Please help on "kill all orbax in the sewers leading to the sanctuary of Oceanus" quest

Discussion in 'Quests' started by bobsilber, Jan 23, 2022.

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  1. bobsilber

    bobsilber Forum Greenhorn

    I am a level 45 Spellweaver. I am trying to do the "kill all orbax in the sewers leading to the sanctuary of Oceanus" quest which is 1/6 of
    Pure as Water - Oceanus' Opal Shrine questline. The moment I step into the water my health starts ticking away 5% of my health by Andermagic Poisoning every tick so I can't survive to even start killing mobs. I have increased my elemental protection using my wisdom points and bought a lot of Andermagic Reistance and Poison Resistance gems for my gear but that still doesn't help. Any suggestions on what I am doing wrong. Thank you.
  2. silverseas

    silverseas Count Count

    I don't think Andermagic resistance is doing anything here. It's all poison damage, so you need poison resistance. I don't remember much at this point, but... block? poison res? That will probably help you survive.

    Otherwise, if you're on Tegan server, whisper me and I'll carry you through for a clear so you get it done.
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  3. dkarl

    dkarl Forum Duke

    There's a repeatable quest in Yaltepetl which has you retrieve certain plants from the Oceanus' Opal Shrine.

    Look for NPC Xihul a bit south of the blacksmith Ocachi. Take the quest, harvest the plants (they're located fairly close to the entrance inside the Shrine dungeon, so you can make a quick run to grab them), return to Xihul and he'll turn the plants into a protective potion.

    Head back into the dungeon, use the potion, then go about your business (the potion lasts 30 minutes if I remember correctly).

    Again, this is a repeatable quest; my level 100 toon can still take it (although I have enough HP regen I don't even notice the poison in the water now).
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  4. bobsilber

    bobsilber Forum Greenhorn

    SILVERSEAS thanks but I am on the Agathon - US East server. DKARL thank you. I found NPC Xihul, the alchemist & essence merchant, but he is not offering me that or any quests. However he now sells the protective potions Andermagic Resistance Tonics so I was able to do the quests with that. Thank you so much for the information and NPC name and location.
  5. bilybob

    bilybob Junior Expert

    Name of your character?