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Dear forum reader,

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  1. teddy.bear

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    Dear heroes of Drakensang Online,

    The content expansion Dark Legacy is to be expected this month and as shown from the leaks and teasers it will be a huge content expansion with lots of new and revamped features. Besides providing fresh and exciting content and continuing the Saga, one of the main visions of the expansion is the balancing between classes. This means not only the Skills and Talents system is going to be adjusted but also the Equipment and its Crafting must be adapted to the changes.

    Long story short: To simplify the crafting and improving of equipment it was necessary to implement some technical changes. These changes entail that all Unique items that were not used for Pristine Core Crafting before the CE cannot be used for crafting once the CE is live. ​

    What does that mean for the player NOW? In case a player wants to use any Unique item in Dark Legacy, the player must use it at least once for Pristine Core Crafting before the CE is live. No matter which enchantment of which Legendary the player is going to transfer. ​

    Summary: Every Unique item that has transferred enchantments can be used on the workbench in Dark Legacy.

    Removal and refunds

    Glyphs of Power will not be used for leveling up items anymore. Items with higher levels need to be gained by monster loot. Therefore, all invested Glyphs of Power that were used to increase the item level are going to be removed and refunded. Glyphs of Power will be used for crafting.

    Due to the rework of Gems, Runes and Jewels all socketed Gems, Runes and Jewels are going to be removed and placed to the players’ inventory. If the inventory is full it moves to the overflow inventory. Furthermore, the invested Andermant for every additionally bought socket will be refunded. ​

    Obsolete Unique items (marked with the tooltip below) are going to be melted and the Glyphs of Power value will get refunded. ​

    All removals and refunds are going to be automatically applied via scripts during the sync of Dark Legacy. ​

    Useful information​

    There was a Q&A on our Discord server - please join with this link:

    Make sure your account is verified with a mail, choose your class and server role in #welcome-hero and see the #dark-legacy and #dark-legacy-faq channel in the ANNOUNCEMENT category!

    If you don’t want to use Discord, feel free to ask any CE related question here and together with the Forum mods we try our best to collect, read and answer them. ​

    We are looking forward for your feedback,
    Your Drakensang Online Team
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  2. teddy.bear

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    Dear Heroes,

    Please find below additional information from the #dark-legacy channel on Discord.​

    What we know about DARK LEGACY so far?

    1) There will be new quest types (daily, weekly, monthly) that aim to reward your activity with valuable and useful items.

    2) New shield system for bosses (and maybe special monsters) that makes boss fights on hard modes challenging again. The rewarded loot will be worth the time you have to invest to defeat a difficult boss.

    3) Dark Legacy will have a level increase containing new quests, new maps, new monsters and two new world bosses! One of them is not Sargon!

    4) The equipment tiers will be removed and the item level will define the power! This DOES NOT mean the current equipment items will lose any value. Higher tier items will have a higher item level, so for example if you have a Tier 10 Herald's Burning Thunder it will have a way higher item level (and thus more power) than a Tier 6 Herald's Burning Thunder. The effort, time and money you put into your equipment will NOT be worthless with Dark Legacy.

    5) There will be new skills, new talents and new ways of upgrading those to improve your class the way it works best with your very own play style. You can focus on class-specific abilities (e.g. the elements for Spellweaver, defense/taunting for Dragonknight, etc.) and you can decide which skills you want to boost and combine with talents!

    6) A new crafting method called Enchantment Transfer Crafting will be introduced and allows you to transfer one of your preferred enchantments (or all of them) from any equipment item to another! Instead of endlessly farming different crafting cores and collecting tons of Gold, you can craft your items with Glyphs of Power!(edited)

    7) The last three and toughest difficulties will be called Infernal - Merciless - Bloodshed and will replace the current Infernal 1-7 difficulty setup! It will be more convenient which difficulty you should and can play, what you can expect from it and how you get rewarded!

    8) Quests can be solved in any difficulty!

    9) The Character Sheet window will be adjusted and tell you more details about your stats, e.g. movement speed!

    10) More available sockets for Gems (up to 10 depending on item level) and the possibility to add any Gem to any Equipment item! Jewels and Runes will be added to a complete new type of item (up to 10 slots per item)!

    11) 18 new unique maps with different variations and additional mini-dungeons! There will be Labyrinths to explore and secrets to reveal! Wilderness and dungeon maps will contain an improved scaling system that makes solo and group play more challenging and fun! Wilderness maps will also have a new "matchmaking mechanic" based on various factors!

    12) You can drop basic cloaks from monsters and Dragonknights will be able to obtain offensive shields! They will be called Battle Shields!

    13) The new max level cap in Dark Legacy is going to be Level 100!​
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