Producer Dialogue: Cunning Plans

Discussion in 'Headquarters Archive' started by RickTalrok, Jul 22, 2014.

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  1. nasowas

    nasowas Junior Expert

    I have a question. I think I already know the answer but will give it a shot.

    Can we see a table of the different global currencies vs andermant exchange rate so we can compare how much more or less one country is paying for the andermant?

    Okay, let's see how long it takes for that question to be completely ignored by every DSO employee.

    Now back to the obvious....
    @Darwarren, it will never happen so don't ask as it is a useless idea. Create another class and level it up to reach same rank PvP. This was suggested a long time ago on the old forums and the answer was NO, not going to happen ever.

    @Synner, hope you enjoyed your brief stay on the english forums. Spamming forums will get you banned, hopefully in your case 3 mos or longer. Asking obviously stupid questions about account trading and demanding attention in multiple posts is not only annoying, but extremely rude.
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  2. vixmax

    vixmax Someday Author

    level 50, yay!
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  3. Özkan

    Özkan Forum Inhabitant

    Ok, i will say nothing about "bot user ban", "Quest Maps" and some more ideas.

    I wonder most about lvl 50.

    - As we know skills are until the lvl 42. Will there be any more skill. I do not care what it is. Just wonder if there will be or not.

    - Same as about fame. Will there be any ability on Fame tree for 45 or maybe 50... Lvl is 45 now but fame ability is avaliable most at 40.

    - What about the item levels. Now players ( so the npc ) most can reach the 45 lvl but items we can upgrade them lvl 50. will you increase the item levels ?

    If so, will there be any change base level for some of uniq items as Keen ( Roshan etc ) dark items ( sales by draken ) etc...

    - Will there be any chage on "item stats" which we can farm from Karabosa, Vargulf, Mortis etc...

    - Any change on Weapon and ring quests ? ( item stats etc... )

    i know maybe i have asked very hard questions about "just idea" about undecided things.

    Because i do NOT want to waste my effort. I have just finish and got Dark Items ( whole set ) If there will be new on something, i am not going to spend time to upgrade them. I want to spend time on saving more Draken...

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  4. Multi-Sev

    Multi-Sev Forum Overlooker

    I have what I think is a workable draft for a story/setting for the lvl 50 expansion.

    Are we supposed to wait until the CMs call for ideas, in a different thread, or post them here?

    EZELIA Forum Duke

    As far as i can see ,everything is missing in this game.
    Technical support is missing ,quality service is missing ,dialogue is missing and answers to our questions are missing as well .
    Unfortunately,bugs and problems are not missing ,are always here.:p
    The game lately appears like a desert .No one pays attention to what we say .
    From time to time someone who represents BP leaves a long message in forum,talking about the future plans/dreams , that never come, without mentioning anything about the existing chaos of today.
    Personally i come to the conclusion that his game is completely abandoned ,does'nt offer entertainment but only bugs and problems,no one cares about players/clients, and we are just spending our time and our money in...ruins.
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  6. Coograth

    Coograth Someday Author

    I think it's best to wait for them to give the official call for ideas. In the last video Greg mentioned something about such a call in the near future.
    Can't wait to see what you came up with, though :D
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  7. Darwarren

    Darwarren Count Count

    BigPoint invited ideas, what makes you think the message was intended for you, or that you make their decisions for them? LOL
  8. nasowas

    nasowas Junior Expert

    Simply because DSO said a LONG time ago, (you probably weren't around in the old forums) that class switching would not happen, nor trade, nor auction, lots of things. Now I don't have a link to the old forums or if they even exist anymore as archives. But maybe you could ask a mod for a link or a way to get to them.
    Now imo, it's a stupid idea. But then I am a player who has each class available active in game just to see the differences between each in all aspects of the game. But apparently clicking on the "create character" button is too complicated so good luck with your idea. You have yourself an awesome day now! :)
  9. taxi1

    taxi1 Forum Overlooker

    it must be one more skill to add(just bp needs to let us can use 12 skills instead 10 we can use level cap extension will be added new areas with new monsters that reach 49 level and the mega monster 50 level so in each area we can find upper 45 level items.
    i dont think that fame tree will be extented and the reason is that the 40 level talents are too good to bp make better talents.i think first the tree of wisdom will reach 40 level and after that may trree of fame will get upgraded.
    about the moon events items you asked as i saw in the past will pass a period that the items will appear in 45 level(i hope that wont happened and bp will upgrade them in the 1st last annoucements they wrote that maybe they will add more items in full moon'' events,so we wait to see what they make come true.
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  10. -{Gabriel}-

    -{Gabriel}- Active Author

    I have an idea instead of raising level to 50 why don't you fix the bug/lag issues that are wrong with the game now that would be the best start the developers could make on trying to improve this game
    As far as I can tell every maintenance every hotfix does more damage than good imo
    I agree with Elizia quality service is missing from this game along with good customer service
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  11. Multi-Sev

    Multi-Sev Forum Overlooker

    Thanks. I thought I might have heard something to that effect in the Twitch video - but for obvious reasons I didn't want to watch the whole thing again :D

    I think the idea has some potential, at least as a basic concept. We shall see. Thanks for the enthusiasm ;)
  12. RickTalrok

    RickTalrok Dev Team Team Drakensang Online

    Hi Everyone,

    I've read through all your posts and I'll do my best to answer everything, so here goes:
    • Bugs - although I agree that there are still too many bugs, we are focusing on fixing them more than ever before and I agree that we have to find a way to make this more transparent to the community. Expect an announcement about this soon.
    • Achievements System - google achievements system along with the name of any existing MMO and you'll find examples of achievement systems. Ours won't be exactly the same as in other games, but also not completely different.
    • Level 50 Content - this will definitely not be rushed, as we want to deliver quality with as little bugs as possible and as much content as it needs so that it's not a frustrating grind. Also, we will look at new skills, fame talents etc, but nothing is set in stone so no guarantee here. It will not be released this year, we will only start working on it at the end of summer (we concentrate on bugs now). Basically, it will be released when it's good enough. Expect an official call for content ideas soon.
    • Power-Leveling in Groups - I will look into the suggestion of restricting membership to groups if existing members are more than 10 levels above. I will get back to you about this soon.
    • Technical Support - we are planning to create a small tool that users can install that will diagnose common technical problems such as "is it a bug or is it your internet connection". This should improve our technical support, but it will take time to develop something really useful.
    • PVP Matchmaking - we will be very careful to make sure that any changes to the matchmaking formula don't increase matchmaking times.
    • Item Visual Variety - we plan to add more variety to the many items already in game.
    • Trade & Class Switching - we have no plans to do either of these features.
    I hope that helps. Please keep commenting and I will do my best to reply as often as possible.

  13. Bearer-of-Death

    Bearer-of-Death Exceptional Talent

    Hi Rick,

    YES!!! Finally someone at CM is doing his job:)!!!

    At the moment i have only one more question...
    ...its about the new lvl 50 content, I hate the "Mechanical world" it doesn't fit in this game.

    Could you add a poll and ask everybody, what type of new world they prefer???
    ...magical or mechanical???
    or has the dev team already have something on their mind???

    Thanks for your answers, 'ill next time!!!
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  14. Coograth

    Coograth Someday Author

    Or give us the green light to start collecting the ideas like Greg and Dracaty promised in their last video. Make an official thread that will not be lost in the creative corner like other great ideas...
    @Multi-Sev already sketched a plan and probably there are others doing that right now.

    By the way : Thanks for this detailed reply :)
  15. Greekhell

    Greekhell Advanced

    oh all these are nice but are there any plans for guild improvemnts????? I mean with the current status there are no pros or cons to be in a guild or not except one extra chat icon
  16. EZELIA

    EZELIA Forum Duke

    Well,when in all forums ,players are complaining for weeks, describing the problem and asking for help, it is more than clear, that should be a bug of the game, and has nothing to do with internet connection .
    To my point of view ,good technical support means ,to check and repair fast, those bugs, when you see many players complaining.
    The small tool that you mention,will only confirm the existence of bugs,but obviously can't repair them. ;) Therefore ,all will be just the same.
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  17. VMmage

    VMmage Someday Author

    With all due respect, Ezelia, I'm looking forward to the "small tool". If it gives my Internet connection a "green light", that will help confirm that my game crashes are due to bugs and not caused by some glitch in the hops between me and the game servers -- I suspect that I know the answer already, but confirmation would be sweet.

    And yes, I agree that when several individuals complain about the same issue in the game, it's unlikely that all of them are having Internet connection problems.
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  18. Master0fpuppets

    Master0fpuppets Forum Baron

    PVP 1v1 arena is unfer for Dragon knights, couse every other class uses obsticles to hide and block attack while dragonknight cant dont anything except tray to chase down oponent. So my sugestion is, rework PVP 1v1 arena, make it more opened. It's only logical that 1v1 arena should be kept "clean" with no obsticles, it's duel after all not seek and hide game ...
  19. multitoonz

    multitoonz Forum Great Master

    You know that even restricting group to 10 level above will still enable the non-stop creation of twinks. Above 5 levels and they gain no xp. Kind of not solving any twink problem there Rick with a 10 level restriction. Just sayin is all.
  20. Greekhell

    Greekhell Advanced

    I think that the plan is to still allow players to help others on hard quests keep a balance with the PWs without allowing low level arena bullys to farm at so bigger lvl areas I definitely agree with this plan
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