Bug Perils of Time

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by .proba., Feb 6, 2016.

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  1. .proba.

    .proba. Forum Apprentice

    There is a bug in first map. Some mobs get stuck in stones and cant be killed. My first run on that map and counter stop on 4 mobs to kill. Second bug is that I past to second map without killing all mobs. In second run I kill all mobs and find out that quest expand with line that send you to second map, but by than I didnt have 50 dust to go on....

    So, mobs cant be stuck and player cant progress to second map if he dosnt kill all mobs on first map.

    Comment: Boss is little harder than it should be. Drop should be better, and 25 progress for 1 run? That is 160 rounds in four days to finished progress....
  2. This event is still under development. Keep an eye on it over the next couple days. Bugs are being discovered, reported, and corrected regularly.

    Regarding the kill order. This may change, we don't know, but I'd recommend to everyone that they pay close attention to the quests and quest guidance so that they don't accidentally waste resources. There have been other events like this (quest order and kill order matter and/or can be optimized), and hopefully everyone figures it out quickly.

    Finally, it is more than 4 days long, the test server event duration should never be used to assume the length of the real event. According to the "Events coming in February" announcement, this event will be 10 days long, starting on the 12th.
  3. .proba.

    .proba. Forum Apprentice

    Ok. That way I report it :). But there are also bug in past neverhill map. In quest to defend storage on 9/9 wave i kill all mobs and quest are not finised. Reason is that mobs are stuck in upper part of map (mine entrence). When I kill tham quest finish ok.

    I dont know if it bug but... it should be. On Pilgrims Path part of quest is to collect 10 Valerys crop, and after clearing map I get only 9. Its realy stupid to spend 100 time dust to get in again for one frag.
  4. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    You were lucky... I only got 7. I too had to farm an extra 100 to finish that quest line too.
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  5. .proba.

    .proba. Forum Apprentice

    Yes, you have to be lucky to get atleast 20 drops of 5 time dust, getting 50-100 dops of 1 or 2 is too long. But thats not bug, thats just BP :).

    A finish quest but with all done get stuck, need to get 3 time in and talk to Zumpe again to get further. Two days of intense playing and I get progress of little more than 300.... of 4000?
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  6. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Same here

    You will have to finish the progress by killing the Time sorceress.
    The killing itself is a very fast (if you have stronger character) ... but the collection of the Time Dust is real "Farmerama" XD
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  7. bloodyneo

    bloodyneo Forum Master

    lucky its not realm fragment event :)
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