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Discussion in 'Headquarters Archive' started by RickTalrok, Apr 10, 2014.

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  1. *Frosch*

    *Frosch* Forum Ambassador

    ok, thanks for this information :)
  2. -Bitamin999-

    -Bitamin999- Forum Greenhorn

    Hello Rick Talrok want to tell about a character who uses a bot in the game, I shield is not fair to the other players, ask priynyat measures) Vidio prilogaetsya)

    server Grimmag
  3. xEthnic

    xEthnic Living Forum Legend

    Somebody confirmed, that it was a bugg from the 2 Gnob Rings, he put Gems in and his life was calculated wrong ;)
    I wrote it somewhere in the German Forum too :p
  4. Velshroon

    Velshroon Regular

    It´s a real player i have played with him but he says nothing about how he get so much life.
  5. xEthnic

    xEthnic Living Forum Legend

  6. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    DK's set only or all sets?
    I can confirm that ranger's set is not bugged since I have tested it after I have read your post.
  7. xEthnic

    xEthnic Living Forum Legend

    idk, I think only his Account / Items were bugged.
    Some Friends of me (dk's) have those 2 rings too and they dont have the bugg.
    Only a few players have them i think 2-3
  8. TheInfamous

    TheInfamous Board Analyst

    It wouldn't make sense for a bug to work for only 2-3 players. I highly doubt it was something to do with Gnob Rings.
  9. jozo91

    jozo91 Active Author

    good now talk around and he willget banned event if he dont use cheat etc.
  10. Batori

    Batori Forum Greenhorn

    Dear Rick, what your answer about the users, using a bug on hp? by analogy to this bug, it is possible to make a bug on a damage. and it made, and go on
    Mortis who is killed from two blows, is million glyphs and unik, about what balance can there be a speech, at such mistakes? ? ? people are frankly sure that to them won't give a ban because they informed support. that is it is possible to write to support about a bug and quietly to use it? answer please a question. what will be with the users using bugs on a DAMAGE and hp? whether will receive bans the users who have informed support, but continuing to use bugs? what will be with advantages which were got by the players using a bug? it after all glyphs, and is a lot of and unik, already advantage over honest players. forgive for my English, the translator used
  11. @Batori

    The incident where a player had extraordinarily high HPs and HP recovery is being investigated. If any bot/hacking script was used, the user (and anyone else using said script) will almost definitely face the same fate as all the other botters.

    If they are using a non-botting in-game exploit, there will also be ramifications. Under the BP DSO Terms and Conditions of Use, any bugs/exploits should be reported via Support. Not used for personal gain.
  12. dragonlordz

    dragonlordz Junior Expert

    OK just to speed things up, moderators have a look at this link

    This is a video taken from lo0ol on heredur server showing everyone this random dragonknight with over 100k hp.......with this you can track this player see what has occurred with this account if it hasnt been done already :)

    P.S. that was only one of a few videos of the same player being reported as having 100k hp
  13. Batori

    Batori Forum Greenhorn

    Dear moderator, all know that it not bot/hacking script, is a bug connected with a certain combination of sets, I won't speak what. And I am disturbed more by a bug on increase damage, allowing very quickly and low-cost to kill unique bosses. Some users who have reported about a bug in support, continue to use it, confident in the impunity. I think developers have to declare rigidly impossibility of use of bugs in game. The most minimum punishment - deprivation of the game advantages got during a bug, the most effective - a permanent ban. I hope for the right decision of developers, and that isn't absolutely clear, what it is more terrible for game botusers or bugusers? ? ?
  14. Hartvig

    Hartvig Forum Inhabitant

    Are you saying that you want a weeks ban(or some other punishment) on all the players who went mortis or just played Q the day all Q´s and mortis was bugged? XD
    COME ON! With so many bugs we CAN`T EVADE to use some, even without us even knowing!
    The bugs is after all BP´s foult, not our own by download an ilegal software just to cheat.
    Ofc, it is our decision to use SOME of the bugs who can help us, but still, IMO it is BP´s fail to not removing them before releasing, just like all of the BAD bugs.
    There is tons of bad bugs, why not let us use the few good bugs? :D
    If BP start banning or punishing for using the bugs they have created themselves(they could just as good have made their own BOT!), then a LOT of pleyers are going to leave, probably me too.
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  15. Damitha.DC47

    Damitha.DC47 Forum Greenhorn

    yeah lol me too cause we ddnt invent bugs in game :p
  16. Batori

    Batori Forum Greenhorn

    Rules in my opinion forbid to describe bugs at a forum (I meant the concrete bug creating an imbalance... Matter of course, when you go on quests and there, for example, weakened mobs, you have no choice, you go and you play. Another matter possibility of a choice to kill the unique boss with real stats, or to increase the stats in hundreds and more time, and to kill the same boss for only a few seconds. It not simply bug, it far isn't harmless, isn't available to all, this conscious violation of the rules giving advantage to certain players. Answer me, 100к hp in your opinion a harmless bug? It is a good bug?
    Last edited: Jun 10, 2014
  17. jozo91

    jozo91 Active Author

    yeah you will ban them because that is your mistake not players.
  18. -Bitamin999-

    -Bitamin999- Forum Greenhorn

    I'm sorry) Hi how can you explain it?) Even so general as is possible to beat such crits? bug programa or that is it?) I do not nravetsya that our server is delaetsya (Server Grimmag)
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  19. Feyangol

    Feyangol Forum Duke

    Who the hell is that o_O ?
  20. -Bitamin999-

    -Bitamin999- Forum Greenhorn

    Well, so ((Sadly let this do something so impossible to play on our servers (Server Grimmag
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