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Discussion in 'Speakers‘ Corner' started by ROOK, Feb 19, 2019.

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  1. ROOK

    ROOK Someday Author

    quote: "Our goal is and should always be to fix bugs even if they are several years old, BUT we also understand the concerns that players built their gear and developed a special way of skill combinations"

    If so restore also old precision shot behaviour to rangers
  2. Arr

    Arr Forum Expert

    how is precision shot bugged?
  3. Hetsunien

    Hetsunien Padavan

    "It was". There was a time when if you hit an enemy with PS near an obstacle or wall the arrow bounced on it and hit the enemy again. This was useful when farming bosses and that's why they removed it like 2 years ago.
  4. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    well it helps farming, so why not?
  5. Arr

    Arr Forum Expert

    i remember that bug and i used it while it existed but
    you are wanting to break something to make it easier,
    this has nothing to do with building your game style or
    the functionality of a character so it will not happen
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  6. _G_R_A_M_P_S_

    _G_R_A_M_P_S_ Old Hand

    It used to create a very small area of effect explosion when hitting an object or even an unmarked enemy. Anyone or any mob standing right next to it would take a second hit. Kind of comparable with ice sphere dealing damage while phasing through an object and dealing damage again when exploding.
    It's been a while since i've played a ranger. But i remember it takes some finesse to get the most out of this 'bug'. Any player who can effectively make use of it over and over again deserves it, so i'd be fine with it being returned to the game. On the other hand, with EA, who still needs this?
  7. ROOK

    ROOK Someday Author

    maybe no one, but the real problems seems that DSO have BUGS and bugs. Everything used to "nerf" rangers was a BUG while all other classes sems to have only bugs...
    as there are some special way of skill combinations that can be manteined also "unbugging" a bug, some others instead can be chanced also if rangengers built their gear to use bladedance with conc...
    Last edited: Feb 23, 2019