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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by teddy.bear, Feb 10, 2016.

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  1. Jakob_FireHammer

    Jakob_FireHammer Forum Greenhorn

    I was able to summon then got transported back to town cause the portal was right there in the battle zone. Wasted the hourglasses and dust. Said to H311 with it right then.
  2. .Baraba.

    .Baraba. Advanced

    Event have nice idea and story, its kind a mini game in a game.

    Now bad things....
    1. Drop is bad.
    2. Mobs are unbalanced, mobs easy and boss to much HP and dmg.
    3. Farm time dust is life taking event... and all its for nothing (one amulet that is not so good).
    4. This is first event where you cant get progres unless you kill milion time boss in silver mine. Never was event that you get such little progres from doing event quest.

    So... idea and concept 4/4+ but realisation and event rewards 2/2-
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  3. Orange_George

    Orange_George Padavan

    i managed to complete all the quest's , and now i just fight the event boss...
    as expected i have not seen any unique item drop after several kills. my progress is 1345/4000 as of today 2/18/16
    it's nice to see the dust drops sometimes go to 5x per drop and once in a while 2x drops per mob.
    but the amulet as the end reward of tier 3 i will prob would not use.
    so as of rite now i did not see any amulet drop and i'am not intrested in farming all that dust to try to get it.
    i suppose i will just store any dust that i get for future use, if i remember rite ths will be a recurring event.?
    ya i agree with most of what was posted here by others.
    i have been playing a long time my #631111 and the older this game gets the more it leans to being a pay to play to get anything good game.
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  4. IceStormer

    IceStormer Forum Apprentice

    Well first of all what I can see here is a lot of negative feedback about this event.
    I, however found some good things too.

    Good things:
    *I really liked the atmosphere, or more in-depth; the graphics, landscape (especially the dim area) and the music created a feeling of adventure game, so a big plus for that!
    *I like that the event is over 10 Days, these 2-4 Day events stresses me out bigtime because I have a job, RL etc that must be done too.
    *A lot of people complain about the rewards. If you think that the amu is not worth it, well, that's good for you that you already have a decent item in that slot. Not all the items can be uber-set-upgrades all the time. I also personally think that the draken was too low, however I put this into the positive section since I think that other events gave too much and this kind of currency is and should be very valueble.
    *You can grind on your normal grinding-route and go to event when you feel like you have enough dust. I like that really.

    Bad things:
    *The droprate of the dust is extremely low. Way way too low.
    *No special drops (even very bad actually) from all the mobs including boss inside the event.
    *No extra special items, like costume, emote or other non-affecting uberness stats in any way but adds something extra.
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  5. Darwarren

    Darwarren Count Count

    Since the event was severely bugged on release, and the drops were atrocious, and now so many servers are kaput,
    why not just mark everyone progress bar complete, give all of us all the progress bar loot, declare victory, and move on as fast as possible? :):):)
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  6. Rhysingstar

    Rhysingstar Forum Ambassador

    Great thought, but if they rewarded us for their mistakes, we wouldn't have to play the game, we could all just sit back and collect rewards.

    I'm sure that this event looked good on paper, but wow was it bad. The drops of dust in the pw were beyond bad, I was getting almost as many frags as I was dust. So many of the quests were bugged it was just entirely too difficult to keep track of what to do and when to do it. The lousy boss drops were even worse. Then the error messages simply made me quit trying on this event.

    Now given the poor drop rates and lousy rewards, I can see why they want to make this a recurring event.
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  7. Marce

    Marce Junior Expert

    One of the positives of this event was the story, i liked reading about the past of the different npcs and drakania.