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Discussion in 'Headquarters Archive' started by RickTalrok, Apr 10, 2014.

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  1. Uriel006

    Uriel006 Forum Greenhorn

    okey botting is crime but you can warn first.if he/she use again you can banned unlimitied.and i get nothing from can be re-examined.
  2. mercenarul

    mercenarul Forum Apprentice

    hello friends, I do not know if in your country managers have done a good job but in Romania administrators not doing their job properly.
    administrators have a guild of'' protected'' that will not ban them again. Guild name is'' error'' (or at least was). would be nice if you could check if its your job. thanks
    and by the way, it seems that I was banned on the grounds that I use bot.
    I'd like to check you'll see that I play at least 6-8 hours daily ...
    does not seem right, the real bot users are still in the game (and here I refer only to the Romanian players), please check if Romanian administrators have banned the real bot users!
  3. Rajmond

    Rajmond Forum Apprentice

    Ohh YES!!!!
    This is the JUDGMENT day!:D

    I hope this ban no 1 week
    but a permanent ban ;)

  4. ThorHeredur

    ThorHeredur Forum Apprentice

    Botters have been warned several times by other players, both on forums and in game.

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  5. Uriel006

    Uriel006 Forum Greenhorn

    i didnt use after you warn.and i also said it use 1 or 2 times in trial mode.i want my account to be re-examined.No person warned me.there is a some writting about bot.but i use it before this writting !!
  6. ermionh09

    ermionh09 Forum Apprentice

    i agree that its a day of justice!!! but dude tell me one thing! there are some players who didnt use bot!!!!!! what will happen for them? o_O it's not fair to ban people who didn't even know about this -.- omg!please look a bit deeper and ban those who really used it...cuz there are some players who admitted that they have bot and they are in game RIGHT NOW!!!! o_O
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  7. waja12

    waja12 Regular

    Good job BP. It is fair to the honest players. And it does not matter whether someone has used a bot a day or two. Bot is a bot
  8. WU_mastakilla

    WU_mastakilla Forum Greenhorn

    can we see list ...who got ban... pls answer
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  9. Ritim

    Ritim Forum Mogul

    I'm c ban even though I'm not using seven
  10. -=Callisto=-

    -=Callisto=- Forum Greenhorn

    The banning was done on mass by programmers not administrators there will be zero bias in how it was executed.
  11. WU_mastakilla

    WU_mastakilla Forum Greenhorn

    I m so happy.....becouse no more bot-user.......ppl start to leave this game....becouse bot-user.....I hope we can pla ythis before...with fun and smile again ...thx again DSO..peace
  12. akiszax

    akiszax Regular

    congratulations about for the bot users .. NOW look what for next

  13. Callisto

    Callisto Forum Pro

    What I said, oops
  14. seruven

    seruven Someday Author

    Hi Mr. Talrok. Some guys wrote here to kill Khalys 3000 or 4000 and they didnt get Khalys`s items. I killed it more than 20 000 times, and i get nothing too. when do u thinking about that?
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  15. mercenarul

    mercenarul Forum Apprentice

    dude i never use bot and im baned, why?
  16. Uriel006

    Uriel006 Forum Greenhorn

    can you answer someone ?
  17. ThanosArg

    ThanosArg Forum Master

    I am very happy that you banned 6.000 bot users.:)
    Hope you will ban all of them.:)
    Please take a look here:

    Thanosarg(from Greek forum)
  18. Samuele97

    Samuele97 Forum Greenhorn

    ridiculus,now in this game play only the family programmers
  19. Beldeyg

    Beldeyg Forum Apprentice

    Well done Ricky, we have been waiting a long time for this :D
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  20. Kraken8

    Kraken8 Padavan

    Hi i want to tell you about Khalys !! 2 years i kill khalys with every method all essences,green,blue,purple,red with buffs and without ..... The only unique 30 times khalys pauldors and 1 time keen boots . Its unfair for me because other player with 100times took cloaked wrath and justice... Do something with this drop
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