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  1. Tang San

    Tang San Team Leader Team Drakensang Online

    ~Event Guide~


    Quick Overview
    Required level: 20-100
    Duration: 13th of September 12:00 – 13th of October 23:59 CEST

    Event summary
    Welcome to the Dracanian Anniversary Festival! Everyone in Kingshill is excited about this special moment of the year…The 12th Anniversary of Dracania. But not everything is shining in the city! Some mysterious evil forces want to reintroduce the notorious Crystals of Truth into Dracania and spread chaos and fear across the lands!

    Get the party started!

    During the event, all worthy opponents you encounter in your adventure can drop Phestos’ Egg Openers. You’ll need to collect them to open the Mysterious Anniversary Eggs that can be found on special spots across all dungeon maps (both in and outside of Parallel World Dungeons; there is now a mini-map indicator implemented when you are near an egg). You will need 5 of these openers to crack an egg open.


    Each egg drops a variety of event items for you, but you also can receive different quantities of Crystals of Truth and, if you are lucky enough, the Anniversary Arena Chip. In the Anniversary Arena, you will face some of the greatest monsters of Dracania and can defeat them like a true Hero.


    Collect as many Crystals of Truth as you can and head to Phestos in Kingshill in the middle of the party. He has opened quite an emporium in the middle of the Fairground and he’s offering numerous useful items in exchange for those!

    The Dracanian Anniversary Arena
    A place to show your heroic skills and defeat all enemies that try to stop you! The arena will send you 5 waves of monsters. If you manage to clear all the monster waves, chests will appear, containing different loot for your hero, Anniversary Forfeit Chests for the other types of arenas (from the general Anniversary Arena only), and the Anniversary Forfeit itself (from the regional Anniversary Arena). As you may know, there are different region and event-related versions of the arena, each one responsible for the Anniversary Forfeit farming for the certain progress bar you are on. Every time you open the Golden Anniversary Chest (excluding the one from the general Anniversary Arena), you get the Anniversary Arena Champion buff, which increases your loot from the Golden Anniversary Chest every time you open it, while it is active (duration: 5m).

    Note that you can only open the Anniversary Forfeit Chest once the specific progress bar is active. The same rule applies to entering a regional arena - if you don’t unlock the specific progress bar, you won’t be able to enter the corresponding arena.


    The Dracanian Challenge Arena
    The spellweavers of Kingshill created a new challenging arena for the Anniversary festival. Are you brave enough to face it?
    Fight three bosses simultaneously on all difficulties, except for Bloodshed and PW Bloodshed, where four bosses await you.
    The map requires a Charged Mark of Bravery to enter, which you first obtain from completing the Mark of Bravery quest from Phestos (required to be able to encounter the entry post for the map in general, after defeating enemies) and then can be obtained from his Shop offers. Completing the arena will grant you the Golden Anniversary Chest as well. It drops Anniversary Forfeit (Dracanian Challenge), the progress item for the last

    progress bar, as well as a chance of dropping the Pauldrons of the Ferocious Beast and the new Thunder Beast weapon. Every time you open the Golden Anniversary Chest, you get the Dracanian Challenge Champion buff, which increases your loot from the Golden Anniversary Chest every time you open it, while it is active (duration: 10m).
    Be aware - even if you already unlocked the possibility of entering this arena, if you do not have the last progress bar unlocked, the progress from the Golden Anniversary Chest will not be counted!


    Anniversary Forfeit Drop
    In the table below you will find progress for each difficulty and how many runs you will need to complete each progress bar (buffs not included), as well as for completing all the progress bars on the desired difficulty.


    Arena ChipBoss
    ● Heredur
    ● Bearach
    ● Arachna
    ● Khalys
    ● Herald
    ● Grimmag
    ● Sigrismarr
    ● M’edusa
    ● Gorga
    ● Destruktor
    ● Nefertari
    ● Balor
    ● Asar
    ● Sharr’Kharab
    ● Mortis
    ● Magotina
    ● Karabossa
    ● Bloodmage
    ● Heredur
    ● Bearach
    ● Arachna
    ● Khalys
    ● Herald
    ● Grimmag
    ● Sigrismarr
    ● M’edusa
    ● Gorga
    ● Destruktor
    ● Nefertari
    ● Balor
    ● Asar
    ● Sharr Kharab
    ● Magotina
    ● Karabossa
    ● Bloodmage
    ● Magotina
    ● Karabossa
    ● Bloodmage
    ● Magotina
    ● Karabossa
    ● Bloodmage
    ● Magotina
    ● Karabossa
    ● Bloodmage
  2. Tang San

    Tang San Team Leader Team Drakensang Online

    Arenas added with the new version of the event:

    Arenanewversion1.JPG● Magotina
    ● Karabossa
    ● Bloodmage
    ● Mortis
    Arenanewversion2.JPG● Magotina
    ● Karabossa
    ● Bloodmage
    Arenanewversion3.JPG● Magotina
    ● Karabossa
    ● Bloodmage
    ● Mortis
    Arenanewversion4.JPG● Magotina
    ● Karabossa
    ● Bloodmage
    The Anniversary Arena Chests
    After defeating all monster waves, 5x Anniversary Chests will spawn. They are dropping regional items and equipment similar to any other monster from the region/event. The loot from the chest is scaling with the difficulty entered.

    The Golden Anniversary Chest (largest one) is dropping Anniversary Forfeit and Region-specific herbs and ores.


    The Anniversary Forfeit Chest

    There are 15 types of Anniversary Forfeit Chests, each type used for getting Forfeits, which are the currency needed for completing the progress bars for each one of the bars. Each chest contains 5 Forfeits and a variable amount of Crystals of Truth, with a chance to get a small amount of Phestos’ Piñata Truncheons.

    The Grand Anniversary Forfeit Chest

    The chest can be obtained through Daily Deals and provides a great amount of Anniversary Forfeit for the progress bar you are currently on.

    The Anniversary Arena Chip Chest

    Open the chest to receive a random arena-specific anniversary arena chip. Can be obtained from various NPCs (check below).

    The Eggshell

    Eggshells are obtained by opening the Mysterious Anniversary Eggs around the world of Dracania and are required for completing the Dracanian Anniversary quest, provided by Phestos

    The Phestos’ Egg Opener

    Phestos’ Egg Openers are required for interacting with the Mysterious Anniversary Eggs. They can be obtained as
    a drop from worthy opponents or bought from Phestos or Jesse O’Barker in Kingshill.

    No party without piñatas!

    You can also purchase a Piñata Truncheon from Phestos and Jesse O’Barker. If you go around Kingshill, you’ll see some colorful piñatas next to different vendors. If you open one of those, you will receive one random item from the offers of that particular merchant, so you better bring some luck with you. You can hit and open the piñata as many times as you want after a little cool-down.
    Some piñatas require more truncheons than others to be opened so hover over each piñata to see the costs!
    Keep a good eye on the Golden Piñata, it is an irreplaceable part of the party! You need Golden Piñata Truncheons to interact with the Golden Piñata. There is one in each regional hub and can drop marvelous items, from the outstanding Pauldrons of the Ferocious Beast to the immaculate Celestial Dragon. The Golden Piñata Truncheons can be obtained as a jackpot from the Festive Piñatas in Kingshill (one Golden Piñata Truncheon per Festive Piñata), as well as bought for Drakens from Grima (up to 3 times).

    Anniversary Achievements

    Event Progress Bars


    Anniversary Piñatas

    NEW! Grima’s Piñata (8x Truncheons)
    грима пиньята.png

    Gnob’s Piñata (5x Truncheons)
    пакостник пиньята.jpg

    Zumpe’s Piñata (20x Truncheons)
    зумбе пиньята.jpg

    Grizmek’s Piñata (10x Truncheons)

    гризмек пиньята.jpg

    Zahir’s Piñata (5x Truncheons)
    цахир пиньята.jpg

    Master Wilmer’s Piñata (1x Truncheon)
    мастер что-то там пиньята.jpg

    Garnet’s Piñata (1x Truncheon)
    огранщица пиньята.jpg

    Abd-Al-Karim’s Piñata (1x Truncheon)
    карим пиньята.jpg

    Piñata Locations in Kingshill

    карта пиньят кингсхилла.JPGOrange - Zahir's Piñata, full of Weaver Items

    Brown - Grizmek's Piñata, full of Tamed Creatures

    Pink - Zumpe's Piñata, full of Curious Items

    Red - Garmet's Piñata, full of Gems

    Purple - Master Wilmer's Piñata, full of Essences

    Green - Gnob's Piñata, full of Event related items.

    Blue - Grima's Piñata, contains certain items from the following events: Return of the Dragan, New Moon, Full Moon, Halloween, New Year, InfestedSewers, Summer Festival, Defeat the Undefeatable, Desert of Essences, Sargon.

    Golden - The Golden Piñata, open it to be a true Piñata Champion
    Golden Piñata

    Possible Rewards:
    ● 1x Gold Squire (Pet) and 1000x Draken,
    ● 1x Celestial Dragon and 1000x Draken,
    ● 1x Thunder Warrior Costume and 1000x Draken,
    ● 5000x Crystal of Truth and Flaming Beast effect
    for the Pauldrons of the Ferocious Beast,
    ● 5x Lesser Runes and 1000x Draken,
    ● 10000x Gold, 1000x Draken and 5000x Andermant,
    ● Imperial Gems,
    NEW! Celestial Seraph Wings (Mount).

    You can get Golden Piñata truncheons from regular piñatas (one truncheon per piñata) or buy it in Grima’s shop for drakens (no more than 3).

    The Golden Piñatas can be found in those hubs:
    · Kingshill
    · Andrakasch
    · Ellonidos
    · Jarlshofn
    · Yaltepetl
    · Hiraya
    · Cardhun
  3. Tang San

    Tang San Team Leader Team Drakensang Online

    Phestos’ Offers

    Skill essences
    phestos'offers1.JPGEssence of VigorUnlimited брошка.JPG 99
    phestos'offers2.JPGEssence of VigorUnlimited брошка.JPG 399
    phestos'offers3.JPGEssence of VigorUnlimited брошка.JPG 199
    phestos'offers4.JPGEssence of VigorUnlimited брошка.JPG 799
    phestos'offers5.JPGEssence of VigorUnlimited брошка.JPG 399
    phestos'offers6.JPGEssence of VigorUnlimited брошка.JPG 1599
    Icon Name Limitation Price
    phestos'offers7.JPGThundercloud брошка.JPG 15999
    phestos'offers8.JPGCake Meanie брошка.JPG 19999
    phestos'offers9.JPGDracanian Dragon-horse брошка.JPG 6999
    phestos'offers10.JPGDracanian Dragon-horse Rider Outfit брошка.JPG 9799
    phestos'offers11.JPGPhestos’ Piñata Truncheon10 times per day иномант.JPG 249
    phestos'offers12.JPGPhestos’ Piñata TruncheonUnlimited брошка.JPG 829
    phestos'offers13.JPGPhestos’ Piñata TruncheonUnlimited брошка.JPG 8299
    phestos'offers14.JPGPhestos’ Egg OpenerUnlimited иномант.JPG 30
    Event Travel Items
    IconTravel ItemLimitationPrice
    phestos'offers15.JPGAnniversary Arena ChipUnlimited брошка.JPG 180
    phestos'offers16.JPGAnniversary Arena Chip:
    Helios Games
    Infested sewers
    Ghost Festival
    Terrifying Shadows
    Winter Solstice Festival
    Riot of the Rocketman
    Unlimited брошка.JPG 240
    брошка.JPG 270
    брошка.JPG 310
    брошка.JPG 400
    брошка.JPG 440
    брошка.JPG 690
    брошка.JPG 900
    брошка.JPG 920
    брошка.JPG 1100
    брошка.JPG 1200
    брошка.JPG 1600
    брошка.JPG 1600
    брошка.JPG 1800
    брошка.JPG 3200
  4. Tang San

    Tang San Team Leader Team Drakensang Online

    IconTravel ItemLimitationPrice
    phestos'offers17.JPGRoyal Gem BagUnlimited брошка.JPG 3600
    phestos'offers18.JPGSacred Gem BagUnlimited брошка.JPG 1800
    phestos'offers19.JPGFlawless Gem BagUnlimited брошка.JPG 820
    phestos'offers20.JPGRadiant Gem BagUnlimited брошка.JPG 270
    phestos'offers21.JPGPolished Gem BagUnlimited брошка.JPG 90
    phestos'offers22.JPGFirework Battery Consumable Emote
    (Green, Blue, Purple, Pink, Yellow, Red)
    Unlimited брошка.JPG 5
    phestos'offers23.JPGDracanian Firework Consumable EmoteUnlimited брошка.JPG 8
    phestos'offers24.JPGExtraordinary Dracanian Firework
    Consumable Emote
    Unlimited брошка.JPG 30
    phestos'offers25.JPGFestive Firecracker Consumable EmoteUnlimited брошка.JPG 5
    phestos'offers26.JPGGolden Piñata Truncheon3 per event желудь.JPG 5000
    phestos'offers27.JPGAnniversary Arena Chip Chest2 per day желудь.JPG 100
    phestos'offers28.JPGDracanian Shuffle Emote1 per event желудь.JPG 2500
    phestos'offers29.JPGBlack Smoke Trail1 per event желудь.JPG 3100
    phestos'offers30.JPG10th Anniversary Circle1 per event желудь.JPG 2500
    phestos'offers31.JPGConcentrated Solstice Rune1 per event желудь.JPG 3400
    phestos'offers32.JPGRune of Enhancement1 per event желудь.JPG 17000
    phestos'offers33.JPGGem of Enhancement1 per event желудь.JPG 22000
    phestos'offers34.JPG1000x Essence of Vigor5 per event желудь.JPG 34
    phestos'offers35.JPG1000x Essence of Vigor5 per event желудь.JPG 69
    phestos'offers36.JPG1000x Essence of Vigor5 per event желудь.JPG 140
    phestos'offers37.JPGOpal Divider3 per event желудь.JPG 630
    phestos'offers38.JPGTeleport Cage3 per event желудь.JPG 250
    phestos'offers39.JPGRadiant Gem Bag3 per event желудь.JPG 250
    phestos'offers40.JPGFlawless Gem Bag2 per event желудь.JPG 750
    phestos'offers41.JPGSacred Gem Bag1 per event желудь.JPG 1665
    phestos'offers42.JPGLesser Rune Bag1 per event желудь.JPG 3000
    phestos'offers43.JPG10x Lockpick5 per event желудь.JPG 65
    phestos'offers44.JPG5x Amphora Key5 per event желудь.JPG 250
  5. Tang San

    Tang San Team Leader Team Drakensang Online

    Emilia’s offers
    (All prices in Emilia’s offer are level-dependent)

    IconNameLimitationPrice (on level 100)
    эмилия1.JPGAnniversary Arena Chip Chest2 per day золото.JPG 885
    эмилия2.JPGAnniversary Arena Chip10 per event золото.JPG 161
    эмилия3.JPGAnniversary Arena Chip:
    Helios Games
    Infested sewers
    Ghost Festival
    Terrifying Shadows
    Winter Solstice Festival
    Riot of the Rocketman
    10 per event золото.JPG 213
    золото.JPG 237
    золото.JPG 280
    золото.JPG 345
    золото.JPG 288
    золото.JPG 626
    золото.JPG 799
    золото.JPG 820
    золото.JPG 950
    золото.JPG 1036
    золото.JPG 1425
    золото.JPG 1447
    золото.JPG 1619
    золото.JPG 2807
    эмилия4.JPGAnniversary Forfeit Chest (Duria)8 per event золото.JPG 211
    эмилия5.JPGAnniversary Forfeit Chest (Norselands)11 per event золото.JPG 237
    эмилия6.JPGAnniversary Forfeit Chest (Atlantis)12 per event золото.JPG 280
    эмилия7.JPGAnniversary Forfeit Chest (Myrdosch)12 per event золото.JPG 324
    эмилия8.JPGAnniversary Forfeit Chest (Lor’Tac)13 per event золото.JPG 388
    эмилия9.JPGAnniversary Forfeit Chest (Qaizah)13 per event золото.JPG 626
    эмилия10.JPGAnniversary Forfeit Chest (Anderworld)13 per event золото.JPG 777
    эмилия11.JPGAnniversary Forfeit Chest (Helios Games)10 per event золото.JPG 820
    эмилия12.JPGAnniversary Forfeit Chest (Infested Sewers)13 per event золото.JPG 950
    эмилия13.JPGAnniversary Forfeit Chest (Ghost Festival)13 per event золото.JPG 1036
    эмилия14.JPGAnniversary Forfeit Chest (Dragan)14 per event золото.JPG 1425
    эмилия15.JPGAnniversary Forfeit Chest (Terrifying Shadows)15 per event золото.JPG 1447
    эмилия16.JPGAnniversary Forfeit Chest (Winter Solstice Festival)15 per event золото.JPG 1619
    эмилия17.JPGAnniversary Forfeit Chest (Riot of the Rocketman)15 per event золото.JPG 2807
    эмилия18.JPGAnniversary Forfeit Chest (Dracanian Challenge)18 per event золото.JPG 3887
  6. Tang San

    Tang San Team Leader Team Drakensang Online

    Collector’s Bag items

    Fiery Path (Alchemy Circle)
    Obtainable from:
    Birthday Meanies in Anniversary Ship

    Cake Meanie (Pet: Tamed Foes)
    Obtainable from:
    Phestos (for Crystals of Truth)

    Uncommon (Green)+ 5.00% damage

    + 4.00% critical value

    + 3.00% attack speed
    + 8.00% damage

    + 8.00% critical value

    + 6.00% attack speed
    Extraordinary (Purple)+ 11.00% damage

    + 12.00% critical value

    + 9.00% attack speed
    Legendary (Orange)+ 14.00% damage

    + 16.00% critical value

    + 12.00% attack speed
    Thundercloud (Mount: Vehicles)
    Obtainable from:
    Phestos (for Crystals of Truth)

    Dracanian Dragon-horse (Mount: Ungulates)
    Dracanian Dragon-horse.png
    Obtainable from:
    Phestos (for Crystals of Truth)

    Dracanian Dragon-horse Rider Outfit (Costume: Brave Fighters)
    Dracanian Dragon-horse Rider Outfit.png
    Obtainable from:
    Phestos (for Crystals of Truth)

    Ring of Diversion
    The Ring can drop from any final Golden Anniversary Chest. The level you can drop it on depends on the difficulty you play on.
    кольцо_обманка.JPG кольцо_обманка_статы.JPG
    Pauldrons of the Ferocious Best
    The Pauldrons can drop from the final Golden Anniversary Chest on Dracanian Challenge Arena. The level you can drop it on depends on the difficulty you play on.
    плечи_зверя.JPG плечи_зверя1.JPG
    Thunder Beast Weapon
    The Weapon can drop from the final Golden Anniversary Chest on Dracanian Challenge Arena. The level you can drop it on depends on the difficulty you play on.
    громовой зверь.JPG громовой зверь1.JPG
  7. Tang San

    Tang San Team Leader Team Drakensang Online

    Dracanian Anniversary Festival – Larcenous Dark Dwarves


    The dark dwarves are stealing Phestos’ Crystals of Truth for use in their evil war machines. You need to search and hunt them down to keep Dracania safe from the upcoming destruction.

    Challenge Description

    · The dark dwarves will always appear in one of the following Dungeons: Rootrock Caverns, Stonekeep, Hailstone Mountains, The Gleaming Mountains, Mount Suvius, Treasure Cave, and Cradle of Death (on Painful and higher difficulty).

    · Collect the Shredded Crystals of Truth from the Dark Dwarves.

    This challenge is best finished with attire as it allows you to farm Community Coins and Dragon Bones.

    Shredded Crystals of Truth


    These are the remnants of the stolen Crystals of Truth. The dark dwarves use them as a new energy source for their war machines. These are required to finish the challenge: Larcenous Dark Dwarves.

    Drop Icon


    Once you enter the required map, you will find the challenge monsters marked with a Red skull icon and red dots on the mini-map, make sure to kill each of them!


    Progress Drop Stack Size (depending on difficulty)

    DifficultyProgress Drop Stack Size
    Progress Bar
  8. Tang San

    Tang San Team Leader Team Drakensang Online

    Anniversary Ship

    Embark on a one-of-a-kind adventure on the high seas! Enter the majestic wooden ship and prove yourselves to be a worthy crew and celebrate the Anniversary with your fellow crewmates!

    Accessibility: From Grimford
    Area: Urban
    Modes available: Normal
    Max. Group Size: 1
    It is a special and time-limited map (only accessible during the Anniversary Event). You will find 6x Birthday Meanies there which can be smashed by 1x Golden Hammer each to get rewards (and a jackpot if you are lucky).

    Birthday Meanie

    Golden Hammer can drop from all anniversary arenas’ final chests or be bought from the bundle in the shop.

    Golden Hammer
    golden hammer.png
    Birthday Meanies can drop up to 3 pirate gold.
    Pirate Gold

    There is also a jackpot, which may contain Charged Marks of Bravery, Fragments of Infernal Passage, and an Alchemy Circle. When the player hits the jackpot Meanie, the rest of the Birthday Meanies will disappear.
  9. Tang San

    Tang San Team Leader Team Drakensang Online

    Treasure Hunt

    Feel like a real pirate and join the treasure hunt!
    · Search for the marks on the ground in the following dungeons:
    a) Rootrock Cavern
    b) Stonekeep
    c) Hailstone Mountains
    d) Mount Suvius
    e) Cradle of Death
    f) Treasure Cave
    g) Hall of Death
    · The marks for the treasure hunt will be unlocked only with a Lost treasure map:
    · The Lost treasure map can drop only from the Dracanian Challenge Arena’s Chest or as a content of the bundle in the shop.
    · The Lost treasure map can only drop from the chest when the Larcenous Dark Dwarves challenge is active.
    The treasure gained as a part of treasure hunting scales with the mode so make sure to go on the highest mode possible for you.

    Treasure Mark

    The Treasure Mark would appear on the mini-map only when you are close enough to it. They are marked with
    a gear icon, as shown below:

    On the ground, the Treasure Mark would appear like this, so make sure you do not miss it out:

    Contents of Treasure: Gold, Pirate Gold, Lockpicks, Steam Cores, Multitools, Shiny Dust, Dragon Bones, Anxiety Shards, and Marks of Mortis. Stack size of rewards scale with difficulty.
  10. Tang San

    Tang San Team Leader Team Drakensang Online

    Anniversary Cake Challenge

    cake challenge.png

    Celebrate Anniversary this year by collecting delicious cakes!

    This is a new community challenge for the whole server, where players can team up together and collect cakes to get rewards for the whole server.
    You can find the Anniversary Cake in Kingshill near Wiley the Questkeeper, as shown below:

    There are 3 checkpoints for rewards:
    Number of Cakes collected by the playersRewards
    10004000 Andermants
    30008000 Andermants

    4999 Essences of Vigor (Epic)
    5000Jewel Chest

    10000 Andermants

    500 Fragments of Infernal Passages

    Crafting an Anniversary Cake

    You can craft an Anniversary Cake by going to the Workbench > Quest Items.
    Ingredients required for crafting the cake:
    · 3x Flour
    · 2x Eggs
    · 1x Heavy Cream

    These ingredients are droppable from all the monsters in the arena maps (excluding random arena).

    NEW! Collector’s Bag items
    Guardian Angel (Costume: Brave Fighters)

    Put on this armor of a divine being and head to the top of the land of immortals!

    The Guardian Angel costume can be crafted by going to Workbench > Quest Items.
    Ingredients required:
    · 20x Golden Feather
    · 20x Divine Harp
    · Golden Feather is droppable from all the final chests in any arena map (excluding the random arena).
    · Divine Harp is droppable from the chest in Dracanian Challenge Arena only.

    Celestial Seraph Wings (Mount: Wings)
    Obtainable from: As a possible one-time drop from one of the Golden Piñatas.

    Anniversary Event Attire

    annieventattire.JPGBonus while active:
    • 50% increased Anniversary Forfeit drop stack size
    • 100% increased Phestos’ Egg Opener drop stack size

    The Dark Dwarves from Larcenous Dark Dwarves Challenge now have a chance to drop Community Coins and Dragon Bones

    Duration: 31 Days
    Перевод текста возможно будет доступен позже.

    Обсудить акцию можно тут: Обсуждение: Праздничный фестиваль Драконии 2023

    С уважением,
    Ваша команда Drakensang Online.
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