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Discussion in 'Headquarters Archive' started by RickTalrok, Apr 10, 2014.

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  1. MegaNuker

    MegaNuker Forum Ambassador

    I think Razer and bigpoint are friends...
    Stellar Gold event...

    I have razer comm installed it does not send anything to the game.
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  2. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    Razer and BP have partnered up a bunch of times, but the problem is that a lot of these fake sites like to use Razor in their names because it helps fool the fools.
  3. Dragonnns

    Dragonnns Count Count

    Razor, Razer, Razar.... :)
  4. AnnaConda

    AnnaConda Someday Author

    Now at least I know why I was bannned. I have never used bots, but I guess you have to be careful - you must have banned many innocent players, just like myself. i have a level 40 spellweaver and am 74 years old, also I am a subscriber to the game, paying €9.99 a month for this.

    I am going to have to rethink my commitment to the game, having been banned for more than a week. OK, you have to be careful but it is tough being an old man, its handicap enough to play as a subscriber.

    No hasty decision on my part, but I need to think about it.
  5. fab

    fab Advanced

    How about EDIT users, are they going to get the ban as well MR RICK
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  6. CMClayton

    CMClayton Community Team Team Drakensang Online

    Greetings AnnaConda,

    I just checked your account, and you are definitely not banned. Are you getting a message telling you that you are banned when you try to login?

  7. bLaind

    bLaind Forum Baron

    He's having this issue and thinks that he's banned since he can't access the game:
    Source: Wiki.
  8. No way, EDIT can't work on Drakensang. This program only change visual on your screen, but in reality, you have nothing more.

    But, BP will ban all the players that are currently using the EDIT cheat ? This one his working, it's easy to see in PvP, and it's really easy to got it aswell ...

    [video removed]

    It will be a good thing if BP stop this cheat very fast.
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  9. bloodyneo

    bloodyneo Forum Master

    developers should put the names of all bot users publicly in forum and on fb page that everyone can see ..thats the least they can do beside perm ban
  10. AnnaConda

    AnnaConda Someday Author

    I now understand that I was not banned. The message that the game is unavailable only came up after I tried to log in, on every occasion it was the same. I am back to playing every day.
  11. daywaker2

    daywaker2 Forum Demigod

    Hello Clayton , its time for a new bot ban wave... too much bots aktiv at moment. Letz run a new script for ban them please:)
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  12. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    You mean like ... bots that farm when you are AFK?
    And bots that allows you to change your stats in the arena?
    Of course that is just a urban legend ... there are no bots in DSO :D

    Also gangbangers should be banned too ... they are worst than bots.
  13. bloodyneo

    bloodyneo Forum Master

    ranger hit me with net without seeing me????? i was far left and he was far right side that the bot let u see the whole pit??????
    if this the case i will stop paying my premium and delete my all chars and good bye botsang offline
  14. User330K

    User330K Junior Expert

    Years ago as i remember there was a stuff which allowed the client to zoom farter out, so more area became visible. Maybe its stil running. It worked on the browser mode. It made ppl able to modify the view angle.

    But there is also a chance that the gamer just owns a hardcore videocard which has high resolution bossibilities and able to widen the client more than the others. Maybe plays on tv which has already a high resolution and allows the minimized windowed client to be stretched horizontally. Its sux but still not a cheat...
  15. -DeathRaider-

    -DeathRaider- Forum Pro

    Probably not a bot, I can do it without seeing the player just did it a player yesterday, you kind of just throw it one way and goes further for some reason, Its easier when you below the person because you can see farther up then if you were above them you can't even see them. That's how I do it. No bot just strategy. Also taking advantage of having mini map open too helps. I have learned to master this because of playing for I'm not sure exactly but about 5 years.
  16. bloodyneo

    bloodyneo Forum Master

    its 100% bot guys i have seen it on youtube and i cant short cut because is not allowed here on forum....developers have to say somthing about it it not a fair play to have this stupid bot setting of ( travel...and concetration value) its a cheat ..cheat,,cheat
  17. Troneck86

    Troneck86 Forum Great Master

    Give me a break Bloody. I don't use bots, I just casted my net at the edge of my viewable screen and hit you. No special sauce involved. It's OK to lose in 1v1 every once in a while. Here is a reference for you.

    Have a nice day.
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