Producer Dialogue: Cunning Plans

Discussion in 'Headquarters Archive' started by RickTalrok, Jul 22, 2014.

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  1. -Skygazer-

    -Skygazer- Advanced

    Absolutely agree with the above!

    This is unacceptable, heavy, ridiculous bugs, that should have been fixed as a matter of urgency. But no, you were too busy drinking celebrating the World Cup success. Unprofessional, lacking fundamental business ethics. I am a p2p player, and I have spent thousands of euros on this game, and that is what we get in return?! Reality check guys, and wake up call! I get 10 times better support from another game, which is a client game and that only cost me like 50 Euros (or something like that). Their support is amazing, they treat the players with respect and seriously take in their concerns. You are going downhill ....
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  2. taxi1

    taxi1 Forum Overlooker

    extension from 45 level to wrote end of the summer-you ment the end of this year or the fall of 2015?
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  3. Wiggles

    Wiggles Active Author

    One bug, one bug just one..., bug. The out of body astral plaining bug needs to be fixed. I am over here but I am being killed over there. Until then I will stay in the easy dungeons...

    Achievements. Guise, I think it's like when you kill a number of PVE or complete quests. At least I hope it is. Wouldn't mind for example kill Gorga x number times one or something:p
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  4. gemon666

    gemon666 Forum Apprentice

    My comments:
    • BUGS --> I think it has come the time when you publicly declare open bugs, with road-maps to solve them and releases. Any bug tracking solution can be put online and be available at least in read-only mode by the Drakensang community...this would also be a very transparent step towards the official and unresolved list of bugs for this application
    • LOOT COMPARING INTERFACE --> I don't understand why none finds it useful...if it is something to compare different objects / sets in order to identify which one is better towards attack/defense statistics...why unuseful? I use a very complex excel with tables and calculations today to decide whether to take or sell a new object...
    For the rest...let's wait and see :)
  5. Spartacus95

    Spartacus95 Forum Apprentice

    Yup... they keep releasing new contents without fixing their old contents beforehand.. same dso admin structure like few years ago. Maybe thats there trick. Release new contents so player dnt mind the buggy old contents that they cant or dunno how to fix haha. Only kidding..
  6. Jina70

    Jina70 Forum Greenhorn

  7. DesertKoala

    DesertKoala Forum Pro

    I agree, its the combination fully equipped on a character that is more helpful. You need to 'snapshot' all your gear in MODE1 and then 'snapshot' all your gear in MODE2. Then compare those MODES and even label 'em such as "Tank Mode" or "PVP Mode". That would be the comparison tool worth having. Comparing two individual pieces of equipment is marginally valuable.
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  8. multitoonz

    multitoonz Forum Great Master

    Bot banning: OMG, here we go with ANOTHER 50 pages of cry posts about how unfair it is, waaah waah waah, give us our toons back, waah waaah waaah...just do not open a thread for it and delete any threads started about it.

    Game entry: Rejoice you coming level 1's

    PvP Balance: LOL, seriously? Some kind of balance may work on the Euro servers but do not forget to take into account the US servers do not have anywhere near the player base as EU and trying to balance PvP without filling the servers is going to again lead to longer match waiting times and again the player base will cry about it and demand the balance fix be removed just like last time.

    Loot Comparing Interface: Agree that it sounds useless. Are players too lazy to do the math themselves anymore? Plus it sounds like it would be so complicated that it will be full of bugs and the player base will write pages of threads complaining about it.

    Grind reduction: Yeah I really doubt that will happen. 44 to 45 you have to grind 1.4 mil xp points after all quests are done, well, 1.1 IF you get a Destructor kill in and many players skip that as it is the most expensive boss to kill in game for the average player. So how will you reduce that grind? Make the xp needed less? Then that would give all the 45's now 1/3 of the progress bar to 46 and I doubt you will give that to us.

    Knowledge Tree: Too complicated for the dev team to tackle therefore I will not hold my breath waiting for anything to change. 2 riding skills lol, very original.

    Achievements: What about the old players who already have killed a couple million monsters incl hundreds of bosses, etc. ? Completed countless events? Rejoice you new level 1's, it's all for you mostly. A level 1 will have the same chance as a lvl 45 to earn the same amount then. But that's fine, maybe it will entice a low level to stay in game instead of leave out of frustration due to the twink problem in PvP.

    Parallel Worlds: Just increase the fragment drop rates, especially in cave. My God, what is it with DSO and the Cave PW? There's no excuse that Cave takes the longest to complete because the drop rates are worse than an other PW. With random stats on rewards, players redo PW's hoping to get a better piece, then that is the grind that needs to be fixed.

    Expansion: Lvl 50 is a joke. The heavy payers will drop $1000 in here and buy xp elixers and flaunt themselves in KH usually within 2 hours after expansion comes into game just like Myrdosch. You love those players DSO, most of us find them to be annoying as they claim it's all the hard work they did. I pay but not to that extent. The PvP gets all unbalanced again. Take a LOT of time on the expansion, make it to level 60, you have a whole empty continent to work on, and make it an expansion worth waiting for. Myrdosch was a joke. Not much inventive ideas imo, just look at Thunder Crest. You took one solid background picture, added texture to it and stuck mobs on it. A horrible example of a map if you ask me.
    Don't make it a 5 lvl raise on another crappy map, make it a 15 level raise on something incredible.

    I am done. My 2 cents. Nothing sounds exciting to me at all what you are planning personally.
  9. Αtsalak0t0s

    Αtsalak0t0s Forum Inhabitant

    1 year did"t pas from lvl 45 and Mirdos area and now we have lvl 50 when knowledge is only 30 lvl and pvp 40 ?
    Bibpoint anounce too many things but as we know the half doing ....
    Fianly the account of banned players will be deleted ...But tell us Rick how some bot users come back in game ??We need just an explanation how those bots users detected when a lot of players anounce alone they are bots and didnt banned.....Give us your theory about that
    This company pay to you to do what? to Bann his costumers when you just ban 1 player who i know who pay 13000 euro? That account deleted ?
    This account who i talk it banned and the cost of andermant who i use its a huge(3000000000+ ) but my question again is why not ban my friend account and this account never buy ader just use bot...that make me to thought you just give ban in payment accounts ....
    So were is the justice?
    Nowere ......
    And something else 6 months now this company put the players to sign 2 times new contract .... Tell me when someone pay 3000 euro and more he care about this or read ? just accept for play without sometimes know what huppen...
    That its a litle thoughts from a simple human not player or charachter !

    You talk about low lvl players - new players ... Becuase iam litle lvl now for can play Arena i must lvl up my equip lvl 40 and more becuase of glyphs ...Were is the fun on this ?
    Arena is worst , to many places for hide someone and we can not hit ....So many release No 123 and can give a solution
    Now what?
    Every Day we anounce in Forum a lot of problems who we have in this game , Moderator say to us " your problem will be tranfer in technical " but we dont see nothing
    Just more and more problems becuase this game is in browser base ..
    For me time to go this game in next face ......
    Last edited: Jul 22, 2014
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  10. Master0fpuppets

    Master0fpuppets Forum Baron

    Sugestion to Mr.Rick
    Please disable use of Essence of War in arena, this is seriously unfer to many people. It scares many away from PvP and some from game it self.
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  11. Adrienn27

    Adrienn27 Junior Expert

    Jump for joy? -I did not read all posts, but approx. 5 posts as read which is the PvP balance comes into play ...: p Well, where are those people who are opposed to this idea with fire sword? : D At the weekend I was almost a victim of stoning, because I dared to mention the Balance Right Poppi ..: p Well my darlings not only h so you can walk, you will receive h, h weep not but intensify ahead thousand, you farmolj orvérzésig ..: p

    In addition, Level 50, "no thank me," I can confirm to camp damn much of my energy, into IK, Ander and hurt my time, h feltudjak pull a relatively good character.

    Bugs I can only repeat again ..: p is not less but even more of a permanent replacement to go 1-3 to come: confused:

    Even more, I formulate what I wanted, so I implore all of these opposite. -the need to increase the level of non-
    Better Balanced PvP
    Right Droppa (practically go only copper taking q3 into since the weekend) Potty funny, by the way, note the Dropp retraction was anointed with the botosokra, so I guess it became a doctor in pieces, so if this was true you should set the level of Dropp back, because the only way it is authentic.

    Global error correction, not once did I mention h for a lot of people very happy to wait. And we could continue our desires, but do not be greedy, if they are put right, but it would have been much better in this game.

    And finally, one that I personally díjjaznék h you promised that seems to be it. Do not just be saying a thing, because this is not authentic.

    Not be surprising that so many people but I think all the bugs are able szajkózni reason / reasons you need it to feel disappointed.
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  12. Multi-Sev

    Multi-Sev Forum Overlooker

    If implemented in the way it was presented in the Twitch video, it will not be very useful. It won't show the changes in your stats, it will just show the differences from one piece of equipment to another. +3 damage, -60 crit, +1.2% crit damage - that kind of thing. You'll still have to try on the equipment to see what changes occur to your stats... at least that was the way it looked in their rough idea. If they made it show your stat changes, THAT would be useful. But that was not how it looked when they presented it.
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  13. Lelee

    Lelee Forum Apprentice

    Good afternoon, I would like to raise some questions with respect to the maximum Level 50:
    First: The items of Khalys and Mortis (the biggest bosses in the game,except destructor) are totally outdated with attributes, they were great when the game was until level 40, if today you are level 45 already outdated, imagine when go to level 50?
    Second: The items DARKSET are already getting outdated, theoretically this SET is the best of the game, since they are purchased with DRAKENS, so I ask: would not it also be an update of its attributes?
    Third: DARKSET and Items Mortis and Khalys are level 40 today already requires a lot GLYPHS to improve, with an increase to level 50 could improve until level 55 and keep 50??? If the maximum level of equipment is even 50, players would be able to do much better equipment being Legendary lvl 50 which will drop from monsters and the glyph would make more sense to the game.

    I have other questions, but these are the main at the moment, I hope I have expressed myself well.
    Just as I believe that most players would love to get the answers to these questions.

    Thank you.
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  14. warrior1001998

    warrior1001998 Forum Greenhorn

    My opinion is that we need some time to get some time because a lot of players are not lvl 45 yet.I believe that it is good as idea but we really need some time
  15. Multi-Sev

    Multi-Sev Forum Overlooker

    That's funny. You know this game has been out for over three years, right? Because you and a few of your friends aren't level 45, you want them to stop their plans... well good luck with that :rolleyes:
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  16. taxi1

    taxi1 Forum Overlooker

    let me share my opinion about the unique items that are 40 in level you recieve as a drop:you say that is not fair cause they will be outdated,using upgrade you can upgrade them until 47 level(above this level it is not worth) and the time a player invest in time to rcieve some unique items like dark set or ammon'set(q2-q5)knows that after one year or more from the last level extension will come a new one.
  17. Darwarren

    Darwarren Count Count

    Hype is good, if you can follow through with some meaningful changes. Otherwise it's just bad marketing.

    As far as a new territories go, why don't you try some other dimensions? The Void, Time, and Chaos are circumstances in the plot line, but deserve some special treatment. It would be a way to spin the glitches in the game (invisible players, snap backs to previous locations, illusionary features, bad packets, etc.) into plot lines and concepts of the frontier.
    I'd like to play in areas where speed changes for players and for minions, maybe according to map features or player triggers.

    Good luck.
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  18. taxi1

    taxi1 Forum Overlooker

    i would like to see a different kind of monsters(not robots please-they destroy the epic picture of the game)something like demons or dark angels would be great with a good concept.
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  19. Darwarren

    Darwarren Count Count

    While we're talking about changes and new features, how about a conversion feature that changes classes, similar to how we can change sexes. Surely gear for spellweavers must have some equivalent gear for a ranger or a mechanicus, so a player could switch from one class to another, for a fee. Try it just to see what the other class is like at your level!
  20. taxi1

    taxi1 Forum Overlooker

    the reason that your idea wont work is that if we could change with the same character to others there are details like talents in pvp and exp tree ,the skills that they are in options cells and other things that make the software fail.
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