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    PVP Roadmap

    pvp milestones.jpg

    Milestone 01

    PVP Seasons / Leaderboards

    With release 218 we are planning to implement a PvP season system that is similar to the existing PvE seasons. While a PvP season is active, Players will get leaderboard points for participating / winning PvP matches and at the end of each season Players will get rewards based on their leaderboard rank. The PvP season feature comes also with a complete new PvP leaderboard structure. We will no longer divide the PvP rankings into the different match types but in single and group PvP. And of course, there will be an overall ranking leaderboard. These new leaderboards will also reset with every new season.

    Season Progress bars

    We also want to give players the opportunity to get rewards during a season while hunting for a good leaderboard position – therefore we will introduce progress bars for each season (PvE and PvP). Players will get progress for every leaderboard point they collect and if they reach a specific progress amount for the season, they will get special rewards.

    New Matchmaking Screen / Match Cycle

    To improve the matchmaking situation already we will also implement a battleground cycle system. This means that only one battleground for each play-type (single or group) will be active at a time, so Players only need to decide if they want to participate in a single or group PvP battle. This new system also comes with a complete overhaul of the matchmaking window. The new window will not only let you choose the battleground you want to join, but also an overview about your actual leaderboard rank, the running season and when the next battleground will arrive. We are also planning to implement an overview of the battleground map to each battleground description.

    New Battlegrounds

    We are also planning to introduce new battleground or variations of existing battlegrounds. Our plan is to use the match cycle system to introduce and test new battlegrounds on a more regular basis. We will start with a new version of a 5vs5 team deathmatch. We are also planning to bring back older match types, like the 8-Player death match.

    DISCLAIMER: Please note that milestone 2 and 3 are still in a planning/designing stage. We want to collect as much feedback as possible before we go into the detailed design phase for these features.

    Milestone 02

    PVP Tree Update

    For the PvP tree update we are planning to introduce several new PvP talents and many new PvP tree levels to progress. Our basic idea behind the talent update would be to use these talents to counterbalance some of the class-based disadvantages. To give you an example:
    The Dragonknight needs to use his movement skills to go into close combat to other players what can be hard sometimes if they are on cool-down. One talent could be that the Dragonknight can reduce the cool-down time of his movement skills. Now this may sound like stun spamming – but we are also planning to implement the stun immunity system our bosses are already using – that means, if a player gets stunned, he will be immune to stuns for a few seconds afterwards. Another example could be the current imbalance regarding life-healing skills between Dragonknight / Steam Mechanicus vs Spellweaver/Ranger. As written earlier we really would like to hear your suggestions and ideas for these types of things.

    Matchmaking Update

    Another feature we want to implement is a one level PvP system to improve the matchmaking. That means that we will eliminate the character level for PvP matches and every character will have the same PvP base stats. This allows us to put every Player, regardless of the level, into the same matchmaking pool so there is no division between the different character levels anymore.

    PvP Skill bar & Skill talent set

    We are also planning to introduce a PvP skill bar allowing the player to configurate his skill setup for PvP battles. There is also a talent pre-set planned that is automatically activated for PvP battlegrounds. Both things are needed for the removal of the character level for PvP as Players need to be able to add skills and talents without level restrictions.

    PvP Gear

    The PvP gear will mark the biggest change of milestone 2. Players will get a complete set of PvP gear that can only be used in PvP battlegrounds. “Standard” equipment will be deactivated during PvP matches. It is also planned that we introduce a special PvP gear tab in the inventory together with this update. The “special” part about this inventory and the PvP gear is, that players can not remove these items – this inventory works more like the ingredient bag. That means that there are fix PvP gear slots. The PvP trader will offer improved versions of the PvP gear for honor points and whenever the player buys improved gear, it will replace the existing PvP gear automatically.
    Another special feature about the PvP gear will be that there are 2 different kinds of slots in the Player PvP gear inventory – season based and permanent. The season based PvP gear will be reset with the start of a new season and only the permanent gear will stay.
    We are planning to give out permanent PvP gear in special events or as part of rewards from seasons – or maybe as direct drop from monsters in PvE.
    It is also planned to offer an option to use the workbench to create PvP gear with PvE equipment so that Players have the possibility to use their PvE progress as an advantage for PvP.

    Milestone 3

    The last milestone in the PvP update will be about adding special PvP content – like quests, achievements and daily challenges. We will also use milestone 3 to polish the previous introduced PvP milestones based on the Players feedback as well as for bug fixing.

    PVP Quests

    We are planning to remove the current PvP quests to introduce new challenging quests with new rewards and more diversity regarding the quest tasks.

    PvP Achievements

    Based on the new PvP systems and features stated above it makes sense to add new PvP achievements to the game, so players can expect achievements like “Reach PvP gear tier x during a season!”, “Reach PvP level y!” etc. It is also planned to introduce achievement rewards for the first time in Drakensang Online.

    Daily Challenges

    We are planning a complete rework of the current daily challenge feature by adding a new tab only for PvP. Which means the Player could choose between 3x3 PvP challenges every day rewarding the Player with new rewards. This change also allows us to introduce new PvE challenges for the Secret Lairs or the new difficulties.
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