Support Premium Cellphone Payment Money booked but no tan arrived

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by CuteLittleZyZy, Apr 21, 2016.

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  1. CuteLittleZyZy

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    So I just tried to book Premium through the Cellphone Payment Methoed and it asked me for my phone number that I entered. It then apparently removed the 9.99€ from my card but it didnt even send me a tan/confirmation.

    Sent a support ticket, Date of the payment is the 21st of April 2016, not the 1st as given in the ticket because you cant change the day ffs. Ticket ID EDIT

    Edit : Okay apparently you're not allowed to post the Ticket ID fml, anyways the payment hasnt finished and the 10 bucks werent on my phone for around 2 hours and just got booked back to my handy apparently. Didnt get a response from the support though, which is strange to me.
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  2. @CuteLittleZyZy
    1) The ticket number you have quoted is from a Payment Support ticket. The only ones who can help you with that is Payment Support
    2) Unlike real Game Support, Payment Support is only available during normal business hours (German time)
    3) Your a/c is de_DE registered (i.e. German Language, created in Germany). If you wish to seek assistance re. your issue, you will need to contact the German Language Support Team
    4) This is the DSO English Forum. We do not have access to detailed transaction information and we are not permitted to ticker with non-English reg'd a/cs.
    5) Never post/discuss the content of a Support ticket here in the forum
    6) Masked/abbreviated vulgarity is still considered to be vulgarity. You are welcome to post in this forum if you wish, but you will comply with our rules. Keep it civil.
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