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  1. Torefas

    Torefas Padavan

    Not so OP among the top players. OP if top DK vs average mage or ranger.
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  2. Multi-Sev

    Multi-Sev Forum Overlooker

    That's true. Versus big-time-pay-to-win Rangers and SW's the regeneration doesn't help as much.
  3. Beaztmode

    Beaztmode Forum Connoisseur

    First of all thank you! :)

    Next you mages have a lot of damage. A friend of mine deals to me 1,8k with a fireball so why you blame? Furthermore I can't reach you guys because of your OP PVP 35 skill. :)

    You should have the same amount of armour like I have resistance -> you would die every match.

    PS: Im playing with 2h not with a shield. :rolleyes:
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  4. ZmajodBosne

    ZmajodBosne Active Author

    Hi, Beaztmode

    I'm talking about under 35 lvl, as you can see I'm Novice KOTO as you, so don't have 35 pvp skill, can't escape fast. Your friend have that damage, not me because I'm f2p, can't hit you 1.8 k dmg with one fireball. Some mages can hit me over 4k dmg with single fireball...
    I know you are playing with that buyed 2h BIG axe hoping to headbang someone and crit as much damage as possible, so we must play carefully and develop some strategies. You can deal over 3 k dmg with one hit, I can't not even in vortex to player which have similar stats like me.
    Btw, i have almost 500 resistance... very low compared to some players.

    When we are talking about f2p pvp that skill is still op, not to mention in p2w pvp.
  5. Beaztmode

    Beaztmode Forum Connoisseur

    Ok so you don't have PVP 35 but you are a mage and can kill me easily with fireballs. In my opinion should the skills of mages deal physical damage and not "fire, ice ..."! That would be fair against f2p because f2p can't buy so much resistance! ;)

    I don't know why you are complaining? I have a low speed so don't get hitted by me? Its EDIT easy and yes you won because I don't have low resistance as a warrior.

    Btw: As a mage you normaly don't need such a high resistance like a warrior. ;) and I payed 20€ so where are you blaming me as a p2w player? :rolleyes:
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