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Discussion in 'Headquarters Archive' started by RickTalrok, Apr 10, 2014.

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  1. RickTalrok

    RickTalrok Dev Team Team Drakensang Online

    Greetings Heroes of Dracania,

    My name is RickTalrok, son of Aniel. I have been tasked with an epic quest to lead the Drakensang Online team to gratuitous amounts of glory!

    The first of my many glorious deeds will be the defeat and banishment of the zombie plague, otherwise known as bot users”. This will be no easy feat, but by the time you’ve read this far, I’ll have already succeeded in banning all detected bot users from the beautiful lands of Dracania… FOREVER!

    A miracle, you may ask? Indeed! But it’s a miracle that will curiously keep repeating itself at least every few weeks. So, unless you want to lose your account forever, time to play fair.

    But enough about me and my miracles, let’s talk about you. You may be a newling, a mid-level heroic wannabe or a fully-fledged but frustrated hero of the realm! Regardless of your level of attainment, know that I and my glorious team are working hard to fix Dracania’s biggest problems. But not only that, we have plans of rogue epicness so gratuitous in their glory that the ladies among you may blush on hearing them! Such plans are commonly termed “the Roadmap”, which is ironic considering the poor state of Dracania’s many winding roads and paths.

    Although I cannot yet reveal these plans, I can share that we are looking at ways to reduce the grind and to make the game fairer in many different and interesting ways.


    Please comment here if you have questions about this dialogue,
    I am happy to answer you.

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  2. Lighting

    Lighting Forum Apprentice

    Something like rewarding us 50k anders for reporting a valid bot user?
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  3. -Ani223-

    -Ani223- Someday Author

    yeah the bot are banned :)
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  4. Joodrak

    Joodrak Forum Apprentice

    And also non-botters.. :l
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  5. Karabaja

    Karabaja Forum Greenhorn

    And what is with user who was used bot, and now they stop using?
  6. moby31

    moby31 Regular

    I have waiting for this a long time and i really like this "time to play fair " :)
    all this times i have been sceptic but from now on this will change
  7. -Faeriequeen22-

    -Faeriequeen22- Forum Mogul

    And now I want to go check the real arena. Byebye evil people, you'll get none of my flags again! :D
  8. gigikas4

    gigikas4 Forum Apprentice

    Its here Mr.RickTalrok so we can talk to him about 1 thing.?
  9. yamahamm

    yamahamm Advanced

    nice! we can play fair again! :)

    btw, is this somehow related with better drop rate or is it one of those rare days of luck? :D
  10. Tiger1979

    Tiger1979 Forum Apprentice

    Kallys kill 3400kb No kali sword:(
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  11. greecespartan

    greecespartan Exceptional Talent

    me too 2 years khalys and no have to do something with drop!
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  12. Uriel006

    Uriel006 Forum Greenhorn


    first of all i used bot but trial mode is exits.Is it a crime to use the trial version?you can ban everyone but first ban time is 3 days,second is one week and the last one you can ban person unlimited time.why are we banned unlimited time?
  13. mercenarul

    mercenarul Forum Apprentice

    hello friends, I do not know if in your country managers have done a good job but in Romania administrators not doing their job properly.
    administrators have a guild of'' protected'' that will not ban them again. Guild name is'' error'' (or at least was). would be nice if you could check if its your job. thanks
    and by the way, it seems that I was banned on the grounds that I use bot.
    I'd like to check you'll see that I play at least 6-8 hours daily ...
    does not seem right, the real bot users are still in the game (and here I refer only to the Romanian players), please check Romanian administrators have banned the real bot users!
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  14. Uriel006

    Uriel006 Forum Greenhorn

    and also i use 1 or2 time.i never buy it.this is not fair.most of people has a lot of crystalline truth,jewel and items.i dont have a lot of them.I want my account to be re-examined.
  15. AmarWilrick

    AmarWilrick Forum Pro

    this year we dont have many events !! i want to know if you work on new events ? new uniques level 45 , and please new rewards for events progresse will be good , because its always the same thing we get bored !! thanks and take care with Drakensang Online :)
  16. kerk

    kerk Active Author

    I don't have any questions i just want to pay my respects!!!
    The best think you ever did!!

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  17. ThorHeredur

    ThorHeredur Forum Apprentice

    Well, probably because botting is a more serious offence.
  18. Pakos

    Pakos Forum Greenhorn

    What happens when you ban someone does he get deleted or he just cant enter the game no matter what ? thanks in advance
  19. Veritas

    Veritas Forum Mogul

    hi all ..
    i have a problemes with a friends in game.... i have post on french

    hi, I am testing connected today and surprise!!!! you are a user of bot: s
    I n is not and never would use bot can tone informed me??? What should I do definitely abandoned Drakensang
    user ====> spawny62
    id ===> 100442283
    server ==> heredur
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  20. gigikas4

    gigikas4 Forum Apprentice

    You Need RickTalrok to be more openmind on what u doing.... Dont give Fault bans to people who never Used Bot.. And dont let Bot users still in game... Think about this Ban all users(bot) for 1 week and if they do it again give them Ban (Including me) Dont give Us For ever Ban... Just like this.! Be open mind on this. I Expect Answer from You..Friendly
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