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Discussion in 'Creative Corner' started by Saabia, Aug 1, 2020.

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  1. Saabia

    Saabia Forum General

    Dear all

    here I want to try to make a collection of ideas how to improve the bad situation on the Realm Frags for a big part of the gamer.

    Since the drop shortage of the realm frags in 2019, the situation for the working gamer society has changed the game play pleasure in a very negative way. Many events cannot be finished or even started without frags.

    The upcoming CE make the view on this artificial shortage not better as events are still an important source to improve the Char strength.

    Here improvement is really necessary: Collection of Ideas

    1. Increase the Drops
    => would be the easiest way

    2. Introduce additional Realm Fags to the Mystic cube drops.
    => increase the value of premium and deluxe

    3. Introduce RF in the treasure chests
    => increase the drop quality for keys

    4. Increase the RF amount of the Daily Login bonus
    => increase the bonus quality for the daily login

    5. Introduce a kind of "Loyalty Bonus" in the daily login- for example all 20 days 100 Frags
    => Increase the quantity of daily logins

    6. Introduce - fixed or doubled Realm Frag amount on Bosskills
    => Increase of game pleasure and boss ports.

    7. Reduce the costs of ports and travel rations
    => easy and fast solution

    8. Introduce repeatable quests for farming possibilities of the frags.
    => could be combined with the daily

    9. Make it possible to change more things ( frags or gold) also into realm frags

    10. Introduce ports and travel rations also with gold at Tabo

    11. Input Silverseas: Another suggestion would be to make more events not require RFs for entries to the event map (eg. Dragan has a Ravencaw castle that can be entered for free).

    12. Increase the regular stak amount on each difficulty

    Please let me know what you think about and leave additional Ideas if you want- I will add them in this post.

    Kind regards

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  2. silverseas

    silverseas Count Count

    I like most of the suggestions you've made, except for one:
    I've played this game both with and without premium and deluxe, and I have to say there's already plenty of advantages for a premium and deluxe player. They don't need more.

    Another suggestion would be to make more events not require RFs for entries to the event map (eg. Dragan has a Ravencaw castle that can be entered for free).
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  3. dam18

    dam18 Someday Author

    purchase of materie fragments and andemants
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  4. KulawyMao

    KulawyMao Exceptional Talent

    are u belive in miracles?
    bp cut RF droprate to implement they's coats so u belive that they will increase droprate now? xD
    and bp lies that 'there will be less events needed RFs' and what they do? 2/3 events needs RFs now XDDDD
  5. Inu

    Inu Junior Expert

    And you all still keep playin?? WHY??
    Yes they lied... Yes they reduced drop of realm fragments bcoz of event attires- 50%more progres 50% realm fragment less you spend.
    Is all ok. People which work can afford buy 2x attire for full year and attires for event like DTU sewers...
    Same with nolife people they can afford be there 24-7 so they dont have problems with realm fragment...
    So where is problem??
  6. KulawyMao

    KulawyMao Exceptional Talent

    what have they's lies to my playing? this isnt they first lie and not last one.
  7. Saabia

    Saabia Forum General

    Hi Silverseas

    thank you for your input and your opinion.
    I will include your suggestion in my list.

    The reason why I have chosen to include also improvements on Prem or Deluxe is the fact that BP wants to earn money. Fair enough- but the way they try to force us -especially the working gamer group without endless time- is unhappily ridiculous.

    The most of this group is ok to pay monthly prem or deluxe but not additionally 50 -150 Euros pro event to finalize them.
    That’s crazy and out of any proportion.

    To improve prem or deluxe will make it more attractive to a bigger gamer group- so BP will have an advantage to do so.
    As you also mentioned prem give already an advantage but you still play sometimes with or without. More interesting improvement on this will also attract people with this Yes or No feelings on Prem.
    The gamer group with endless time will still have all- enough realm frags without any money payment. It would only be fair to give the working part ( with money) also the possibily to keep playing this game with fun.

    Hallo dam18

    Thank you for this point that was also my intention on point 9.
    To use Andermant would not be my choice.

    So I hope really for more people to take part of this discussion here.

    That would be great.

    Kind regards
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  8. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

    lol all this and for what? Theres players with 10s of thoousands of realm fragments
    The dev team decided they want to control how much realm fragments we get by nerfing the droprate and boosting it in special times
    all this is crappy imo they basically want to say buy our event cloaks or suffer
    all the game needs is a decent realm frag droprate, thats all nothing else
  9. Saabia

    Saabia Forum General

    I agree with you- the easiest way would be to go back to the old doprate. On the big discrepancy on Realm Frag amount of the different gamer groups it is getting pretty clear that this horizontal approach create huge differences on the amount gamers have .

    Unfortunately I do not believe that they will go this way back as at the moment too less gamer-groups are in trouble now.
    This will come in the next few month and is only a question of time. The "working" Group is the first hit with this - one size- fit to all approach.

    Therefor I am here. I want to open doors to think about how to support this special group with Realm Frags on different positions.
    Loyalty and fun of this potential ( income) Group in the game should be kept and rewarded with daily logins, investing in Prem and deluxe and more.
    If nothing is happening - this middle layer of premium and deluxe user will disappear step by step and not come back.

    I am in this game since 2012 and have seen many waves with gamers that are leaving the game but what it is happening now get much deeper- it break down the solid backbone of the game. It makes it impossible for this group to play...and they are only the first - taking there money and leave...

    Kind regards

  10. Valhöll

    Valhöll Someday Author

    You can't find a way to solve the problem if it's their only income. You know the transmog has failed, right? They even made a set for ~30 euros, but no one will buy it, in this game has long been uninterested in appearance. Everyone who is interested, went to other games, and they can not return the time back, you can not do it either. You must understand that any sentence from your mouth in the style of "increase", for them it sounds like "decrease the salary". They do not sell advertising or anything like that, in DSO all profits are direct investments in capes. Their office is in Germany, most likely the whole group lives in Germany, 500 euros is not very big money there. Basically there is a solution to move them to Cuba, Tajikistan, Tanzania, Uzbekistan, India etc.. In these countries 500 Euros is very big money, I live in one of these countries, my whole family will live for 500 Euros for six months. Is that a good idea?
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  11. Saabia

    Saabia Forum General

    Hi Valhöl

    to be honest I use transmog regularly- I like this tool very much ;o)

    If I erase all parts with "increase" I would still keep 5 improvement possibilities - that's still worth ;op.

    For sure they need to generate income- therefore I do not understand why they are biting the users hands that are willing to pay prem and moderate amounts to improve the game flow. That’s a not understandable paradoxon to me.

    May be they feel something for your idea to relocate their headquarters to one your mentioned countries. Not the least choice with wonderful nature and nice people I would say ;o)

    Kind regards

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  12. Valhöll

    Valhöll Someday Author

    Hey, Saabia.
    I'm sometimes asked where I got my skin, but these are isolated cases. I talk to the players, and in most cases the transmogue doesn't play any role for them. I can speak for myself; without transmog, I couldn't play this game. My character becomes one of thousands, it fades. It's similar to human inflation. But there's a set of statistics for your character, and for many, the difference in basic statistics gives you the same personality.

    Games that are not able to make money solely on the cosmetic component, will have to partially go into the Pay to Play channel. I thought about it a long time ago, and could not formulate a solution to the problem. As you know, "you criticize, offer," and I stopped. I think the whole problem is that there's no PvP. Right now, there is no stimulation to participate in the PSA, and there is no balance. There's no target in the game, there's a green for the green. But if the 60th lie surprises us, and the PvP happens, it will somehow lead to an attempt to stand out from the crowd. Maybe it will give them extra income to compensate for their losses from the cape business. In fact, the combat mechanics in the game are very interesting for all classes, I would even say that this game is designed for pvp in isometry. Maybe I'm wrong, I'm wrong like everyone else.

    But when the discussion starts about what to take away developers' earnings now, I'll tell you straight - it's not the right decision. As long as there is a chance that they will fix the situation, I will try to support them, although I don't like something like you. But that's one of three MMORPG games that I'm capable of playing and staying sane. Even though my avatar has a panda on it, I don't like Asian games, but I have a very different mentality. Gothic and Stimpunk are closer to me, and I'm ready to be a little patient. But I do like Asian cartoons.)
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  13. Aslandroth

    Aslandroth Regular

    I'm not sure "Boosting" the droprate is accurate. When you raise 0 fy 10% the end result is still zero. BP seems to be good at boosting items from player inventories though.

    Seriously I know there are a lot of clever people out here with well thought out ideas but these ideas are not necessary. Simply roll back the mistake. I want to see in the next patch notes "We have completely restored the previous droprate of realm fragments, and to compensate for this mistake, have reduced the RF cost of all passes by 50% permanently". That would be a SMALL step in the right direction.

    I will be calling for this in every subsequent release, and encourage all players to do the same, every time new patch notes come out.
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  14. Saabia

    Saabia Forum General

    Hi Valhöll

    Like your Char ;o)

    Little Offtopic: I am a littlebit a transmog junky



    I really hope that they will implement an interesting & beautiful content with the CE that give the game a new positive push. But even than they need to shake hand with the working gamer group ( the reason why I started this thread)- otherwise it will be impossible for me to play with fun. They need to find back the balance in this as all the years before.

    You are right. As long the players do not raise their voice- game designer do/want not realize that something is not in balance. I try to do it in a constuctive way and want to give impulses. Roll back will be not realistic so far I know DSO but a different approach is possible.
    For that feedback is important.

    Kind regards

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  15. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

    they wont do it as it is now their source of income to charge for events
  16. Valhöll

    Valhöll Someday Author

    Hey, Saabia.

    I'm glad somebody likes it. And I'm glad there's such "junkies" ;)

    By the way, I can't get the headgear from the Destructor for a very long time, I've spent a lot of time, and I don't think I'll get it. You're in luck! I like this helmet the best because I am a fan of Steampunk culture.

    And let's hope that today's situation in the game is simple; "Failure is like the fog that wraps the road to triumph" =)
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  17. Saabia

    Saabia Forum General

    It seems BP did everything fine with the reduction of the realm frags- for the most of the gamer here.
    2000 hits on this thread and only 4 people does have an opinion on it ?!?


    Stay save and calm? ;o)
  18. dkarl

    dkarl Forum Duke

    My opinion: BP did what they wanted to do; they have their own income aspirations and plan to achieve those goals, regardless of what our opinions may be.

    And, our opinions are many and varied: There isn't a unified voice here on the forum, let alone in the player base at large.

    I have to reluctantly side with the assumption that a relatively small group of dedicated payers provide the bulk of the revenue BP desires; that those payers continue to go along with BP's penchant for monetizing entrance into events; that BP will continue to throw events on top of events without a pause so that there's not enough time for all but the very few extreme farmers (and bots) to gather the resources necessary to play and finish the events.

    BP doesn't want 10,000 casual players to pay $10 per month; they want 100 hard-core fanatics to pay $1,000 per month. (Those numbers aren't precise of course, but you get the general idea.)

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  19. silverseas

    silverseas Count Count

    Isn't that how it usually is? There may be a discontented majority, but it's the vocal minority that gets their way.
  20. silverseas

    silverseas Count Count

    @rolandxr7 My friend, your spamming spree is probably going to get you a nice little holiday whenever a mod finally spots it. That said, constructive criticism probably goes a lot further than spamming.