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Discussion in 'Headquarters Archive' started by RickTalrok, Apr 10, 2014.

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  1. FGS

    FGS Forum Apprentice

    that is if we are 4 person who play Drakensang and all we use the same Ip they get all ban because 1 of them use bot...? that is silly...and if your brother kill 1 person all person who live with him in same house will go to prison...
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  2. BigBestGame

    BigBestGame Forum Greenhorn

    False can not! IP permanently blocked can not change. If it was easy to get rid Pernament data ban with a dynamic IP or a program that helps you change the IP. I think they stuck with username Bigpoint. If it was so clear when he wrote wanted to connect for example your IP or ID was blocked.
    And the bot nustiu you wrote but I'm sure 88% have banned username. If IP was now were online bots.
    A friend Think of me playing CS and took money from the IP and was able to remove it.

    NOTE * I do not break the thing I wanted to respond. Fists up and just fine.
  3. BigBestGame

    BigBestGame Forum Greenhorn

    FGS it's for you this messager.
  4. multitoonz

    multitoonz Forum Great Master

    Seriously? Apparently my english is horrible as you do not understand it. They do NOT block the IP address, you can start as many new accounts as you wish, they track the bots at the addresses and ban all accounts used at that address regardless if you are an "innocent" bystander or active bot user. If you're still using the bot program or it is still installed on your computer, your new accounts will be banned too.
    Just stop now everyone. If you're banned, get over it and move on.
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  5. BigBestGame

    BigBestGame Forum Greenhorn

    May you read well and understand? Read again and see exactly what I said. If it was the IP / ID blocked your account for that big car window appears that says: Your IP has been blocked. I said fine but 88% nustiu they banned username BOT not address that I've never seen. As you get facebook username blocks do not have these at all. Yes finally
  6. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Account ID can be banned, IP address can't be banned because IP Address can't be proof for ownership.

    JOSIPMASLJAK Forum Greenhorn

    I was truly sorry for what I've lost my dragonknight whether there is a second chance
  8. Stipekralj

    Stipekralj Forum Greenhorn

    Perm ban? this is to much,you dso know that you made mistake,and now you dont want reply,and you ''fair players'' are weak players who are happy now because you have chance in arena,i used bot 5 sec before 8 months,and i am botter? i was one of the best arena,and me and all others deserve second chance,Stipekralj
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  9. Zokin

    Zokin Forum Expert

    Sure you do, here you go mate:
    Fill up the needed info on the right side of your screen, and stay away from 3rd party programs next time.
  10. Stipekralj

    Stipekralj Forum Greenhorn

    sure i will,you are someone smart,a? go slepp,10 sec and 1 year got the same punish oh pls,go play or do something
  11. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    He gave you the correct answer. I don't know what you don't understand. :)
  12. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    Yea, what part of the past 840 posts was difficult to understand... Your cheat account is gone.
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  13. angelou

    angelou Forum Greenhorn

    c is a dialogue that should be here
    because some do not deserve his ban
    therefore when a real dialogue?
    when a real reponce?
  14. angelou75

    angelou75 Someday Author

    I see that we have n Still no reponce, or even the possibiliter talking with Mr. Taylor.
  15. Feyangol

    Feyangol Forum Duke

    Yes, on the page 32 was the last answer of RickTalrok, like all the other employers of BP he ignores the questions and the opinion of the commutity after a certain time - very sad.
  16. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    LOL @Stipekralj, did you even read the past 844 posts? There are people saying how much they spent and that they shouldn't be banned. There were people wondering if they could pay to get their accounts back. There were people begging for their friends who were P2P/P2W... And none of them got their accounts back. And @FGS, if you think he used the bot, the it looks like you were wrong.
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  17. eszebesze

    eszebesze Forum Greenhorn

    Sorry i use transator
    In some other very popular game developers banned players given a second chance.
    Why are not you can give second chance. ?
    Maybe it's the money?
  18. Feyangol

    Feyangol Forum Duke

    Go farm and not cry and accept, that using a bot was your fault and you have to live with this fault ;) .
  19. FGS

    FGS Forum Apprentice

    is imposible to have 1 opinion if they delete every poust...i know the true but if i poust on this wall tehy delete all the time

    ßΞOЯNΞGΛЯ Forum Greenhorn

    reading your post and Following the "RickTalrok storyline" the ban is to end the zombie plague, I suggest a new chance or second oportunity by using a powerful potion to remove the zombie virus from our beloved heroes. To prevent use of them from players only used the bot and never play legal it necessary will be a pay option.
    Is only to players that spend a lot of time in their accounts (years).

    my graphic idea:


    (sorry my bad english, i haven't used a traslator ;))​
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