sending, a simple and practical method for those who want smaller amounts of game currency, or have no opportunity to use other payment methods.

    The cost: You are charged by the time you stay connected
    • i.e. a one minute phone call costs XX euros (or equivalent in your currency)

    How does it work?
    • Call the telephone number given
    • add the specified ID number
    • 40 minutes later, roughly, you will receive your Pearls
    • The phone is charged by the second!: You choose how long you stay connected!

    Money ebookers:

    Also an online payment method, you must specify the personal and bank details or your credit card number, and so you can pay.


    Once you open this page, you'll receive an e-mail to the registered e-mail address for purchasing information.

    All you have to do that received the e-mail form, print it, and find the closest geographical Western Union office, then present the printed form, handing the specified amount, and you're done.

    Normally, confirmation e-mail is send to your account e-mail with the data corresponding to your payment.
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