Pointers needed for a newbie when you need to do events/maps solo

Discussion in 'Dragonknights' started by tighthipflexors, Jul 18, 2022.

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  1. tighthipflexors

    tighthipflexors Forum Greenhorn

    Hi everyone!

    I started playing the game a couple of months ago, and it's really fun. I play mostly with a friend who goes as a spellweaver, and I love playing tanks so we enjoy lots of content at high difficulty levels.

    Because of this, I rarely play alone so, I usually don't care about having high DPS. Just being a chunk of walking HP and coordinating things in battle with stuns and debuffs and such is fun, and my current build is performing pretty good.

    However, there are some events that you have to do without your group (like the andermant smuggler boss thing), and in that case I perform horribly by myself. I'm level 58, with 22 levels of wisdom, almost 23. I know by now my build is far from finished and I have long ways to go before I can make a "real" build, so to speak, but I need a solution in the meantime.

    My tanking build consists of Blood Arena with Agathon's Guard, spamming Mighty Wild Swing with Immovable Wall as my cookie cutter to heal, keep aggro and deal damage with Lightning Mastery, because it also helps my spellweaver friend's DPS. And then the usual stuff like Ground Breaker, Outburst and Iron Brow for stuns/debuffs. It works perfect against mob heavy areas, and against bosses I'll use Smash because the DPS is higher, and also because Agathon's Guard can tank for me too.

    However, while going solo my DPS simply isn't there. Without stacking the spellweaver's black hole with all my debuffs, and their much faster electrified debuff stacks, I simply struggle too much.

    What I did to solo the smuggler, which worked decently enough, was to go for a full attack speed build (I can get past 4 attack speed with rage attack's buff + the attack speed passive + a little bit of wisdom points on attack speed). I attacked until I got the 100 stacks of Battle Anger, and once I got the 100% bonus damage buff, I would pop Furious Battlecry, Dragonhide, and Spiked Shield with the Healing Shield passive if necessary to heal, try to stack my debuffs and keep fighting.

    In the end, I had to wait for like 20 seconds or so every cycle to wait for my cooldowns to get ready, and I could solo the smuggler on Fatal in 20 minutes and dying only two times (I got the phoenix pet a few events ago so dying isn't the worst).

    Anyway so, is this a good way to go about DPS when it comes to dragonknights? I've read other threads but it seems that plenty of skills got reworked or changed and I'm not sure how reliable they are currently. Is Blood Arena and Bloody Wild Swing better for solo DPS against bosses rather than my current attack speed build? Should I try to stack all the attack damage possible and see if Agathon Guard could help out with that?

    Any input would be very appreciated!
  2. silverseas

    silverseas Count Count

    I don't play DK, so I can't give DK specific advice.

    What I can say is that the low level of wisdom is definitely part of what's contributing your pain. Considering you're level 58 right now, I don't expect you to have sky high wisdom, but a few key points to keep in mind:
    • Stack 5x Rune of the Wisdom Seeker (and try to max 'em to Legendary)
    • Farming bosses are currently one of the best methods of obtaining Wisdom drop - so use those Keys of Prowess!
    • Farming Keys of Prowess themselves can also be a decent source of Wisdom as the Sentinel chest has a decent chance of dropping Wisdom
    Equipment will also be a part of the equation. As you're on the leveling path, just remember to pick up and do those green colored crafting quests from Kingshill if you haven't, as well as the achievement series required for unlocking Enchantment Transfer Crafting. You won't be engaging in hardcore equipment crafting until you reach 100 anyways, but it doesn't hurt to work on unlocking it en route.
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  3. tighthipflexors

    tighthipflexors Forum Greenhorn

    Thank you so much! I figured a big part of it was going to be my levels, so that's good to know. Maybe I should just be focused more on that.

    Speaking of the Rune of the Wisdom Seeker, would it be a good idea at all to purchase them with drakens to get 5? I currently have only one, and I'm not sure if there's a better way of getting runes.

    Again, thank you!
  4. RantNRave

    RantNRave Someday Author

    I would not purchase any runes, why? because the gold costs to upgrade runes isn't achieveable til late game. (50-250k coin each)

    Second, runedust required to upgrade runes wont be in your favor either (granted, xp/wisdom/materaii are cheaper in dust/gold), so base or 1 upgrade, while nice, wont do justice.

    Third, runes will drop on painful+ champs with frequencies vary from 1/20~1/50, you will eventually get these to drop more than you can use, the runes that dont drop frequently, devastation, celerity, vigor, movement are the late stage ones to buy if you cant get them to drop.

    Fourth, getting green and blue runes to drop off merciless/bloodshed late game will save you more in the long run in coin since the gold upgrade costs were changed last year. I know these dont drop often, but you should be able to avoid a lot of unecessary coin/dust costs.
    As ridiculous as it sounds, trying to upgrade 35/50 runes from green to blue alone runs 2mil+ coin, a full inventory may only provide 20-150k coin. In this time you will get hundreds of base runes trying to farm the upgrade costs now.

    Follow her advice, enchantment quests, bosses for gems and wisdom. You can farm excru/fatal bosses for good wisdom. I dont know if this games bugged but ive been recieveing up to 4x wisdom drops on bosses for the last few months (8 on deluxe when i had it on bloodshed).
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  5. silverseas

    silverseas Count Count

    I probably wouldn't spend all my resources on buying runes, but it's your call. I mean, I've bought maybe 1-2 to fill that that last missing slot when the one rune you need just refuses to drop, and that's about it.

    You also don't need to devote all your time to raising your wisdom. You'll be able to farm Wisdom faster once you level up, and even more so if you find a team to carry you for part of it.
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  6. tighthipflexors

    tighthipflexors Forum Greenhorn

    Well guys, thanks a lot for the replies!

    I'll just grind more and ask again in the future if I still feel like my DPS isn't there, but yeah. Long way to go still!

  7. bilybob

    bilybob Junior Expert

    What server are you on?
  8. tighthipflexors

    tighthipflexors Forum Greenhorn

    I'm playing in Heredur
  9. Cheliro

    Cheliro Forum Greenhorn

    Maybe a bit late on responding, but I found some youtube videos from Hamuluk that addressed the solo DK play. Specifically, some info about DK specs in the video "How to Unlock Parallel Worlds". Title of the video is this:
    How to Unlock Parallel Worlds? Chamber of Panoltiaco, Balor Boss || From Zero to Hero #8

    Without having to search for it, he went with 5/5 Quick Striker, then 10/10 in Rage attack and 10/10 Furious Battle Cry. Some points in Iron Brow, and one pt on Ground Breaker. I opted for a pt into Dragon Hide and Rage Jump, instead of maxxing out Rage Attack and Battle Cry.

    Works very well with a 2H weapon and decent crit rate. In his video he has a very low crit and still makes it work.

    It's quite fun actually, jumping and sliding around and thru the mobs, controlling the fight. Having so many stun attacks works well on bosses, once the shield is down, and with high crit rate, Iron Brow becomes almost as useful as it was "back in the day". Almost seems like how DK's use to be, 2Handed that is, except for the heavy HP regen from Wild Swing. But again, similar to the old days, need to know when to back off and regen if the mobs are getting the best of it.

    The plus side is, attack speed is taken care of, as well as movement speed. The spec set-up gives both a huge boost during the fight. Also a low essence use with this set-up. At least it seems that way.

    Downside is, if you're building a tank, it may not be quite as effective. I tried 5/5 Immovable Wall instead of Quick Striker, to see the difference, it wasn't too bad, the attacks caused more damage, but I had already gotten use to the speed boosts from Quick Striker.

    Maybe this link will work below: