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  1. nikos88

    nikos88 Forum Greenhorn

    Good evening i wanted to ask why i can't i make improved tonics? magically i can where is the next stage. it says i need duria recipe 2 while i've done it and i'm on recipe 3 now.
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  2. dkarl

    dkarl Forum Duke

    Unlike with gems, you unlock consumable recipes based on groups of enchantments which are region-based. You mentioned Duria, so you're trying to create either a Tonic of Vitality or Tonic of Efficacy, both of which (Vitality and Efficacy) are "native" to Duria. You may have already unlocked, for example the "level 3" (blue / magic) Tonic of Vigor, but that's a Qaizah consumable; you have to separately build up to unlocking the Duria recipes.

    Check out the Crafting-->Consumables section of the Achievements tab in your Journal. You'll note that there are separate achievements for 7 different regions (if I counted correctly), and you have to work on upgraded each region's consumables separately (though you may decide to skip one or several because you don't use their consumables).

    If that's not the case and you think you've unlocked Duria-specific Improved Tonics according to your compendium, but still cannot make an Improved Tonic of Vitality or an Improved Tonic of Efficacy, send a message to the Support team.

    (Oh, first confirm that you have all of the ingredients necessary, as well as the gold or andermants to cover the cost of creating the desired Tonic.)
  3. nikos88

    nikos88 Forum Greenhorn