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Discussion in 'Questions about Getting Started in the Game' started by Mroliveira, May 22, 2020.

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  1. Mroliveira

    Mroliveira Forum Greenhorn


    (I got a message on the support and they sent me to look for it here on the forum,
    I looked for it here on the forum and I didn't find anything similar or updated)

    I would like to ask if you can reevaluate my achievement points, I have some problems with it, I decided to release some achievements to reach 7k points but there are some achievements that say they give points, but are not being counted, as for example the achievement of killing Mortis Infernal 3, which claimed to give 210 points and gave none, to other achievements also that are not counted, such as pvp, (winning a 1v1, 5v5 battle) that although I have already gone several times are not acquired, other achievements that are not counted are to kill all monsters of maps of the inter-worlds (sorry for some grammatical errors I am using a translator because I don't speak English).
  2. trakilaki

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    That is not how the achievements are working.


    You don't get the displayed amount of points ... that amount is total amount.
    If Infernal 3 is worth 210 points ... and infernal 5 is 320 ... that means infernal 4 is maybe around 250.
    From infernal 3 to infernal you get only 250-210=40 points
    That means you have gotten 20-30 points ... but not the entire 210 pints amount in same time. That is total number of points you got over the time.
    Nowadays all team pvp arenas are lame 5v5.
    You need to win in all of them.
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  3. NSDT-returns

    NSDT-returns Someday Author

    To be precise, each Q boss in every difficulty from inf1 to inf4 gives 55 progress (the first time you kill it in this mode).
    If you do all of them in inf1 - inf4 you'll get 9 x 4 x 55 = 1980 progress

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