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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by teddy.bear, Feb 7, 2019.

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  1. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    the solution to this is simple: allow back runes and gems in pvp

    Or follow trakilaki's suggestion
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  2. Testador

    Testador Junior Expert

    The biggest imbalance now in pvp is in the skill, some OP and some useless, anyone can see it!
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  3. Steve75

    Steve75 Junior Expert

    Noobs were crying that previous PVP was bad, because of the 1 shot/hit kills however if one took the time and effort to craft the cube set then PVP was not anymore 1 shot/hit kill anymore. E.g. 2+4+8 1v1 fights could have been done in 15-20 minutes then you implemented the current crap pvp which is like running/hiding in 1v1 and if 2 players can equally strong/weak then 1 match could take even 6-8 minutes and you waste sometimes (me = when I get 15 clovers) even an hour.

    Your PVP roadmap is a joke and you bp developers can always prove it can be even worse than what we think is worst. Simply you should just implement the proposal by Traki and I am pretty sure PVP would be much enjoyable

    I am afraid it won't happen as you clearly want to give an advantage in both PVP and PVE to casual/weak/lazy/noob (chose the word you like) players and you do not give a crap to old players who supported this game for years.
  4. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    The PvP before the changes was really bad ... but now it is even worse.
    Honestly ... I don't have any expectations for PvP as it seems the devs are not capable of doing it.
    Now the PvP is almost non-existent ... god forbid getting clover from daily ... one would have to play 5 hours until the end.
    The players are not stupid to waste their time with PvP when one fight takes forever to end ... even if you know it is a lost one in advance. There are no players and fights as well ... even if I play on well populated server.
    Honestly "well populated" seem exaggerated ATM ... sometimes I feel I am playing on TS ... there is no one in the urban areas or groups to be shown regionally.
    The devs have achieved their goal ... chasing the players out of this game.
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  5. KulawyMao

    KulawyMao Exceptional Talent

    pvp is now terrible and it will be worse...

    if i don't need any gear from pve to play pvp so for what i'm farming pve? farm for farm?
    if devs can do buffs on pvp so they can do debuffs
    if they gives -90% of all statistic(will need optimize) u will have the same situation like now, but if u have better gear on pve u will have better statistic on pvp

    btw tank/mech still need debuff passive hp regeneration
  6. LyLyh

    LyLyh Someday Author

    I play with a spellweaver. Only my class don't have any speed walking! Our frozen sphere's speed is so slow, so I must be in a close range to use it!
    DK have too much skills for stun!
    You suggest us again changes, new stuped changes but everything you should do is to balance the skills and to make new PvP tree.
    You think only for the new players, but the truth is their big problems are totally missing PvP skills for playing! I play arena every day and watch them! 90% of the new players are super noobs, they don't know how to play, they don't have strategy, they don't know how to use their skills and they don't know the different classes specific skills and what they sould use for every different class! All they need is time and many match games to become equal with the old players! Stop thinking only for the new players! It is not fair for the old one!
  7. Sevilla

    Sevilla Someday Author

    Milestone 01

    Match Cycle

    Cool, finally no more need to wait for hours to play 3v3 or 6v6.

    New Battlegrounds
    -Variations of existing battlegrounds will be apreciate, no need for new maps layout.
    -8v8 songs cool, but what about lag.
    Milestone 02

    PvP Skill bar & Skill talent set

    Removal of the character level for PvP, should be milestone 01.

    PVP Tree Update
    -No hp regen for any class, at all, because that ever can be exploit for full regen, to replace regen, for example dragonknight just need to star with hp bonus, somelike +30% I don`t know.
    -Another way is to put a limit to maximun %hp regen by round.

    PvP Gear
    -No season based equipment, would be frustrating for those starting in the middle of a season, or don`t get any on last season.
    See for example if rank1 get an outstanding gear on last season, he will never be the second again, if keep playing. For players in general is bad too, because the season keep for several weeks, so that`s no funny to start on middle of season, and keep with a poor equipment until the end.
    -No enchants craft on workbench for pvp set, we allready have 48 enchants too craft from pve.
    -Permanent PvP gear, direct drop from monsters in PvE for sure, other way no make sense do pve anymore, for almost all players.

    Milestone 3
    nothing interesting.
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  8. cdeepal

    cdeepal Forum Baron

    No hp regen for Dragon Knights? Then Dragon Knights should be given either +60% resistances or +100% Life or a combination.
    They already have +30% Life and that is not enough to counter the distance dis-advantage.

    Why would the rank 1 on last season continue to dominate this season too? That means there is no point on season-based PvP. You should start a fresh with every new season.

    Of course, You wouldn't start in the middle of the season and jump to top? If you can do it, then what is the point. If You start in the middle, you face people of same level and you have to work your way to the top.
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  9. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    You what?
    It is not enough?
    For sure what they have is way more than enough.

    DKs have:
    • the same damage as all other classes
    • can have more speed (new moon weapon)
    • can have more crit (said weapon+shields with crit as other classes can't afford offensive offhand because block means too much)
    • more HP
    • almost infinite skill cast resource (considering the other person is actually attacking them)
    • best healing (with healing of ranger and mage not working against them - wolves/tree die right away and the DK has no summons to kill - and the dwarf's healing being not very strong and restricted with a cooldown and steam cost)
    • frequently usable speed buff to chase up the opponent with ease
    • jump to chase up the opponent, you're making a projectile out of yourself but it's ranged
    • charge to catch the opponent, also ranged insta stun (you're making a projectile out of yourself, but hey), low cooldown
    • ground breaker which is ranged, stuns, and has the high-damage explosion (aka the Exploding Thrown Axe), low cooldown
    • headbutt which is an excellent armor break and stun - not very long range, but low cooldown
    • can get close to the opponent when they turn back to attack them, so shorter range on most skills is not that big a drawback
    • slowing from BWS and damage weakening from RS, bleeding from both
    • area denial weapon: FotD (also stun), excellent to chase dwarfs out of their teslas which are one single thing that can stop DK from getting close to you and kill you when you're attacking them
    • banner, which gives them infinite rage when they're in and can function as an area denial weapon
    • BWS and MWS which are not that "melee"
    • DH = godmode
    Other classes have:
    • range
    • some slowing effects that DK can remove and counter with DH or FBC
    ... and that's all they have.
  10. cdeepal

    cdeepal Forum Baron

    Looks like someone has some anger towards DKs. All classes can have a list like that, not only DKs. If I want I can make a list of 20 things that only an SW can do, and 20 things that a Ranger can do or 20 things that only an SM can do. But, there is no point arguing about an already beaten subject.
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  11. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    I'm not interested in what they can generally do. I know that very well.

    On the other hand, if you could provide me a list of things that provide them real advantages in fight with DK (or counter his advantages enough), go on, do it.
    My honest opinion is that DK wins with any other class on every possible field except for (theoretically) range. Everything else DK has counters that advantage and turns the favor to DK's side. Change my mind.
  12. 66Styve66

    66Styve66 Someday Author

    Bp should remove , all DK 's skills , and make them a punching balls in arena , or delete DK class... seriously you are unexperimented to write that.
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  13. piteris2

    piteris2 Regular

    DKs need some form of healing due to the simple fact that they are by definition a tanking class. How much healing they should have is what we should be debating, not whether they have healing. As to why SMs were given healing, I have no idea.

    Those of you here who are against the DK’s healing either suck at building a decent SW, RA or SM to counter a good DK in the arena, or you’ve simply never played an MMORPG game apart from this one.
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  14. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    It seems that my post was tl;dr.
    To make it short: DKs have everything they need to counter the lower range and even more. Yet DKs keep complaining that they are weaker.
    If they are a tanking class... why they have the same damage as everyone else? Why they can have more crit and speed in PvP than the other classes?

    That's the point.
    Build? Sorry, what have I missed? What is there to "build" in the new arena?
    What is there to suck at?
    You run inf4... you get some items with golden base values... you don't need to choose the correct values except for the rings and taking 1h+shield... and there you go. It's enough for a noob to be competitive in the PvP.
    When you're not new, you have some uniques anyways, you take a 1h with crit rate in the base value... a shield... tier it up to t8... glyph it up...
    nothing to choose, nothing to build, nothing to suck at.

    Or maybe you were trying to say that I suck at fighting DKs? Well, what could you say when I have no time to stop to attack? I have to run constantly, if I stop to fire an arrow at the DK that is chasing me, I am immediatly charged at and stunned. Then, if I try to jump out, I can keep on running or try to attack again... if I try to attack, I am jumped at and instantly he is right to me, headbutting me. If I try to use adrenaline to flee, he sends a GB after me, I am stunned, and he takes half of my HP (if he is weak) or all of my HP before the stun ends.
    If I try to use wolves or bird of prey at any point, I am either dead instantly, since those skills have such a long casting time, or he is far away and he simply escapes BoP and/or kills the wolves, and proceeds to attack me.

    DKs have everything they need to counter their lower range (that is their only drawback) and way more. If they are to be the tanking class, they should have less damage than others (and SWs should have more, with RAs and SMs being in the middle).

    Anyways... new PvP is such crap (right before the update it was crap as well)... that it'd be better if they removed it altogether if they were not to implement Traki's suggestion.

    And @cdeepal
    If you meet players of other classes that you can't hit with your skills etc. despite you are playing well... it doesn't mean that those classes are stronger than you.
    It simply means that you met buggers. Take a look at their attack and running speed... isn't it higher than yours? Pay attention to it.
    Of course I'm not taking into account the possibility that you can't use your skills... I'm assuming you can.
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  15. piteris2

    piteris2 Regular

    There are plenty of players who, even in the old PvP, in a 1v1 situation could easily counter a tank with high HP and healing. Why are you complaining about your own incompetency in the arena? You appear to be one of those noobs who come here on the forums crying for a nerf when it is simply a matter of getting better at playing with your class. Many others have done that so why can’t you?

    The last thing anyone wants now is more unnecessary nerfing. I learnt that the hard way many years ago, and it turned out that, in the end, I could play successfully in the arena as any class.
  16. cdeepal

    cdeepal Forum Baron

    You are a reasonable and a logical person and I respect You and Your views. Not like some players who come here and complain about everyone else and all other classes except their own, I believe You are honest in Your feedback even though it may be somewhat mis-understood.

    It is true that DK is an easier to play class than other classes. For this aspect alone, it may be mistaken as that it is quite an over-powering class over the others. A player who doesn't have skills playing another class would fail quite easily against an average skilled Dragon Knight. However, when it goes to skilled player versus skilled player, currently all classes stand well against each other.

    I do agree that DK class has an advantage with a specific Unique shield. But that is not a skill, but an OP unique item. If you take that one out of the picture, then it is pretty much equal in the Arena.

    I have met very skilled players and very unskilled players. As a DK, I have trouble fighting skilled players of all classes. Going against a skilled player of any class is a challenge and there is no guaranteed win.

    Also, You seem to have a misconception of that all classes have same damage, which is not true. Yes, they have same base damage. But, the actual damage is way different. The maximum damage a DK can do with one hit is a Smash 240%, while all other classes can do much higher damage.

    SM = 2 Active Turrets (100% x 2) + Heavy Shot (300%) = 500% burst damage
    RA = Explosive Arrow (125% + 125% marked) + 250% explosion = 500% burst damage
    Mage = Frozen Sphere = 60% + 350% explosion = 410% burst damage

    As You can see every other class has more burst damage than DK and they can damage from a distance.
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  17. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    Right now, it's difficult to separate the dk skills from their access to the gwenfara shield. A dk with a t8 axe and a t8 gwenfara shield is going to have too much of an advantage.

    Approximately 50% to 75% of that crit line on the gwenfara shield should be made into an unique line that doesn't apply in pvp (such that the base stats are in line with the golden dragon shield).
  18. Antenor

    Antenor Forum Apprentice

    There is soon a specific pvp equipment, so do not bother too much with the current equipments.
    It may not be logical to have a shield that gives more critic to the warrior, but it also does not make sense to have just 50% magic defense.
    you think the warriors are exically powerful because you are currently playing a ranger, if you cross a dwarf on your warrior you will understand that for us too they are problematic. like the mage is a problem for the dwarf.
    you focus too much on your class and this prevents you from having a global vision that no one class can effectively dominate the other three. In the current state if you play ranger you are at a disadvantage against the warrior is also the conclusion that I have, but if you reduce the warrior, it will be exploded by the dwarf even more, it is a circle and you must think about the consequences
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  19. Hetsunien

    Hetsunien Padavan

    SM > DK > RA > SW > SM

    Circle seems pretty logical, the thing is game's pvp mechanics are not that clear as the previous scheme suggests
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  20. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    Dwarf is a problem for DK? Maybe he's the hardest to beat, but still not a very big challange.
    DK can make quick work of the turrets, if you dismantle them repeatedly you'll run out of steam very quickly.
    The only tactic could be using tesla on yourself and spamming bombs all around, but then DK can just charge through you or cast a ground breaker to stun you and stop you from using bombs. Then he can use a FotD standing right outside the tesla area, rinse and repeat until the dwarf is out of steam while you're healing three times as efficiently as him.

    Everyone (who isn't a tank) dies in one-two smash crits when you're armor broken from headbutt, and almost every hit crits thanks to new moon bugged weapon+gwenfara's (or wolfslayer's) shield.

    Edit: Also, that character class wheel is out of place, do you think this game is
    [​IMG] ?

    Sorry Traki for using your meme.
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