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    Premium Accounts & Deluxe Premium
    What do I get with a Premium Account?
    • Inventory expansion by 28 slots
    • Free travel
    • Free revival in same location
    • Free reshuffling of daily challenges
    • Additional big surprise chest with daily login bonus
    • A Crown icon next to your character name
    • Mystic Cube drops
    • Access to the special trader NPC Emilia in Kingshill
    • Pre-selection of talents
    • A bonus 25% increased honor in PvP on top of all other bonuses
    • +10% to earned experience
    • 25% reduction to Andermant crafting costs at the workbench
    • Daily login bonus of 100 Andermant per account
    • Tempest Phoenix pet to accompany you on your travels!
    • Access to your locker any where you go
    How much does a Premium Account cost?
    • Premium Accounts cost €9.99 per month (calendar month, 28-31 days)
    • Players based in Turkey, Romania, Ukraine, Argentina and Brazil have different pricing
    How do I get a Premium Account?
    • Click on Add Andermant in game or on the website, which brings up the payment menu. In there, click the top tab reading Premium and add Premium Gold to your cart and proceed to Checkout
    • You can also purchase via the Shopping Cart icon in the upper left hand corner while in the game.
    Refill Andermant browser.png Refill Andermant game.png
    How do I cancel a Premium Account?
    • You can cancel the Premium Account at any time by clicking on Add Andermant in game or on the website, which brings up the payment menu. In there, click the Status & Cancellation option on the top right and cancel the Premium Gold option. Note this option will only be shown if your Premium Account automatically renews. If the option is not present, it will automatically cancel at the end of 30 days.
    • Alternatively, you may choose to cancel the Premium Account in writing by emailing However, it is faster and easier to cancel via the website as instructed above.
    Can I buy multiple premium packages?
    • If you purchase premium via a non renewable method you can buy more than one package and they will be cumulative. (30 days each)
    What happens if I do not cancel a Premium Account after 30 days?
    • The Premium Account will automatically renew if it is not cancelled before the end of the current paid for period
    • Note that one-off payment methods will not result in automatic renewal and you will need to repurchase the Premium Account at the end of 30 days
    • A package bought with credit card, Paypal (FastPay only) and direct debit as a single purchase (not if there is more than this package in the shopping cart) is a recurring package.
      If a package is recurring subscription, a message will be shown during the payment process which informs the user about this: “You can cancel this subscription up until 14 days before it expires; otherwise it'll be renewed.
    • You can see in the banking section of the account if an advantage pack automatically renews itself or not. Choose the button “Status & Cancellation”. If the date “Valid until” has a “*” it will automatically renew itself, if not it will end on the mentioned date.
    • If the payment screen displayes a message warning about an impending expiration of an Advantage Pack, Premium Gold is not set to automatically renew.
    Can I get a refund if I cancel before the end of the paid for period?
    • No, unfortunately there are no refunds if the account is cancelled early
    Will I lose my benefits if I cancel my Premium Account?
    • Cancelling Premium Membership does not end your current membership. It stops auto-renewal. This must be done at least 14 days before your subscription is due to expire.
    • Your Premium Account benefits will continue to apply until the expiry of your paid-for duration
    • Once the current membership has expired, all benefits of a Premium Account are lost. Items that are in your Premium Account extra-inventory are moved to the Overflow Bag and not lost.
    How often may I revive for free in the current area?
    • There are no limits on free revivals (normally priced at 40 Andermant) with a Premium Account
    Does the Premium Account apply only to the character it was purchased on or all my characters?
    • The Premium Account is applied to all characters linked to the account for which the Premium option was purchased on that server.
    How can I turn off the Crowns next to the character name?
    • Click on the Main Menu button while in game, select Settings and untick the "Show Premium" option there
    What do the Big Surprise Chests offer?
    • They can contain a multitude of items, including extraordinary or legendary items, lockpicks, essences or potions.
    What monsters drop the Mystic Cubes?
    • All monsters have a chance to drop Mystic Cubes. However, the stronger the monster is, the higher the chance.
    What do the Mystic Cubes contain?
    • Mystic Cubes can contain a variety of items including extraordinary or legendary items, Andermant, gems, or even a piece from an exclusive equipment set! The equipment sets are specific to each class and are as follows:
      • Dragonknight = Agathon's Lost Legacy
      • Spellweaver = Grimmag's Lost Legacy
      • Ranger = Lehaine's Lost Legacy
      • Steam Mechanicus = Orsha's Lost Legacy
    Deluxe Premium
    For the players who can't get enough premium, there's even a deluxe version, which can be purchased from the same menu as the regular premium.

    What benefits does Deluxe Premium offer?
    • All the benefits that Premium Accounts already enjoy PLUS
    • A different Crown icon by their name ([​IMG] )
    • Drop rate of Mystic Cubes increased by 100% (double the average drop rate)
    • +20% to gained experience
    • -35% discount to costs for crafting on workbench
    • 200 Andermant daily login bonus instead of 100
    • 20 additional item slots in the locker
    • Item upgrading costs reduced by 25%
    • Exclusive Epic Mount: Dragon Wings (can only be used by Deluxe Premium members)
    • Exclusive Pet Companion: Swift Harpy (can only be summoned by Premium Deluxe Members)
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Who can purchase Deluxe membership?
    Every player is eligible to become a Deluxe member. You can also become a Deluxe member even though you are already a Premium member or even if you have no Premium.

    I am already a Premium Member, what happens to my Premium membership if I upgrade to Deluxe?

    You will instantly become a Deluxe member and once the runtime of your Deluxe membership runs out you will be downgraded to regular Premium. Let’s imagine one has 50 days left of regular Premium benefits and one decides to purchase 3 days of Premium Deluxe membership. In this case one immediately gets upgraded to Deluxe membership and will enjoy the benefits of the Deluxe membership for the next 3 days. After the 3 days one will get downgraded to regular Premium again and the 50 days will start counting down.

    Can I upgrade my Premium Account to a Deluxe Premium Membership?
    Unfortunately this feature is not available at this time.

    Can I still use the Dragon Wings and Swift Harpy after my Deluxe Membership expires?
    No, unfortunately you will not be able to.
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