Please for the love of Drakensang, remove body blocking from this game

Discussion in 'Creative Corner' started by silverseas, Feb 8, 2021.

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Remove body blocking?

  1. Yes

    16 vote(s)
  2. No

    7 vote(s)
  1. cigarbennett

    cigarbennett Board Analyst

    Getting trapped by the wolves is a player issue not a game issue. Wolves are programed to attack the mobs if you are getting trapped by the wolves you are standing in the middle of the mobs. The individual that started this thread is a SW a ranged class they should be standing in the rear with the wolves between them and the mobs as a shield, shooting at things. If they want to stand in the middle of the mobs then play a DK.

    You would not just be walking tru people and wolves, guardians or what ever in a real fight. I do not want the look and feel of the game completely changed just because players don't know how to position themselves on the map or use their jump.

    This suggestion thread is talking about two different things. If the suggestion the starter of thread meant they want to eliminate being pushed into the mobs at the entrance while the map loads. That could have been resolved years ago just make the entrances like the Dragan map. That would solve it with OUT changing the look and feel of game play.

    The answer to this thread is NO.
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  2. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    Except that's not always the case, sometimes it's difficult to move because a ranger has spammed the wolves.
    The solution is to make the wolves immaterial to prevent body blocking.

    Also, they block escape abilities, you can't defend this nonsense, which is intentionally designed so that players would die needlessy and thus forced to spend more andermants.

    Why are you taking the side of BP here? You know better.
  3. cigarbennett

    cigarbennett Board Analyst

    This thread is not about BP. It is about the suggestion above. I DO NOT WANT UNREALISTIC FIGHTS WITH PLAYERS WALKING TRU THINGS LIKE THEY ARE A GHOST.
  4. silverseas

    silverseas Count Count

    Actually, cigarbennett, all of the issues in that list on my first post are caused by this body blocking.

    Allow me to explain. The reason why you get thrown forward upon entry to a boss room is quite simple. Person 1 enters the room and is occupying "space." Person 2 enters and tries to occupy the same "space." The game realizes, hey! Person 1 is standing there! So it just throws person 2 forward to another space.

    The problem with implementing a long hallway does not really fix anything. The old Mortis Courtroom had a lengthy hallway, but depending on how bad your connection/PC was, I have actually seen people enter and get hurled forward until they were just a few steps away from Mortis himself.

    The real way to fix this would be what MOBAs do - every single map would require 5 separate spawn locations, 1 for each player, and players are all stuck on the loading screen until everyone has connected. No "first come, first serve."

    Dude, it's a videogame where you can throw magic with a stick, make a pack of wolves appear with the push of a button, etc. If that isn't unrealistic, I don't know what is. Lol.
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  5. cigarbennett

    cigarbennett Board Analyst

    Yes it is a video game all pretend. That does not mean you have to make it as unrealistic as possible. I don't want the look and feel of the fights changed with players walking tru things like they are a ghost.

    And yes they can adjust the entrances no one gets shoved out to Dragan on the Dragan map. No one gets shoved clear out to the witch on the Creepy Castle map. No one gets shoved clear out to the mobs on the Grimmage PW map. The entrances can be changed to the pattern of those maps. No one gets shoved into the mobs on Eternal Watch B*gpoint put a jump point there that stops them, no one gets shoved into the mobs on HOD, same thing B*gpoint put a jump point there. Players stops at the edge of the cliff and has to execute a jump to go further. If they can do it on those five maps then can do it on all the maps.

    Add an obstacle that blocks players. A wall or rocks what ever. So you have to perform a game function to destroy them. Add a NPC inside the door you have to talk to activate the monsters. All that can be done with out changing the look and feel of the fight.

    @silverseas why did you start this thread as suggestion with a yes and no answer. If you only want players to agree with you.

    My answer is still NO to the suggestion.
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  6. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    Ah yes, because hurling firebolts out of nowhere, bows that never run out of arrows, completely unrealistic armors, especially shoulder pads, guns that create turrets and don't run out of bullets are very realistic, right?

    It's just the wolves, really and that issue with the entrances.

    It's a way to prevent cheap deaths.
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  7. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Not really ... we haven't had such issue until recently.
    Players have never been giving signs on chat when they are inside dungeon and moved away from the entry point.
    Now we need to enter one by one giving "+" sign when the next player can enter the dungeon.
    If two or more people enter at same time they get catapulted far away from the entrance ... and they will most probably die.
    This has never been issue in the game before ... except for certain players that had terrible lags.
    That IS a game issue.
  8. cigarbennett

    cigarbennett Board Analyst

    You only quoted part of my post, very misleading. The few words you choose were about players positioning themselves on the map so they don't get trapped by wolves. Not the entrances. Very misleading in fact.

    But you knew that when you choose to use only eight words of my of my post. So it would be taken out of context.
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  9. Lambrusco

    Lambrusco Exceptional Talent

    i hope they remove the body blocking cos it's annoying jumping with the war where you decided and not doing it or finishing in the middle of a group and being surrounded or entering a boss fight and crossing the whole map and being dead just because one of your comrade staied in front of the entrance...
  10. JEKAJE

    JEKAJE Junior Expert

    I am for no collision with other players and summons but not monsters and bosses. That could easily break the game especially considering how competent BP is. I can already see players getting inside some of the bosses' hitboxes to never get hit. Just map traversal would get insanely easy if you were able to run through every enemy. The same with fighting enemies.
  11. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Like you would be seeing half-naked Dragonknight chicks battering down your neighbor's dogs with an enchanted unique baseball bat every day in real life/fight ... right? :)
    Yes, I quoted only a part of your post but it is not misleading because the topic is "remove body blocking from the game" which is not related only to wolves (as you said in the previous post) but to many issues. So let me list some of them ...

    Case wolves;
    My main toon is ranger (AFAIK you are playing ranger too? right?) so it is not a case of another class whining.
    Now ... the issue need to be associated with the changes and destruction of the ranger class.
    The devs are taking freedom ... once again ... to tell me what way should i play the class because there is only one way and no other.
    I used to be able to use a lot of useful skills and now i am no ... i am now limited to few.
    I was able to use other ways of healing myself and I was not limited to using wolves at all ... now i am not able to heal in other way than using wolves. I am not able to use other ruined skills like PS and DB ... so i must use the annoying wolves.
    On top of it my concentration has been nerfed down and I can no longer get my concentration back like i used to ... so i need to use other ways that are not reachable to all players.
    So I , as a ranger ... have two major difficulties ... 1) staying alive and 2) using the concentration wisely (if you have any left) because without it you can't do anything.
    There comes the skill called pack of wolves that the devs forced us to use because ... why not ... they had to change everything no matter if it is working or not.
    So these wolves are so annoying even for their master ... the ranger. They are not just getting on other players/classes nerves ... but to the person who summon them as well. They block my way all the time, because of them I am dead many times because 1) they are simply blocking me and 2) they don't let me jump away.
    Then they are blocking my way to the enemy ... they are surrounding the miniboss or boss and i can't get to the mob. I can't deal a lot of damage from afar because of already mentioned reasons ... and because of lack of concentration i need to get involved in close combat all the time. But I can't because of the wolves ... because of them I can't even cast the traps ... which are already difficult to be used anyway ... I try to jump and get close ... I again miss and lose the concentration both on jumping and another failed trap casting . So I am spending all the concentration in vain and without dealing a damage for a longer time ... because I can't get past wolves.
    Now ... that is during fight, but they are in my way even when there are no monsters at all.
    And on top of even that they are menace for all the group members. DK's can't tank, SWs can't jump, midgets are short and can't see the target ... and finally ... if there is another ranger in the group it is getting even more entertaining and the farm quickly turns into crapfiesta. There are so much wolves on those tiny maps and everyone is pissed off.
    Things get tense and heated sometimes and many magic words of wisdom are being said ... including the forbidden words and phrases and mention of close and distant family members.
    All in all it is very unpleasant experience and the only way to avoid it is to logoff and never login again.

    All other cases;
    Body collision is a major issue and affects the gameplay ... it is not a player's issue but it is a game issue because it is one of the game mechanics. Already mentioned in the other posts so i won't take time to mention it again.

    So the best way to solve the issue is to remove the collision among the members of a same team.
    It won't be working against enemies (mobs and other players from other groups in case of PvP)
    It will be working in PvP and Wilderness ... and it will be enabled by default in dungeons because there is only one team there anyway.
    In case of the wolves ... they already have the ability not to collide among themselves ... so why not with the summoner too?
    Imagine a group of 5 rangers and 30 wolves.
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  12. silverseas

    silverseas Count Count

    Great explanation. I actually did a stream with 3 rangers (myself as one) and I was already annoyed to death. I couldn't get close to place trap down, SM couldn't get close to put mine down, and the DK was hitting thin air.
  13. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    This was probably done intentionally, there's no way this is a mistake, nobody could make this many mistakes, there's a malicious intent from BP.
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  14. cigarbennett

    cigarbennett Board Analyst

    Or you can not change the fights at all. I gave plenty of examples.

    Add a NPC the mobs don't activate till you talk to it. Like I said previously, but you wouldn't know that because @trakilaki only quotes part of what players say so it is taken out of context.

    Players enter get bounced around. Then someone clicks the NPC it says something stupid like You are all going to die and disappears in a puff of smoke. Then mobs activate. Oh wait that can't be done right? Oh wait yes it can B*Gpoint does it in circus, anniversary, stellar gold, that desert map what ever it is called with ten floors and spikes coming out of the floors. Well it's not a guy that disappears in puff of smoke it is an altar you click.

    My answer is still no.
    Last edited: Feb 15, 2021