Producer Dialogue: Cunning Plans

Discussion in 'Headquarters Archive' started by RickTalrok, Jul 22, 2014.

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  1. Yuri1970

    Yuri1970 Forum Greenhorn

    Dialogue with the producers, secret plans.
    I'm a player from Brazil, I prefer not to identify myself, just sharing an unobtrusive way my suggestion for the new expansion content level 50 in the fourth quarter of 2014.
    Evidently, the world Drakensang is based on the magical world with the magical changes that fought against corrupted creatures and mystical monsters of nature, to the dark past of Atlantis submerged. And at level 45 magnification, the machines were implemented because of the dwarf class in a pre-industrial era.
    My suggestion is that do not advance in technological time, but keep perspective on the magical and epic world. - I imagine playing in a series of missions where everything began. The start from the beginning. - Where Heroes Duria must fight an unknown civilization, long before the Sumerians, the earliest descriptions of divine struggles in Hindu Vedas. - Imagine, if they were Gods, and aliens trying to create new races and trying to destroy the first kings of Duria and our mission, enter that time portal to prevent succeed. The spacecraft and bases in a prehistoric world among dinosaurs, nomadic tribes, defenseless men, the conspiracy of aliens trying to corrupt the heroes of Duria. Missions that we must choose the destination deadly traps. An expansion or where both strength and fighting ability are the primary, but the cunning and intelligence.
    Sorry errors english language, I'm using google translator of Portuguese into English.
    Thank you for your attention.
    Ps: I chose not to publish in Portuguese Forum do not know if it will have due attention.
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  2. taxi1

    taxi1 Forum Overlooker

    great idea the travel in time the only man i can imagine to cast a spell and open the portal is the mage thambos the mage who gives us the portals for valhom or sagri-la and blackborg.a nice concept would be that an anemy that lives in present time in dracania forced the mage thambos to cast the spell for him so he can travel back in time so he would got a crystal that is full of magic and use it to make dracania his empire.
  3. Multi-Sev

    Multi-Sev Forum Overlooker

    Time-travel thing has already been done in Drakensang Online, recently in fact. The Abyss of Time (etc.) expansion map(s) in the Atlantis area are all about travelling back and forth in time to succeed in a mission. I really think they can do better than more time travel stuff. Or, at least, I hope they can.
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  4. VMmage

    VMmage Someday Author

    RickTalrok, in the future when you publish a roadmap, please put "Roadmap" in the title -- in parens if you must, but "Cunning Plans" didn't equate to "Roadmap" for me.

    As to what I would like to see in Roadmap 2014, I'd love to see bug fixes (not the "fix 1", "introduce 3 new ones" variety, but more of the "fix 12", "introduce 1 minor one" type). Please start with the bugs that are greater than 2 years old, and for the love of all that is holy, spell out precisely which bugs were fixed in each release note (bonus points for specifying how old each bug was). If all of the rest of the 2014 releases did nothing but fix bugs, I'd be a happy camper -- even if that meant sacrificing all events, map expansions, new items, new level cap, etc. Yes, I know that not everyone would agree to that, I'm just speaking for myself. If you want to know if a significant percentage of the forum community feels the same way, set up a poll.
  5. Multi-Sev

    Multi-Sev Forum Overlooker

    Amen brother, testify! Here's an informal poll I started about the state of bug fixes in the game. Vote, if you feel so inclined.
  6. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Yes, time travel ... introducing cannons and robots with Myrdosch expansion. Now we are fighting machines with arrows and swords. That was the worst thing to happen in this game. But who knows ... maybe my ranger will evolve into this:


    Sure buddy, how much time you need? 1 week ... 2 weeks ...???
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  7. Befo

    Befo Advanced

    My opinion is that new lvl come too soon when the knowledge and pvp are still low.
    I will like to see there something new..

    After i think why the BP care so much in all those release for the new gamers and make new maps for them etc..When all of them make like a CRAZY to lvl up45!
    90% of them they stay MAYBE for 1 day in 1 map and they lvl up all day in bosses..
    All know that...

    We dont see something for the old players who really start this game with very difficult situations.No reductions in gem adermants not easy glyfs etc..
    All these players they brought 10-20 friends each here.All these players maked famous that game..but u help only new players..
    Is very nice to see people who play 6 months to have all uniques but all who play 3 years still nothing...

    We like that game and i think u know that we prove it everyday with our time we spend here and with our money.But fix the bugs fix the arena..
    U did and good things like boters and i think people show to you how much pleasure was all..

    Make the lvl to go up more hard!!!No in 2 days 45!!!
    Make bosses and mobs more difficult so all will farm and make good armors..until they go 45 they will have and better gems from farm normal will be more good and all will stop complain.Really i cant understand why the lvl up must be so easy..
    Make people to like to stay for while in low lvls!!!Because now they go 45 and start complain ''i cant kill a boss!i cant go arena'' and many many things..
    And what will happen if they stay 1 year 30lvl????We was like that,all old players and we never complain.
    The problem must to have that player who choose that way!Not me..and that i say because the game give all in new players and i know is for that reason.U want to keep them in game.

    So better start think to make the lvls more difficult.

    And of course i will speak like a woman and i will ask you when u will make female chars to seem female???why we must be like a mans?Why the designer dont make female armors or costumes ???Even emotes we do it like a man..and i dont ask something crazy but the normal..
    I hope for 1 time to listen our voice ...
    Friendly Beforu
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  8. rompen13

    rompen13 Junior Expert

    one word ,drop rate fix it ...
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  9. emm99

    emm99 Someday Author

    So you say that 50 level will not be released on this summer?Because when I read it I thought that the level 50 would be released at the end of the summer.
  10. Leelu

    Leelu Forum Apprentice

    First Im so sorry for my bad english.I laught a big when I read this plan. :)
    Please see the plan 2013, that was a really plan, its not a plan just some info,what you like...
    PVP: Yes its OK, because now is unplayable.
    50 talent???? What will with knowlege tree and pvp tree? Its most important than simple lvl50.We are waiting for this talent about 1 year.
    Bot user bans :D:D:D:D:D You make bot ban only one time(I will not go into how it was legitimate or not-I sent a letter for BP Legitimate office,but BP dont answer me after 2 month-they insult some law :D) A lot player play now with his/her old caracter-just get another name and rank, and a lot of player use bot befor bot banning, and and has been continually-but its another thing). Sorry
    Drop rate fair-sorry but I dont understand this point, it can be its my mistake.
    Stat table, its ok, but i think its not too hard now, so i think its not a big thing.
    And my favorite: Mistakes,bugs,etc. You say in the previous some weeks,months the game is much better, and playable than was, and you will work hard in this. I think the game is getting badder, the game have getting much mistakes, and its sometimes unplayable.(Yes I know caracters who has a star stats not problem-so please dont write: "Its not problem, i make one bloodyring blow and mobs are died when your caracters is stuck).
    It was my opinion. But regardless of this its my game, and I very like that, just I think its starting to go the die. getting worse every, I know you like to make new and new things, but please test it before stay the game, and please spend less time for the graphic, and first correction the playable. I think the best will if you correct the mistakes first, and make a playable pvp, than if the game running good starting to make a new effects,maps...etc.
    Please focus for the really important things, not just for the less things.
    Im not work a similar team, but I think starting something wrong in the last some months, and I think its the time to see who is the responsible.
    Sorry if my opinion was negativ, Im really like this game, but I think something is wrong in BP in the last months.
    And last my idea for the new maps, and worlds is something mythology, egypt,east things. Please not the similar than the mechanoid world, because its was :confused: ugly, too mechanical for me :)
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  11. yiannis_l

    yiannis_l Forum Apprentice

    Dear Rick,

    I am a relatively small-level player, comparing to the monster-level players in our entire community.

    Even though my experience in the game is relatively small, I believe that you should implement those two following imperative (in my opinion) changes:

    1) Completely Replace Green Essence with Blue Essence:
    Unfortunately, even though green essence in its highest level (+40 Damage) seems nice at the beginning, it has proven useless. It does not help the character, not under any circumstances. The only essence that it is worth it, is the blue one.

    With this in mind, I think that the only essence that should be dropped in the game, is the blue one. You must remove green essence completely.

    With this change happening, a lot of peoples attitude towards the game, will improve.

    Common Inventory Tab, with Sharing Abilities for All Commonly Used Items:
    There hasn't been a time since I started playing the game, which I wished I could transfer my commonly used items (essences, potions, crystals of truth, e.t.c.) from my first character to the second one and vice versa, due to the fact that for some reason I chose to use one of my characters more frequently at that time.

    Also, a lot of times I was able to help fellow players but my hands where tied, due to the fact that I wanted to offer them some of my essences for example, but I couldn't.

    That's why I came up with this idea. A Sixth Tab in the Inventory which could serve as a "transfer tab" among player names (not login names!).

    How this tab would be used:

    First, you could enter player name (my second character, for example). Then, you could transfer the items you wished with drag-n-drop from your other inventory tabs to this one.

    Finally, you could hit a button called "Send" and those items could go to the player specified.

    If the player wasn't able to receive them, a "Player Unable To Receive Items" message could appear and your items returned to your inventory intact.

    Of course items that have level difference could be transfered inactive (grey) until player would reach that level.


    There is nothing wrong with this inventory tab, simply because each player has made quite an effort to receive those items (according to his/her level) and could do with them what he/she thinks the proper thing to do.

    That is, transferring them to the other characters they own, or donate them to a player in need.
    Beside the fact that we live in Tough Times, I know that Doing Good is Only thing to do and Only Good Propels Us to a Great Future!

    Thank You.
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  12. Aha-Gamer

    Aha-Gamer Forum Duke

    I don't say that. Our producer said it.
  13. Ash

    Ash Advanced

    Dear Devs,

    I LOVE the idea of heading to lvl50, including new maps and content. And reworking PWs? holygeezuz yes.
    Also that your work against botters continues, great job on that.

    As much as I look forward to the new level and content, I don't want it AT ALL until you fix every bug, connection problem, and poorly working skill, in the game.

    If you're not sure, ask your community, then work through every single one and tick them off. When, and only when, that is done, work on new content and new features.

    Stating that, "our bug count has been reduced by half", has made many players angry, when our experience feels the exact opposite.
    Be transparent; list the bugs and the fixes at every single release.
    It also means players can help you address concerns specifically at each release.

    Telling us about 'entry game improvements' when your established players are experiencing such annoying glitches is an insult.

    Please take a poll on proposed changes, or sev start other ones ;) because unless the devs convince me otherwise, something like loot comparing sounds useless and potential for more bugs.

    Could we have more information on achievements? I mean, how vague was that?


    @yiannis_l - the feature to transfer items between characters would be terrible. This would lead to major exploits.
    One example - one character has 2 pieces of witch set the other has only one, suddenly you can have a full set with no added effort.
    That's just for starters....
    Transferring to a whole different player/account... omg, where do we start?
    But anyway, your ideas should go into the ideas forum.
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  14. Master0fpuppets

    Master0fpuppets Forum Baron

    The will start to work on 50 level at the end of the summer. So release date is on the end of the year
  15. -HARRA81-

    -HARRA81- Forum Mogul

    Exactly my thoughts, I mean the balance is not a bad thing at all.
    I think everyone can enjoy playing more when the teams are balanced.
    But Don't you think that it's a bit too early to change it back like it was before banish ?
    You banished the mmmm 6k players ? I don't think we have many Marshall
    more after that to fill the cap.

    Don't get me wrong, I don't like to pawn centurions in the arena but to be honest
    it is way more funnier than waiting hours to match begin!
    I think you are acting too fast, the end game players base isn't near of it was!
    Don't mess with it yet.

    EDIT: typos xd
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  16. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    As you said, you have a small experience whit this game, so you don't know what you are talking about.
    Essences are good as they are now.
    We don't need trading(cheating) system!
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  17. loudmute

    loudmute Someday Author

    1. If ander is shared between characters, then cot should be shared. Both are scaled to dugeon therefore it makes no difference which charcter is used to farm.
    2. Make set bonus for same legendary items, e.g. drake helm, drake shoulder pad, drake mail, dragon mitts, dragon scale boots. It makes more incentive and fun for players crafting the same item set as well as helping the heroes of duria not to dress ridiculously. How many rangers are wearing wolve head, bear shoulder, ram hide, dragon boots and hunters fingerless gloves? we are ranger not animal skin collector!
    3. reduce grind meaning distribute more evenly i.e high lvl (42-45) reduced while low lvl increased (1-15)
    4. If grind is going to be long, make it interesting for the grinder e.g. make some sort of companion or pet that will speak or encourage the player and accompany them when killed certain amount of monsters or someone we could hire in town.
    5. make weapons more unqiue in terms of artwork eg why does sniper bow, sharshooter's bow, totem hunting bow all look the same? what incentive is there to change bow from lvl 35-42?
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  18. CemalRavage

    CemalRavage Junior Expert

    Hi Talrok , can you pls make somthing in the future thatalows us to switch carachters , like converting my ranger into and dragonknight , im kinda bored of my ranger and i would like to convert him and all my gear into a DK , i dont think it will be a problem cuz legendarys and the same , and all ofthe uniqs ar for other clases too , just pls give us this option and i will pay 50 euro for this |:p
  19. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    I will pay 100 euros not to do this. :)
  20. pennanen

    pennanen Forum Apprentice


    Here is my response to this. I respect that you finally release some of your future plans. Although, im very unsatisfied on what stage they are and what they are. I dont see you guys having any long term goals in developing the game which is sad. Also all of these "goals" have been talked here at forum for ages yet nothing has happened.

    You have huge databanks already in game and I think you should use that for getting feedback and do some current state analysis. Now you are developing without really knowing what to develop. Development is good and essential, but not without purpose. Forums are probably 0.00001% of information you could get. So please insert in-game polls and collect data. Then ask from the players and you know what to do.

    But hey releasing something like this is improvement, so thanks.
    · We would like to clean up Drakensang and need to start from the beginning of the game. That means that the game entry should get a complete rework to make it clearer, therefore more understandable and make it look even more awesome. The new game entry will fix that and will be released in August. Of course, this is targeted to new players but this does not mean that we neglect the already existing players.

    To me, as an end game player, this seems very irrelevant and I dont see any other point here than trying to get new players = making money. If you want to keep your old players you should have other priorities.

    Nowadays keeping customers has been proven to be at least as important as getting new customers.

    That’s why one of our next topics after the game entry will be the PVP matchmaking. We realize that this is bugged and needs to be fixed badly, so expect a better matchmaking experience in the near future.

    This is fine and would like too it happen, although Im skeptic about it. People have talked about this longer than a year here yet nothing happened.

    · A feature that is conspicuous by its absence is some kind of loot comparing interface. We are working on this and will hopefully release it within the next couple of months. Expected after that comes an achievement system, which is something many of you have been asking for for a long time.

    I think you should keep to making better quest and better parallel worlds(which are awesome btw). I wish there were just more of them.

    · Thinking long-term (probably end of year), we will be releasing a new balancing that will reduce the grind and improve loot distribution. We will also rethink some aspects of the tree of wisdom.

    You already have it pretty well balanced so this is risky. Although I dont mind less grind :)

    · At the end of summer, we will start work on a new content expansion, taking the level cap to 50. We don’t know what the theme for this content will be yet, so feel free to share what theme you’d like to see – we had Myrdosch last time, so what this time?
    The Community Managers will approach you to state your ideas, therefore start to get creative and follow the forum|facebook|twitch.

    Raising lvl caps does NOT solve any problems. Just like lvl 45 its gonna make just more grind, nothing else.

    Ask players in game, not in SM. Best would be ask in both.
    · Along with the content expansion, we are planning to rework some aspects of Parallel Worlds, but more information about that will follow nearer the end of the year.

    More and better parallel worlds is very very good idea.

    Last but certainly not least, we are crushing bugs faster than new ones can breed. This means that over the last few months our bug count has been reduced by half. But don’t worry, we are not becoming complacent, we know we still have much more to do before Drakensang Online plays smoothly for everyone.

    Lets hope you crush them faster.

    Sorry for being so sceptic. Just trying to help and make it better game :)

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