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  1. Xerustes

    Xerustes Junior Expert

    But Mentor is working both for PvP Ranking and current Event :(;)
  2. glesia

    glesia Advanced

    everyone is selling accounts for other games. i quit dso couple years ago when the everyone could 1hit in pvp haha. now im hearing pvp is gearless. i said it long ago the game would fall apart. decided to check it out first hand and wow. such a good game ripped of its assets. why dont they introduce lvl 45 pvp algorithm. lvl45 pvp was lit. so im wondering where does one sell account. i help developed this game by putting in around $6000.00 usd into this game but i seen its way worse then i imagined. years and money wasted


    i just miss this game so much man. wanna go back to lvl 45 and 5v5 till i grow old. i wanna continue to put $$ into this game and help develop it. is there anyway we can go back to that algorithm. i just want my old game back to normal. oh boy
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  3. piteris2

    piteris2 Regular

    Simple. Just use the Time stone to travel back to when lvl cap was 45 :D.

    But seriously though, I feel the same way. Even when the lvl cap was 50 it was way better than it is now. It’s sad to see the direction that the developers are taking with PvP.

    As for selling accounts, idk exactly where but it’s better to not ask things like that on the forum as it could get you banned but idk...
  4. oOKellueHazeOo

    oOKellueHazeOo Regular

    PvP back in the level 45 days was way more fun and rewarded progression, You got to novice centurion? Here have 4 second immunity to stuns, WOW you are a knight of the order? You can now escape stuns, You are at the end of Ardent knight of the order? Hehe, Have your level 40 pvp skill and enjoy ;)

    Now pvp talents mean completely nothing, i have to waste 25 points on the stun reduction and 10 points on life after kills, and 3 points on reduced damage from other players :/ I have no idea to why they changed the game and made it this way because pvp is absolute garbage.
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  5. cogix

    cogix Regular

    somewhere else in the forum I wrote that PVP right now is not only messed up with "fake" players (those who enter in the game and leave after few sec to make the group smaller or those who stays in the map doing nothing)... but also the way that group are created is messed up.
    I was in a game with
    RED: centurion, ardent recruit, ardent legionnaire, seasoned centurion, ardent knight of the order (me)
    BLUE: grand marshal, marshal, field marshal, grand marshal, marshal

    where there is a chance to have balanced match in group like that?

    And the way to calculate points to level up now? Too many honor points are needed to level up from 39 to 40 or 40 to 41....
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  6. nvmind

    nvmind Forum Inhabitant

    sounds like BLUE team was pre-made. Same as they make a group for PVE, they can do for PVP as wel, to do event faster. I meet such teams, nothing you can do about.
  7. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    you don't gain much by doing group pvp, this event is done fast in single pvp
  8. nvmind

    nvmind Forum Inhabitant

    The event and progress bar, yes, but for LB you have to do team too if you want the team pvp reward chest. Same as for PVE.
    Moreover, you can build a team that wins the flag or the 5v5 faster than you win a 1v1. In this way also the progress bar goes faster.
  9. vegetadavid

    vegetadavid Forum Mogul

    I thought this after a first group pvp (classic 5v5) when i won 5/18 honor something like that... But 5v5 flag give 22/90 ! The difference is incredible, what's the EDIT BP logic behind all that.... that's absolutly not proportional to the time (oldest 6v6 give ~18/60)
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  10. KulawyMao

    KulawyMao Exceptional Talent

    yes group pvp gives more progress like 90 for winning flag
    but flag ofen takes 10-15 min when duel u can do in few sec
    so if u can do many duels in the same time like 1x flag than u can do much more quests from kingshill = they gives many of progress and buffs = its faster way to finish ev and u don't need to be angry on ur noob team = all is in ur hands
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    SUPERDOUPER Junior Expert

    this pvp is just garbage , its only good for dks and dwarfs, with every realease its just getting worse and worse , this was one great game now its just a ruin,
  12. Theusen

    Theusen Padavan

    [content removed]

    How should the PVP change / improve (according to the PVP Roadmap) if nothing changes until the third quarter (Q3) according to the normal roadmap?
    First, we have to say that the changes we have made already show a terrific increase in PvP participation and overall played PvP matches -Yep! But thats ONLY cuz U introduced a key PvE item as reward, not cause people wanna play PvP, cuz they DONT!!! but even though the numbers are promising, we know that the “feel” is still not where it should be. We will add more smaller PvP updates to the roadmap that are not about changing the system -PHAIL!!! We need a change of the PvPsystem DESPERATELY!!! but addressing the play-ability. However, we’re still aiming for PvP updates that also address the available game modes and general PvP content in the near future. -Yeah U kindda shoulddave done that b4 making a PvPevent on a PvP template that just PHAILS on all accounts! -according 2 Ur own numbers, no1 want 2 play PvP!!!Some time ago, you published a list of items that are outdated and can no longer be used in the future. Including items from the "Desert of Essences", which shall now come back according to the new roadmap. Has it been taken into account that the items have now been largely removed by the players?-a Q with no A! Will there be only new items or are players who have thrown away the old event items, but the injured?-huh? pls speak english!

    The Event will be completey reworked which means there will be new items and the old items are no longer needed.
    What exactly was changed at the DTU event?-Another Q w no A! And is there an NPC dealer on every boss where you can buy each unique item (as in a regular event)?--Again a Q w no A!

    We will add many smaller improvements and bugfixes to the DTU event but we are also going to add more challenges for our strongest players, with appropriate rewards. -U didnt answer Ur own Q there!

    Do the entrances in the DTU event (both Circus Monstrosum and the direct scrolls to the individual bosses) still cost as much as the last time or were the prices reduced?

    The price balancing is not done yet.

    What should we understand by "equipment update 1.0, 2.0, 3.0"? Will there be a new kind of items (green, blue, purple, orange, yellow, ... black?)? A new rank (tier 8, 9, 10, ...)? Are higher enchantments than Platinum / super gold introduced? -Why ask this question, when U clearly dont even answer it??? -like at all...

    The equipment updates are a combination of 3 topics:
    1. Region Enchantments
    We will implement a set of new enchantments that can only be obtained on items that are found in specific regions and we will start with a set of elemental resistances (for example ice resistance can only be found on items from the Norselands).
    -Worthless IMHO!!! Why work on useless updates when so many essential things and bugs needs 2 be fixed???
    2. Boss Equipment Trader & Loot
    One of the biggest changes that comes with the first equipment update is the removal of the boss equipment traders. Why are we doing this? We think that a system like this goes against the coreloop of DSO. Going to a trader, right after a new difficulty has been introduced and buying the items within the first 20 minutes just leads to a devaluation of our equipment. Doesn’t it feel way better to finally get the item dropped that you are hunting for?
    What brings us directly to loot. We will rework the unique item drop chances with the same release as well.
    -I hope that means Ull up the dropchances, cuz they BLOW atm!
    3. Cloaks / Banners
    The by far biggest thing of the equipment update will be the introduction of the new cloaks/banners. The first equipment update will contain a new set of cloak/banner introduction quests. Following the quests will grant you the recipe to create new cloaks/banners at the workbench.
    New unique cloaks/banners will also be part of the equipment update and we plan to implement a few new unique cloaks/banners with each release until we have one unique cloak/banner per Boss. -I hope this means we will finally be able 2 craft on banners/cloaks properly also...
    One important thing to be mentioned: The first of the equipment updates will also come with a compensation for all players who already played the old cloak/banner quests. -Sounds promising!
    In which direction will the general development go? Will the PvP still ???Wait Whaaat??? Dude U cant be serious it wasent "sufficiant" by a longshot! be sufficiently taken care of? Will an interesting PVE challenge be created? Or do you rather try to fix bugs?

    Yes, yes and yes… Actually, we are working hard right now on a strategy to bring you new PVE challenges while not pushing PvP away. More details here will follow soon. -I wont hold my breath, but this has been needed 4 quite some time now!

    What do you want to change in the boss fight? Their attacks? Their hitpoints? Their damage? Change appearance? Changing Attack Patterns? Mechanics? Bugs?

    Our first goal with this change is to allow players to use all their skills with all their effects during boss battles. -another change thats LOOONG overdue! This, of course, comes with some other changes that have to be made like increasing their hitpoints for example. Another small, but important change will be that bosses on higher difficulties than “normal” will no longer have a spawn animation to reduce waiting times. -YAY! I H8 those animations! -And especially the waittime! More action, less waiting pls!!!

    What is meant by the "Kingshill Update"? Last time, the city was only restructured and redistributed. Or can we expect more this time?
    As you know, Kingshill is one of our two main urban areas (during event times actually the main urban area) and as DSO had quite some anniversaries already, we think that Kingshill needs a new and fresh look. -the players dont! the game was NEVER played for the looks of a certain area, we need bugfixes, playerfriendly gameplay, and LESS KNITTING!!! (by knitting I mean all those pesky lil things U have to do all the time like opening items, searching 4 usable platinumlines, selling, gemcrafting, etc... Lemme just ask U this: Why cant we sell by the page yet? why cant we open items by the page? Why is gemcrafting still painstakingly slow, with so many unnessesary clicksteps???) But we will also take a look at the performance of the layout of Kingshill with the goal to make it easier for new and high-level players to navigate through it. Actually Kingshill will lay the groundwork for a rework of many more urban areas. -nonono! ...and NO! The players have never cared about glam! -If U feel the game needs work, then work on Ur frikking game screen!!! Heres a few ideas that really needs work (just off the top of my head):
    1: Make us be able 2 zoom out so we can see the bigger pic! -So much of the game play is actually happening offscreen, and thats REALLY annoying!
    2: Make all that crap that we see now on the game screen optional! -so many times when Im trying 2 target a mob or a player, something in the UI is blocking my clicking, like buffs 'n' debuffs (which also blocks the msg area, so U cant read what people in Ur group just said), quest guide, health and mana spheres, etc...
    3: Make the game remember our gamesettings, so we dont have 2 reset our personal choises each update and each release and each hotfix!!! Having 2 set those like 2-3 times a week is getting OLD!

    [content removed]
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  13. MaxDisappointed

    MaxDisappointed Forum Master

    Agreed, it is disturbing to read that text.
    So, you do an event forcing most of the players to enter PvP in order to gain some rewards and you say "terrific increase of participation" because of your changes? Please... be serious, don't think players are fools... When PvE events and LB starts, forget your "terrific" numbers of PvP.
    Bad job starting events and LB without balancing PvP and fixing bugs before, bad job doing maths as usual asking for terrific numbers to finish a PvP LB ;)
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  14. oOKellueHazeOo

    oOKellueHazeOo Regular

    Lets not complain about the gain from 39-40-41, because in the old time these actually felt good to get (41 didnt exist) It was hard to earn but it was well worth it.
  15. cogix

    cogix Regular

    my point is: have you seen how many points you need to raise 1 level and how many points has given per match? and the buff is bugged
  16. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Isn't that statement funny? :)
    I have kept track on numbers and they were not the way the devs are trying to represent.
    Before the PvP Season and Helios Games on Grimmag ... just few hours before the start of PvP season ... there were 300 players on the Leaderboard. If we take that 100-150 of those toons were actually alt toons (used in dual log in or just alt toons) around 150 players were actually playing the current arena. Is that improvement?
    These numbers today are because of the players had nothing better to do ... plus the rewards from the PvP and Helios event progress bars.
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  17. Arr

    Arr Forum Expert

    is there an estimated date for this?

    Milestone 02

    PVP Tree Update
    Matchmaking Update
    PvP Skill bar & Skill talent set
    PvP Gear
  18. piteris2

    piteris2 Regular

    I hope PvP gear will be items with a level (from 1 to 55) because if not then PvP will truly be dead.
  19. Roinoss

    Roinoss Forum Apprentice

    PvP season event progress is a joke. It should be at least equal to non modified fame points gained (~500 wins per 200000 points), i usually obtain now something like 74 points per win except 1st two or three daily wins.

    Now i obtain 0 progress for winning in the arena ...
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  20. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    What, you don't like the ultra bugged PvP season?
    It is the best feature in the game. I love it ... it is awesome.
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