Producer Dialogue: Cunning Plans

Discussion in 'Headquarters Archive' started by RickTalrok, Jul 22, 2014.

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  1. rompen13

    rompen13 Junior Expert

    why you asked?
  2. Slitrobo

    Slitrobo Forum Connoisseur

    OP means Over-Powered
  3. DesertKoala

    DesertKoala Forum Pro

    Original Poster (OP)
  4. Greekhell

    Greekhell Advanced

    I answered in English just of respect to the others in this forum there are rumors that if you create an account in a low price country the prices follow you everywhere so that might be the reason or he spoke in general I also don't know if there are lower prices in some African countries
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  5. Multi-Sev

    Multi-Sev Forum Overlooker

    It can mean either, but in this case ("he thinks dk's are op") overpowered was the intent.
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  6. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    In some countries, even in Europe, 10 euros is high price compared to average monthly income.
    I think that prices are different because of the taxes.
    Higher the tax means higher price. For an example corporate tax: Russia 20%, Czech Republic 19%, Germany 30.175% to 33.325% ........
    Another example for VAT: Russia 18%, Czech Republic 21%, Germany 19%, Denmark 25% ....

    I am not an economist and I can't elaborate it more eloquently ... but I think those are some of the reasons for different pricing in different countries.
  7. Özkan

    Özkan Forum Inhabitant


    Tax are changing according to country. You are right yes...

    But, We do not buy Ander from a company which pay tax to our country. Goverments can collect tax just from companies which are built and making commercial business in their country.

    So BP pays tax to the their center office or if they have any office in a country which is making business.

    That means BP just pays to the Germany. ( i just know BP is based on Germany if this information wrong please kindly advise where BP pays tax)

    I know that because there are not a lots of company offices in our country. Some of the huge firms do not pay tax to the our country even they earn alot of money.
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  8. Greekhell

    Greekhell Advanced

    I don't think so all the purchases are been made from the same shop in Germany so the taxes are paid from their profits directly to their nation I am not an economist too its just an opinion and I think it mostly have to do with money's buying power to each country and fixed the prices equal to a common thing like a cinema ticket or something
  9. Dragonnns

    Dragonnns Count Count

    Perhaps it isn't because of taxes at all. And if that is the case, why not go totally globally Internet and use Bitcoins! :)
  10. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    You don't pay to BP you pay to the bank that is under your country's laws. You make transaction through bank from one country (your account) to bank from another country (BP's account). BP's account doesn't have to be in Germany (bank located in Germany).

    Bitcoin is not a currency.
    You can't make bank transaction with bitcoins in any European country ... and in some other word's countries bitcoin is banned(illegal).

    Go to grocery store and try to buy some goods with bitcoins. :D
  11. Greekhell

    Greekhell Advanced

    I am not sure but paypal and paysafe transactions are global and prepaid to a certain organization also and that's a sure thing credit card payments are paying the amount to bp and hold their profit through a global system
  12. Piipero

    Piipero Junior Expert

    This two comment's should be in same paragraph and you should be saying that you are rewriting the whole game script again to clean the game from bugs. you have broke/fixed/patched the game so many times that the script must be so shattered that you can't avoid bugs anymore when updating the game :rolleyes:

    You know you are doing something wrong when the community is not wondering what the next update brings, they only hope that they still can play/login after the patch :D If you continue this way we are just waiting the "ultimate-deathblow-patch" that completely kills the game :p
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  13. EZELIA

    EZELIA Forum Duke

    Anyway is well known, that some players make accounts in eastern countries , that premium and Andermants cost less, but they play from their own country in Europe, saving a lot of money in this way. ;)
  14. Armando

    Armando Forum Connoisseur

    first of all, thanks! for the "roadmap" and all ongoing efforts to fix bugs, develop good new features and content, and to improve communication.
    As a software development professional, I understand bugfixing and making/publishing precise development plans are not as easy as they may seem to be.
    Yet, I would have wished for some more precise information in the road map, with target release dates, especially for the developments in the nearer future.
    If you state clearly enough that it's a plan, not a promise, maybe only 80% of the people will complain if you can't deliver in time then ;-).
    It would also be great to have updates on your development plans more often!

    For the bugfixing, it's nice to hear you managed to improve on the stats, but if there is ONE critical bug in the game like the spacebar in the chat window, or the current rubber band (synchro problem?), it has to be possible to fix those faster. Prioritization for the effects and number of players affected doesn't seem to be perfect yet. (From my professional experience, if there is a bug affecting the daily user experience of most users, this is a "critical" bug, and it would get 100% attention of all useful resources, for testing, analysis and bugfixing, until the problem has been solved).

    While the test server is a great thing, it would also be important not to propagate any recorded issues from it to the actual game servers. Maybe it would help in using the test server effectively to detect more bugs "in the queue" if you could also make it accessible via a thin client (different download, or some server target setting within the client).
    For the equipment comparison, I agree with a lot of people here that just comparing single values isn't very helpful. You need to take into consideration the gem slots and the andermant required for upgrading the item to a certain target level (50?), along with the stats it would provide THEN. With the given complexity, this is difficult for a human being, and I have to admit I doubt you will manage to provide us with a useful automated solution.
    I have to admit I sometimes use the selling price to evaluate an item, hoping that it is the result of the level of random improvements reached (the better the random improvements, the more expensive the item).
    I think this could actually be something USEFUL: providing, along with the absolute values, a percentage value for each magic improvement, to show where in the min-max range for this specific item the improvement is.
    E.G. if you could get a 15-40 damage improvement on a kind of weapon, and the specific one that dropped for you has a +35 damage bonus, you received 20 of 25 possible points in the range, which would make it 80% of the maximum.

    The main reason for this post is my following question:

    You announced you want to change the game entry (flying island?). As the current PvP system favours low-level players with high fame ranks, I have started to build some characters to specialize in PVP, and have been extensively farming the Flying Island for potions and some copper coins (without gaining unwanted experience), so far.
    These characters (3 on 2 Servers) are STILL in the entry map.
    So I would like to know:
    - What exactly do you intend to change at the game entry, and when exactly? (please do NOT announce it only 30 mins before server shutdown with the release notes)
    - What is going to happen to existing characters that are still in the entry map? (in case you abandon that map completely)

    Though I did this farming (and would spend some andermant on equipment and gems) to have better chances at entry-level PVP, I do not actually like to do so.
    I would prefer a lot a PvP System where player skill and experience alone, along with team tactics and cooperation (the HUMAN factor) decide a fight. I would be willing to go to the arena without any skills and equipment if there is a fair balance between classes. If everyone was "naked", then the balancing would be a lot easier, and waiting times no problem even on less frequented servers, right?

    This is my very first forum post after playing for about a year now. I know I'm still a newbie compared to high-rank players, but I think I have a certain grasp of the game by now - please don't flame ;-)

    Cheers and keep it up!
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  15. Voldemort

    Voldemort Junior Expert


    The DSO English Forum is not the place to raise concerns about other language forums or about any Support team.
    Please with those complaints you have to contact you're own support.
  16. xmageeq

    xmageeq Forum Apprentice

    Hi guys, maybe is too soon or something, but I've thought of a new character!

    1. The character's name could be Lil Cropper ? I believe there are much more names, but this is the one I have thought it would suit it!
    2. Skills can be low ranged ( mid ranged 1-2 ) and of course 2-3 high ranged! Something like the ones in the video
    3. About the weapons, maybe scythe and a sickle ( hook )?

    By the way, I've thought about 50 lvl skills and the 3 other talents which could be updated. It's just my idea, but I hope I could see it in game ( at least any 1 of it )
    4. Skills! ( level 50 )
    4.1 Magician - skill Inability ( gives the victim a surprise attack showing '?' over his/her head and then is impossible to use any skills for 5 secs - pvp 2,5 secs )
    4.2 Ranger - skill Blood rain ( after activating the spell, after 2 secs multiple arrows are being shot on the wanted spot )
    4.3 Warrior - skill Iron body ( after activating the spell, for 3-4 secs you can't do any dmg to the caster )
    4.4 Steam Mechanic - skill Magnetic laser ( after activating the spell, it shoots a laser beam on a not big distance and has a chance to stun the enemies for 3 secs - pvp 1,5 secs )

    4.5 Talents! - Knowledge
    4.6 Caring - Every pet you use has it's bonuses raised by 3 - 5 % ( depends which could be the highest balanced bonus )/ Or 7-10 on a stat bonus it gives.
    4.7 Teachings of the 8th path - After the new skills are implemented, there should be a place for the top skills.
    4.8 Thrift - Now any skill costs with 2 essence lower ( any essence ).
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  17. KingOfTrolls66

    KingOfTrolls66 Forum Apprentice

    -quote removed-
    Could it be that posting actual video of an idea your trying to get across to get DSO to have some sort of inspiration, I get that part. But maybe or what if they did decide to make a new class and it was shown to be similar or very much like the one in the video, could it then be misconstrued or could the game you posted the video feel like DSO infringed on their COPYWRITTEN GAME? Maybe it has to do more with them just not wanting to have to deal with any kind of LAWS that could be infringed upon, if they did decide one day to add another class that all of a sudden had similar traits, and during the process of them having to defend DSO. Because game developers do it all the time if they feel like anything has similar traits or features they try to find anything that they could use to say they copied their game and having this video in the forum would be incriminating? Food For thought of why maybe they took it down, doesn't have to be advertising or promoting for them to feel like this could be used against them if anything ever came up, and it does all the time when your dealing with GAME DEVELOPERS.
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  18. Multi-Sev

    Multi-Sev Forum Overlooker

    -quote removed-

    Very simple explanation: Even though it may not have been your intention, the moderator who removed the video may have felt that you were "promoting another game" by posting a video of the gameplay. They don't like promoting other games on this site. Maybe they will let it stay up, but don't be surprised if the video gets removed again.

    p.s. The mods aren't required to give you any reasons for their actions.
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  19. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    -quote removed-
    Your video sucks!
    Most of the players have started playing DSO because it is not manga like crap.
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  20. xmageeq

    xmageeq Forum Apprentice

    I understand now, ok I fixed my post and so, will try not to happen again ;)
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