pvp is not balanced.

Discussion in 'PvP (Player vs. Player)' started by Darknight00swag, Jan 29, 2019.

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  1. Darknight00swag

    Darknight00swag Forum Greenhorn

    SO. don't u think pvp is really unfair now as ranger class? i mean mages hit 5-6k dmg ice balls with block and me as ranger with same stats with expo (armor break) i hit max 3k also mage can hit 2 ice balls ranger not ( u have to play with less attack speed if u want to ) and at the end mage dont need aim ranger need if an ice ball or fire ball hit on ur left or ur right u stil get dmg and high dmg also all this multi stats situation is also too overpowered . ranger stuns are nerfed since bp gave to everyone good attack speed everyone can run from the bird and trap and ranger stuns are too slow what i mean? for example i fight against a warrior when im close enough i use the bird and after 1.5-2 seconds he stun me and cut my stun that's not fair same for the trap now let's talk about warriors . warriors have op skills unstan that gives u armor and resistance and make u undead and u know what? u cant be stuned for 10 seconds also i talk about dragon skin. stun with armor break 3 stuns and the most broken skill is heal. every time i play against warriors as ranger i do about 80k dmg (both rounds) and you know what? im the one who lose because they have this overpowered skill of healing + the flag that gives to them ultimate mana and theres another question why warrior has shield with crit and block? so warrior can have good criticals with 80% block while other classes can't and why warrior has same dmg as mage or ranger with more armor/hp/res ?? in every mmorpg warriors has less dmg than other classes because they have better defence and whats about dwarf? seriously i play with 70% armor as ranger and dwarfs do 3-4k dmg hits PLS DO SOMETHING FOR THIS PVP SYSTEM IM TIRED ( PS sorry for my bad english ) u can also see less rangers play pvp ....
  2. MikeyMetro

    MikeyMetro Forum Overlooker

    I did not actually read your wall-o-text but, yeah, pvp is junk. Supposedly it is only the first step in more changes to come this year (not holding my breath for these :p)

    btw, helpful tip, if you actually want folks to read your posts locate the enter key on your keyboard
  3. Akageshi

    Akageshi Forum Duke

    I'm not doing very well in pvp, but I don't know if it's so unfair or if I'm just bad.
  4. MaxDisappointed

    MaxDisappointed Forum Master

    Totally true, ranger was in disvantatge before release and nothing changed actually, ranger is in disvantatge after release too.
    I really don't know why is still hp regen active in PvP.
  5. heror

    heror Forum Baron

    2 things that from the start im h ave problem with , EA cant deal only 3k dmg fi you havethe same dmg as the mage the ice sphere deals 350% dmg while EA 500% this means your items tiers are low.
    Socond 2 ice spheres x6k dmg and you are dead ? wat i tank atleast 5 spheres with 24k hp AS A MAGE and not all my items are lv 8 i wont even bother to read further, but consider reviewing your playing style
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  6. Darknight00swag

    Darknight00swag Forum Greenhorn

    im sorry dear :) but i talk about total dmg go test ur self with a ranger that has same dmg and crit as u . and no im not bad im playing this game for 6 years when lvl 55 came out i stopped the game and now i'm back for the new pvp system but i see nothing is fair here im 340k honor away from grand marshal but if my class is the most weak in the game i cant do anything. btw u didnt answer the other things mage can do 2 ice balls with 1,92 speed as ranger if i want to hit 2 expo i must use long bow and play with 1.62 speed and also mage dont need aim if ice ball hit on ur right or ur left u will get dmg doesnt matter im sorry but that's too op u do the same dmg as i do in my 2 combos with 1 ice ball and u dont even need aim for it ?
  7. MaxDisappointed

    MaxDisappointed Forum Master

    Not mentioning mages have more stun/antistun and the new singularity, thanks to that ridiculous mov speed singularity is almost a stun, if you dont have jump just pray the gods.
    Regen mana while attacking, ranger can't. Mage can regen HP doing basic shots from distance to invocations for example, while if a ranger wants to regen hp he needs to approach the enemy and fight hand-to-hand risking all.
    Mages have more thickness in skills so easier to hit enemies without aiming EDIT
    The guardian goes further shooting than the mage himself.

    This does not mean that the rangers are not able to win games, but the reality is that it requires more effort for the ranger if he wants to win the game.
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  8. LongShlong.

    LongShlong. Forum Greenhorn

    Yep. Mages have always been top class for pvp.

    The combination of permanent mana regen by various skills, the fact that they have the highest resource regen and the new addition which is a crazy bonus movement speed buff makes mages clearly OP. As a ranger who used to play since lvl 40 i am free to say that the previous version of pvp was more balanced. I used to play on a touchpad back then and still i didnt complain a single time because i knew that after mages waste their teleport they are vulnerable but they sill outscalled each class , not to mention the fact that the fireball was used as their basic skillshot.

    I dont know whats the point of this hoax comment made by this guy @heror . A mage can pretty much outsustain a ranger, having more dmg and a variety of useful spells , the majority of which are aoe dmg makes a perfect exploit. They deal more dmg with aoe compared to rangers who are supposted to directly hit the target. End of story.
  9. Dемои

    Dемои Forum Pro

    The most unbalanced classes are DK and dwarfs. Tank unlimite stuns, skin and healing
    Dwarf oil, unlimite jumps, heal and perma stun tesla

    What? Mage must kill something with magic missile to get 10% hp soo you must put wolfs when mage can get 30% hp, ranger can kill easy mage guardian to get 30% hp and have wolf's who give him hp when they bit a opponent. Ranger can easy doodge the black hole bcose have unlimite blade dance and mage must use jump or frost wave
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  10. callme0216

    callme0216 Padavan

    DK part is okay, but please explain to me how Dwarfs are OP in this meta by any mean in longer term.
    Cause any class can stun it twice.. And even if you use jump you as a dwarf can be stunned once again and there is no escape.. btw Rocket has 30 sec cooldown.
    Less range, and turrets are good to heal the enemy..
    Permastun tesla that has 10% chance. And not mentioning the bug that stun you waay after when you are not even in the range of the tesla..
    So how come the ranger that get permastuned by a tesla?

    If you think that mages are not powerfull in this meta you live in a cave. sorry.
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  11. heror

    heror Forum Baron

    I can say the same if you think dwarfs are not uber broken you just lie to yourself on purpose , tank vs a dwarf is a joke you cant even touch them because of the 5 sec jump cooldonw ( not to mention the cd reduction with the turret upgrade )

    On topic: nobody can play against some classes , i cant play vs a tank but that doesnt make hib broken,
    Ok mages are broken ye i have heard this since i started the game back in 2012, but in the end last year it was the weakes class ye.
    but you know mages are broken..
  12. callme0216

    callme0216 Padavan

    I mean i dont know what you talking about, you who clearly know nothing about other classes and make up false aligations multiple time.
    So im really dont know why would I lie to myself.
    And mages never was the weakest by any mean..

    Just tell me what would you do with your 5 sec jump when you get stunned twice? Im courious.
    Put down turrets for what? -1 sec cooldown skill? You think is it worth to risk that you will loose -50 steam and at the same time to heal the opponent?..

    I have such a fun time playing against DK's too. Right after starting the match FBC-Jump to me-Groundbraker, Iron Brow, Charge after this skill as a dwarf you can stick your 5 sec jump uptoo you know where.

    Mages? Thats the best part when you get a Mage that actually knows how to play and knows your weakest spot by useing Guardian-MC-FW (you escape) FW again, Singularity (better cooldown than the dwarf turret skill has) ,and just repeat this every time.. yeah and they still have teleport-FN to stun you again .woah.
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  13. heror

    heror Forum Baron

    Ill ask my false agitations to literary my 3 clases / dwarf not played for a year

    Second of all im speaking about tank vs dwarf and you speak again about mage atleast read what other ppl write and you didnt even get what i wrote before that , are you trolling me just to be funny ? If so wish ya good luck this is my last response to ya
  14. callme0216

    callme0216 Padavan

    No im not trolling ,i feel you trolling my with being acting like a potatoe.

    Here you go if you missed it your 5 sec jump how effective agains DK's i dont think my comment was that long to miss what i wrote here:
  15. Darknight00swag

    Darknight00swag Forum Greenhorn

    OK im here to answer to you all first of all ranger dont have 500% on expo he has 375 second dwarf has rly short cooldown on his jump and he can jump in longer rage than other classes and he has heal skill that gives him heal also to run so ur comment make no sense and whats if he has out 2 cannons in the same time how u are supposed to hit him because even if u stun him he has time to escape and u know what alse? now dwarf make 5k dmg with simple hits so yes dwarf is unbalanced ;)

    --- MERGED ---

    oh and i forgot to say now cannons can hit so if u try to use stun or something u get at least 1-2k dmg :)
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  16. ivan4o2000

    ivan4o2000 Forum Greenhorn

    Pvp is good for rangers now. You just need some skill. Dwarfs are healing but they have little range and only one antistun. Ranger has 3 stuns 2 antistuns and blade dance.
  17. Aslandroth

    Aslandroth Regular

    I have played this game for over a year. PvP was fun for a couple of weeks when I first got my T6 gear and others I guess did not. Then it got hard and I still won from time to time but it was never really my interest; only doing it for the clover. Now it has just become dumb. I still do it for the clovers and good grief it is painful and slow. Win or lose now, it is slow and boring to me personally.

    I tink the best bet is to take all the things you hate about the new system and praise the devs for it so they then undo it all. Good ideas, post as things that you hate and never want to see happen. This at least ives you a chance of getting what you want based on how things seem to work here.
    I have never claimed to be a talented player, even in PvE, but man am I happy PvP isn't my cup of tea. That system is so jacked up its not even funny and the "roadmap" is looking pretty grim if you ask me.
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  18. Dемои

    Dемои Forum Pro

    What? Lose 50 steam and heal opponent? You think this is easy kill turret with his block? Only dwarfs have block on their spawned skills. Mage guardian is easy to kill on 2-3 shots and mage can take 1 guardian like ranger wolf's and we don't have block on this
  19. ivan4o2000

    ivan4o2000 Forum Greenhorn

    There are few things that should be fixed in pvp. First the removing of items should not be allowed, second mages dmg is too high and third wariors can only heal and run till the end of round and also make rangers attacks with the same range as mages. I hope my feedback is heard by the developers:)
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  20. heror

    heror Forum Baron

    ye and by your statement dwarfs are useless while they are the strongest or atleast number 2
    Just "git gud" nobody listens to things that have 0 arguments to back it up