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Discussion in 'PvP (Player vs. Player)' started by Dejavu, May 2, 2019.

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  1. Dejavu

    Dejavu Forum Greenhorn

    A lot of gamers using permanentklick , mainly some warriors . Running while hiting.
    The reason is, i thought this was forbidden. Dragonknights with highest critical damage
    do they still need those cheats ??
    That thread isn't against all dragonknights !! I was just watching it while doing PvP.
    Would it be possible, to eliminate those cheats in PvP ??
  2. Are you referring to someone using an auto-clicker or macro in PvP? If you have evidence (a video would be nice), then I'd ask you to provide that to Support so they can forward it for review.

    If you are referring to a Dragon Knight's ability to "Click and Hold" on a target and the Dragon Knight will follow the target and swing when the target is within range, that is entirely intended and how a Dragon Knight's two basic attacks are supposed to function.
  3. Dejavu

    Dejavu Forum Greenhorn

    I think you know what i mean,but you did not answerd my Question, if autoklick ia allowed or not:confused:

    Thank you
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  4. No, Macros, Aim-bots, Auto-clickers, etc are not allowed. That is why I asked you to send any evidence you have of someone using one to support for investigation. My second point was simply to make sure that you didn't confuse the skill's natural behavior for an unauthorized tool.
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  5. ZantezukKken

    ZantezukKken Someday Author

    And what's the problem to ban all the top guys who are explaining which programm they're using, how they're doing in all their movies on youtube? ask proof to report is wasted time, cause 131231 ppl did it alrdy and they're all still here... When is the next ban wave? scared to kill your game? no balls? they paid too much to be banned?
  6. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    If they have posted some videos to youtube, you can report their videos to support.
  7. Zakier

    Zakier Forum Apprentice

    Rangers, mechs and mages can do it.

    Dks do it and it is cheat, lol.
  8. KulawyMao

    KulawyMao Exceptional Talent

    walkshoot forward is easy to do even without any bot, but i see some ppl walk to back and shoot = sb can do it? XD
  9. MaxDisappointed

    MaxDisappointed Forum Master

    Useless to do, they do nothing about it even sending evidence, and not just for this cheats/bots, but with same player using 2 accounts, etc.
    You can show evidence, but they will never punish them. Anyways the system of this game is like a joke, they are not controlling those things and just ask players to report if they see something.

    Yes, I do it. But there is a difference in doing it and maybe fail some arrows and doing it with a robot precision.
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  10. edrogers58

    edrogers58 Regular

    You are having a laugh right ?
    You play on Agathon Server.
    And you seriously don't know how many people on there have used multiple accounts to do PVP vs themselves ???
    Yeah right
    I know numerous that have got Bear mount doing this. Even left a guild because of it.
    As Maxdisappointed said know matter how much evidence is given BOT cheats double loggers People using other people's accounts will never get punished or banned.
    Want to know the main reason they let this slide ???
    The game is dying, majority of people are alts ,and if you can not develop a toon start a Mech !!!!
    Ask any of them can't play a Knight too many buttons to press only need 3 or 4 to play a Mech.
    That is the reason Mechs will never get nerfed because most people revert to play them because they can't build anything else.
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  11. daksan

    daksan Forum Apprentice

    I send evidence a 100 times to support, and all that BP do is to check acc an say nothing is wrong - the true is that they cant catch the macros and scripts!!! Or they dont WANT TO!!! Now will i tell you all a sicret EDIT is working just fine - my friend check it too. god know how more scripts running in dso, and the EVIDENCE we send its for nothing!!!
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  12. Purgerzg

    Purgerzg Active Author

    I use quick shot/mechanical turret/steam cunductor/rocet pack/HS/Tesla/dwarf in box (oil in group) and switch c14 rocet+shrapnel shot, ofc need to watch where to put turrets so they don't get destroyed or they shot in land, and also watch if land is not flat (because close to turret buff doesn't work in rough terrain ).Those mech you play are very limited players or they are strong enough so they shot and annihilated everything and they use 3-4 skills; but strong mag/RA do the same also. And DK have completely different play style.
  13. OldKing

    OldKing Forum Greenhorn

    Well, Yeah its pretty easy to do it with mage (I can do that) ;)
  14. Newrover

    Newrover Forum Greenhorn

    Are you watching so many players using auto-click on pvp combats?
    How many people are already complaining and you are not doing anything?
    Improved, updated, for nothing!
    They spoil our game with hack.
    Punish who is playing, before more players stop playing. :)
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  15. Atsalakotos

    Atsalakotos Someday Author

    I have see this many many times but not for dragonknights but from rangers...
    So, this is the problem with this pvp , a litle EDIT advantage make the diference!
    I think auto-click is not the one cheat ... just becuase we can see this cheat that means not exist more..

    Moderators ask from us to make video ...NO ...Let this game die , soon they will be so many cheaters....Iam not doing the job for them

    Even new patch , new pvp changes , one game who suck the payers/oldplayers for the new players and i have my friend list 90% off....
    My second account is totaly offline friend list
    Well done , this game have totaly new cheating accounts when you watch a legeonar , or centurion make more dmg than grand marchal and this kind of players at pve they cant do nothing
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  16. 66Styve66

    66Styve66 Someday Author

    seriously guys , that is easy to do without cheating ( only click as hell on mouse ) , but boring and may be damageable to mouse.... but its true that using a autocliker perform this very well... and some mouse have autolclik on it....
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  17. heror

    heror Forum Baron

    U make no sence. What does the rank have to do with dmg ? Gearless pvp = no equipment involved+ this might blow your mind ,,, some high rankings are actually pura garbage in this game.
    If you dont like the patch , do like me and just ignore pvp, its dead idk why everyon beats the horse expecting that it will rise again..... it wont , its dead.
  18. daksan

    daksan Forum Apprentice

    ARE you ok??? what the rank have to do with dmg HAHHAHA we play with 55 points honor they pay with 10 :DDDDDDDDDDDDDD and cant touch them pffffffffffffff The game is full with bugs bots and scripts programs and from there coming the lag============ when there is a buged player in pvp the lag goes to the sky and MS DONT. Easy to moove and shoot you said - yes it is to click like hell on the mouse and cant hit anyone ;) to click fast not a problem but to moove fast then others and to shoot faster then others - THAT IS THE PROBLEM Stop lie and just go quite with the macros and others EDIT - The videos to the support dont help - just devs and suport EDIT and the pvp is dead here
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  19. Newrover

    Newrover Forum Greenhorn

    The question of auto-click is real and not just the use of the mouse, this does not exist!
    On YouTube you still have a video showing how to use it, what it does is just slow down, so it's not so obvious the hack, but it's still HACK.
    They are faster than us, it is an unequal combat. Make no mistake, AUTO-CLICK is being used more and more now and not just for mages, but also for rangers and even for mechanics.
    Pvp will be extinguished again in the game.
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  20. Burn84

    Burn84 Junior Expert

    Hi all,

    I am an old player in this game i quit the game around 4 years ago becouse of botters ,i come back 4 mounths ago and still nothig have changed in this game " Boters" are part of the game ....i dont like them i never like cheaters ,but BigPoint want them here for the 1 good reason MONY.
    If u have an Grand MArshal char whu aleardy pay over 5k+ euro they never gone ban that account,there is the posibility that he can spend more mony so BP dont want to permaban thouse tipe of players .
    I am a supporter of this game too all about the mony.

    If they gone decide to permaban cheaters u onli gone see smal accounts baned not thouse so called pro players in pvp whu make fun of others how unskillfull your play was.

    Auto aim ( EDIT bot),Auto farm,Increase dmg ,run speed,block rate 99%,armor 99%,increse honor and badges of honor rewards after completing battles and sam others buffs..... with bot u can have all of that

    A freand of mine was moderator( i don know if i am alowed to tell his Toons name here) and he told to all his freands before he quit the game that is pointless to send videos in supporto they not
    gone Ban all accounts ,they choise whu gone get banned .

    If a Moderator is in a guild and his old guild freands use bot they not gone get baned.

    To find out whu use Bot is more easy then everyone think we dont need to make videos about that ,is all up to BigPoint Company ...Devs can make (i think they aleardy have that ) a specific program to run in backgrawnd on servers to see wath toons use a Third party program and permaban them .
    U realy think that Dev.s cant find wath accounts are clean and whu is not ??? they made this game .

    They need BigPoint opinion before permaban accounts.

    To stop cheaters BP needs to clean this game every 2 mounths ,permaban all accounts whu use Bot,is the onli way to have a clean game.

    Chears all.

    Sry for my bad english :)
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