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Discussion in 'Headquarters Archive' started by RickTalrok, Apr 10, 2014.

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  1. marcush75m

    marcush75m Forum Apprentice

    explain to me mod -
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  2. -Bitamin999-

    -Bitamin999- Forum Greenhorn

    I also can not again how is that even possible?)
  3. nasowas

    nasowas Junior Expert

    Very curious too as to how a player can achieve damage like that. Looks fishy to me, even with 10 +25 rubies which I assume that player is using. There's no gear in game that will give you 1000% crit damage and enable you to hit that hard. Has to be a dev account with God Mode gear not available to the normal player base, Hitting Mortis for almost 2 million, yeah sure. That's legitimate.

    And btw, Treganna got tons of grief on forums for showing the mods and support glitches and he got punished for it too. How does this player so blatantly get away with using an exploit or a hack?
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  4. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    Actually, it is a glitch related to the 100k life bug and I'm sure it will get fixed and soon.
  5. prizrak)))

    prizrak))) Junior Expert

    Перевод текста
    Want to know why am I not fix the bug with the Guild , the Bug is valid from may 2013 and now also works. You banned many players . And I bug with the Guild does not corrected why?
    I wrote in support services available from may to November every 3 days. And the bug is still there, why?
    I specifically don't want to fix this bug? this is so?
    the response from the service was so * we are aware of the problem, the message is passed up* here was the answer!!
    Want to know why am I not correct bug????
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    I am not in a Guild and join cannot(((
  6. piranhia

    piranhia Forum Greenhorn

    Sorry for my English
    I understand that you do not accept any deal and do not want to react in any decision bannare always thought it the wisest idea
    I for one do not think it is really good for either you or for clients that want to give you a bad idea that crossed my mind "if you get caught radar driver and gives a penalty (ie suspend your license for a month and pay a fine for speeding) "
    Why do not you propose and put into practice the same method of penalty and to unlock their account to pay a fee just to unlock
  7. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Speeding ticket you say huh?
    How about this example ... or this one????
    You are banned for life, accept it and move over. :)
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  8. Burn84

    Burn84 Junior Expert

    Hi all i think is a new Bot for hp,Speed,dmg ,armor block rate....
    Becouse i found sam centurions whu shot more fast then 3,00 speed o_O..
    I got bonus from King arena and i reach 2,98 speed and still thouse players shot more fast all say that ius a glich but i think is a new bot ....
    U can find sa crazy player with high block rate and reduction...and they not use the New set from Dragan....
    Dev's shuld investigate thouse players and see how they did it...
    99% of times onli little ranks pvp use thouse glich/bot....
  9. jozo91

    jozo91 Active Author

    maybe they have all max gems(forget the name)on criystal and weapon add arena bonus on that and weapon speed enchantment can be possible reach that i think
  10. Dylannn

    Dylannn Board Analyst

    Do you actually know what a bot is? A bot is a programme that plays in your name, this causes the real player to do whatever they want while the bot is playing for you...

    This is a glitch or a hack, but not a bot...
  11. Guitarman

    Guitarman Forum Master

    Dear MOD... can we close this thread ? It is getting pointless and no one in the right mind is gonna read thru 45 pages of it
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  12. Dylannn

    Dylannn Board Analyst

  13. Hmmm

    Hmmm Forum Greenhorn

  14. Blackhawke95

    Blackhawke95 Forum Greenhorn

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  15. nasowas

    nasowas Junior Expert

    Put the thread in archives too so we never have to see it in the thread section either.
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  16. GamesShortCut

    GamesShortCut Exceptional Talent

    looks like an admin to me. In the end of the video you can clearly see his name. Its shining gold/orange. Only Admin have that kind of name :eek:
  17. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Why closing this thread when there will be another ban wave.
    At least they said so ....
  18. _G_R_A_M_P_S_

    _G_R_A_M_P_S_ Old Hand

    Just so we can see another 45 pages of meaningless protest? We're that bored, aren't we?
  19. mimiblue

    mimiblue Forum Apprentice

    Hello, in April, my account has been banned. I have been banned 7 days. In fact, I know it's a shame that I did but I love this game and I really miss it. Do I pay a fine for recover my account ? Thank you sincerely consider my request. Best regards.

    id : 2094965
    serveur : heredur
  20. Guitarman

    Guitarman Forum Master

    lol guys.. you see.. as expected... pls archive this thread mods :)
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