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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by teddy.bear, Feb 10, 2016.

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  1. Guitarman

    Guitarman Forum Master

    I mirror what most people have said, entrance fee too much and the rewards are just not worth my dwindling time in DSO. I would prefer farming elsewhere than getting the so so 250 draken / gem bags and so on.
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  2. MagicMoon89

    MagicMoon89 Junior Expert

    I have to say that the random drops are sort of terrible. All I've gotten so far are whites and maybe like 2 green items. Other than that I think its a good even so far.
  3. -Redrock1-

    -Redrock1- Forum Greenhorn

    I have played this game for almost 6 years. When I read about this event, I thought it might be a nice event. After farming hrs. for dust on the old maps that we all run everyday. Like I said hrs. just to get on a new map, that we clear in 10 min. The dust drops are ridiculous low, rewards are low, and very little draken. Events should be fun, but most of the time playing is not even on event maps. Very disappointed with this one, looks like the game designers put a lot of work into it, but most people are bored from the low dust drops and are not even finishing it.
    Story line is good, but the farming for hrs. for very little dust only to get on a map that can be cleared in short time. Then back to hrs. of farming. Sorry but this should have been way better, why be so greedy about dust?
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  4. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    I really hate it when someone lies about how long they have been playing this game because they think it will somehow give them credibility... here's a hint... It Doesn't! It doesn't matter if you've been playing 6 months or 4 years. It matters how talented and skillful they are at the game. And FYI, for the next time you want to lie about how long you've been playing the game, the game was only released into open beta about 4.5 years ago, and even in the unlikely event that you've been around since the closed beta days, the game has only been around for 4 years 10 months. Personally, I've been playing since March 2012, almost 4 years and I can prove it by how low my ID number is:

    Regarding your feedback, it is valid, but there is nothing that people like me hate more than a lair.
    Not quite... that distinction goes to the last Stellar Gold event... That one can barely be called an event.
    Agreed, but I will say that the drops from the amphora are rather good. I used 10 of the 40 keys I had saved up and got about 500 dust, 100 progress, 56 draken, and a handful of essences, including 300 reds. There hasn't been a good event to use amphora keys on in a while, but this one is it. I've stopped at 10/40 to see if they improve/fix the event tomorrow, but it gave me a solid start.
  5. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    so about 1:21 for the Leader types and about 1:11 from the Time Sorceress.

    It depends on how much Brokensang's PRNG hates you.
  6. MagicMoon89

    MagicMoon89 Junior Expert

    Ok. The dust drops for this even desperately need to be upgraded. With how they currently are, this event is soooo not worth it.
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  7. sonorac12

    sonorac12 Someday Author

    I just want to know HOW IS THIS FAIR?! My brand new level 20 can earn more dusts than my level 49 and fighting harder mobs than my level 20ish toons (who cannot enter PW because she's the highest toon i have). I learned that farming PW you can get A LOT more dusts than a player in the other parts of the map. So, this puts me in a delima and left behind cause my guild can go into PW and farm. So they're able to go into the events and help each other. And now I'm left out and having to do it all alone.

    Sent in a petition ticket of this complaint, they suggested that I bring it here. So here it is. THIS IS NOT FAIR and it's making me not impressed with any event and not wanting to participate in them. They are annoying and aggravating.
  8. ehrence8191

    ehrence8191 Forum Apprentice

    Well,the positive thing I could say from the event was that the mobs are actually easy to kill even with 10 level gap (since I'm using my low-level toon) and the quest are actually easy to follow. On the negative note, the drop rates for items inside event map are bad, most of the time I get white, at times green, rarely blue and miracle if a purple item drops. Collecting dust is frankly tire-some and quite a hassle even collecting 100 dust cost probably between 1-3 hours, even in parallel world. I wouldn't mind farming for that long for a 100 dust but for a 100 dust you only get 40-60 progression per run, then its entirely not worth my time or the dust are easy to collect then I wouldn't mind the 40-60 progression. I rather just continue farming somewhere else where I get decent item drops and a better chance of leg items. The amulet is enticing, but the drop rate is kinda a miracle, so I abandon all hope for me to be able to even complete the event.
  9. Reinier

    Reinier Someday Author

    I agree with you on the amphorae. I have opened 5 amphorae, one of them with 5keys and I have got about 300 dust, 30 drakens and about 10 health potions. I also got event progress. Didn't write down the number but more than 50
  10. geoff1

    geoff1 Someday Author

    i think most agree the worst aspect is the drop rate of dust.i have just quit event as im working and will not have time to farm amounts required
  11. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    This is my Event progress:


    It pretty much shows how much excited I am with this event.
    I knew before the start that the Dust drops are awful ... and how much farming is needed in order to finish the progress. Knowing that the event rewards are even worse and are not attractive ... I will finish this event only if I collect something like 4K Time Dust before the event is over ... if I don't ... who cares it is not worth the effort anyway.
    Getting white items and copper coins in the event maps is "dream come true" for every DSO player.
    But the real top of the cake is the fact that this event is infested with bugs. They knew this event is not yet ready and contains multiple bugs ... and some of them are game breaking ... yet ... they released it anyway.
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  12. Idhaya

    Idhaya Forum Greenhorn

    150 time dust need to enter silvermine and get 40 to 100 event process, where you need to die for 150 time dust.. :mad: seriously!!!

    -- MERGED --

    Drop level of Time dust must be increase.. :cool:
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  13. Master0fpuppets

    Master0fpuppets Forum Baron

    I'am well aware that Design Team tried to give us a new and fun even but it turn out to be a very boring one with slow progress, the flaw of the event is that monsters on the map don't give progress at all, only boss does and the enter the main boss you need a "few things to collect" so all in all an not playing it.

    I would love to see new and improved Sargon event, miss it so much.
  14. maneakDooH

    maneakDooH Forum Apprentice

    i will say ( don't farm dust) farm glyths... and if in this time you collect enough dust and bored do event in last 2-3 days of event timing.
    farming PW must be a goal for everybody (strong players to get unique and be even stronger) ( weak player just b/c you need to get stronger)

    If this event wasn't what would you do? farm no ??? so why not to farm and not pay attention to dust first 3-4 days of event.
    And is no way for all players to can do all events) this is like in real life ) not everybody have girlfriend, wife, kids, car, money. You have what you work for.

    I like when ppl text like ... oo i am 49 lvl and is hard to farm ) but what you did to be it easier? LOL ... to be old is easy to be wise need to work on this)
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  15. Noriyull

    Noriyull Forum Apprentice

    hello ya all

    well all bad is sad already so i will go whit thing i like in this event and things i hope it will be bather for next time this event come around.
    ...first i like this long quest line it can be even longer !!! +100 for showing the history of some npc in Draconia (story about Jon+100) !! Maps look super, this grayish colors continue whit atmosphere of Khs area, even when this event end i hope new events maps stay in game (more maps more fun).

    Silverode mines woouuuu so many gold and gems, too bad, SO BAD we cant fill our pockets whit them :( ! Molten gold mobs wooouuu pure gold and after they die nothing left on ground :( its must be some evil magic on work called DSO dev. tim :( !
    ...event the music is good bit grayish but ok this is atmosphere of Silverode ...

    ... and now Goodys from this event .. Amulet well he is not bad but he is solo items and i dont like it .. for us who pillage almost all items in game it have no use cozz it break Gnobo set or Legs dam./deff sets, as we always hope for more new sets, that will be bather than we already have. So if this event will continue create a set of this event and have this in mind for future, sets are always bather than solo items!! ;)

    .. u miss perfect opportunity to add Antoina pink dress and make or Ladies in game happy !!! :(

    Txy u Nori
  16. Ioedavide

    Ioedavide Forum Apprentice

    I don't understand people complaints: it's a relatively fast event, quests don't take too long (of course i'm talking for endgame chars) and most important, it's non invasive, I mean, everybody can simply keep going with their normal farm routine and when you get to 600 dust (maybe even in a couple of days if u farm not that much) u go for the final boss, which is quite easy.

    The drop of the amulet is quite a disappointement, but people have to consider that sometimes things are in the game not to be finished in a couple of days, if this will become a recurring event there is no need to finish the amulet right now.

    Kinda sad that there is not the Antonia costume as a prize, at least developer can fix the fact that the damsel costume from Zhair doesn't hide the cape as before, cause now it's just ugly...
  17. MikeyMetro

    MikeyMetro Forum Overlooker

    This is my first event since returning to the game a couple of weeks ago after a long absence. A lot has changed in the game over the past 14 months. I guess events have not. Grinding, boring, low chance of completion and even lower change of actually crafting a tier 3 amulet.

    I have stopped for the moment at the half way point (2000). The only reason i got the that far was that I had 71 amphorae keys left over from some other old event. (I am guessing it was the "At Night" events since those were very generous with key drops. Also subsequent events had crappy drops from amphorae so I did not use them.) The amphorae had good drops of time dust so this got me thru the story line part and on to the time sorceress pretty fast.

    What I liked:
    Story line was cool. Areas and scenery were nicely done ( and yeah I get the whole somewhat monotone of the past, made sense to me.) The back story on some of the npc's was fun. I have played a lot of games in the past year that basically have no lore whatsoever.
    Mobs were scaled appropriately. I went up thru Hagastove with a couple other different level toons to check this out.
    Quest progression was easy to follow. I was also one of the lucky ones that encountered no bugs along the way.

    What needs improvement:
    I ran out of dust after killing the time sorc 7 times. What really got me here was 7 kills and only 1 amulet drop. Getting a tier 3 amulet seems very unlikely. Maybe possible if I played 10 hours a day thru the event but those days are way behind me.
    Which leads me to farming dust. Seriously, the devs need to get this... those that are going to buy event items because they don't want to be bothered with farming will always buy. Those that cannot buy need a reasonable return for their effort. The small group of players who will choose farming if it may seem easier are not enough to significantly impact the event sales.

    A nice enough new event but still just another BP DSO event :rolleyes:

    Luck be with ye,
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  18. MagicMoon89

    MagicMoon89 Junior Expert

    I've actually found that Thunder Crest gives pretty good dust drops and for some reason, I get better drops when I'm in a group. Weird.
  19. Darwarren

    Darwarren Count Count

    The bonus code PERILSOFDUST is inadequate. Losses >> Gains
    I used 24 amphorae keys, and the game trashed 300 dust in quest glitches.
    So 100 dust is just a down payment.
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  20. Marce

    Marce Junior Expert

    Same, im skipping this event, too buggy/glitchy, just lost 200 dust in past grotto and still couldnt finish the quest, terrible event guys
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