pvp: separate bracket for level 45 players

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by BitMaster, Dec 1, 2013.

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  1. BitMaster

    BitMaster Someday Author

    The current difference between lvl 45 players and the rest (lower lvl players) is I think not fear at all. And that's most obvious when I get in parties where there are all lvl 45 players accept me (lvl 42). I need about 8-15 strong hits to kill them (lower pvp lvl than AKOTO) and they need 2-3. And for the FB, Marshals etc. I need about 500000000000000 hits to kill them xD and they need 1 or maybe 2. There are so many of them so I think it would be fear to separate them. Just like it was with lvl 40 back b4 lvl 45.
  2. TheInfamous

    TheInfamous Board Analyst

    I can understand some of that.

    The reason level 45s are so strong is because they were strong at level 40. So when level 45 was added, they didn't really have to change everything... they just added on to their stats. Perhaps put in a couple of hundred more dollars in it... may a thousand. IDK.

    As for the ranks stuff, I assume you are somewhat of a low rank? So it makes sense that you have trouble killing the FB and Marshals.

    There is no noticeable difference between Ardent KotO, Flag Bearers and Marshals. (late ardent knights that is. They all have the same fame level) So why then, is a Marshal stronger than an ardent knight (in general) ?

    Say everyone was Ardent knight... who would reach Marshal? Those with the best stats and most gameplay time. So really, its the stats that make these players so strong. Not necessarily the level or the honor rank.
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  3. BitMaster

    BitMaster Someday Author

    Yeah I know all that but in the "old" forum there were some pictures posted of lvl 45 legendary staff. For example a legendary lvl 45 orb for mages has a block rate of 2200+ and block 2000+, and mine (I'm lvl 42) has 600 each tops. A lvl 45 leg weapon has 160-180 damage, mine has 95. So you can do the calculation. Combine that with the other equipment and you get something that is totally above mine character.

    And I don't mind losing from p2p players easily, I know that they are crazy strong. What I don't like is that I'm loosing easily from f2p guys that have a much lower pvp lvl than i have.
    For example I (lvl 42 SKOTO) need 6-10 strong hits to kill a lvl 45 Centurion, but they need 2-4 to kill me (even low lvl skills make alot of damage). And wars and rangers are even more stronger.

    And btw thanks for the answer.
  4. TheInfamous

    TheInfamous Board Analyst

    Those level 45 Centurions are either P2P or farm a lot man. Its all about stats. I am a Flag Bearer almost Marshal and there are a number of Centurions that can 1 shot me if I didn't avoid all their attacks.

    As for that beast orb you described, its really lucky to get one with that much block rate but can never have both 2200 block rate and 2000 block amount. level 45 orbs and shields have a base blocks of 516. The maximum enchantment I have even heard of.. is +100%. Even if one person had 4 of those, they wouldn't get anywhere near having 2k of block rate and block amount. Its the upgrading that would get a lot of block rate and block amount. However, after level 45 it is super difficult to upgrade anything and I doubt many players have even gone past level 47. Which, wouldn't get to 2k block rate and block amount.
    But of course, block amount isn't necessary. One can have 4x +100% block rates and be a beast that blocks like 65% of the time and the block reduces the hit by about 50%.

    My shield has 1140 block rate which amounts to 54% against the same level. Against someone 3 levels lower, that number is probably closer to 60-65%. Level affects percentages heavily. Anyways, I would suggest doing a lot of PvE and leveling up. If you believe your level makes such a big difference, you'll find that once you're level 45 you will have a worse time playing. You see, being 42 you fight people levels 37-45. Being a level 45.. you fight level 40-45. Most people who are level 40 or above have been around for a while and are likely to make you work for your honor points. Not only that but pretty much all heavy payers and long-time players have leveled up to 45 and just being level 45 will make you more likely to be in matches with them. Which isn't at all fun if you can't do decent damage against them. TBH most FB and Marshal mages... I hit about 800-1000 fireball on. They have about 5k HP. On average they hit about 1500-1800 on me. (there are those that hit 3k but whatever... leave them out of this) I have 3.6k Health. If I don't have a debuff ready, pretty much all of them can 1 shot me.

    I do agree with you though. Level 45s should be separated in PvP like level 40 endgame once was.

    P.S: Sorry for the long post. I have a tendency to make these so everyone might as well get used to reading them or skipping them.
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  5. KingOfTrolls66

    KingOfTrolls66 Forum Apprentice

    Good post
  6. BitMaster

    BitMaster Someday Author

    Ok. Thanks for your post! :)
  7. freewayfrank

    freewayfrank Someday Author

    everyone have there own feelings .i post what i want when i want ,if you feel that way i understand. no ones a professional its a game and give your input anytime u want ty i enjoy reading it .and i agree with u
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