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Discussion in 'PvE Players Wanted' started by silverseas, Aug 22, 2020.

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    Background information: I am farming rocks in various infernal 2 (eventually, infernal 3) scaling dungeons to upgrade royal gems. This task is reminding me exactly why I quit this game last time. Grind till your eyes bleed and then keep going!

    Proposal: New level 55 players on Tegan can whisper me for a carry through some scaling dungeons when I'm farming them. Discord preferred so I can talk to someone instead of going insane.

    1. Please note that I said "carry" - not "freeload." Get off your mount and use your skills. If you don't know what skills to use, ask.
    2. That said, don't go running so far ahead you lure everything and get me killed. That's a good way to earn a kick. :)
    3. Just because I'm carrying in scaling dungeons doesn't mean I'll carry in PWs or events.
    4. This offer is only available when I'm actually farming scaling dungeons. If I'm not... then no. :p

    How to find me:
    You can whisper Velveteenduck on Tegan to ask if I'm doing scaling dungeons. If I am, I'll drop you an invite. If I don't answer... well, I'm probably AFK.
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